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Paperback Of Mice and Men Book

ISBN: 0140186425

ISBN13: 9780140186420

Of Mice and Men

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Book Overview

A controversial tale of friendship and tragedy during the Great Depression A Penguin Classic Over seventy-five years since its first publication, Steinbeck's tale of commitment, loneliness, hope, and loss remains one of America's most widely read and taught novels. An unlikely pair, George and Lennie, two migrant workers in California during the Great Depression, grasp for their American Dream. They hustle work when they can, living a hand-to-mouth...

Customer Reviews

16 ratings

could not stop thinking about the story after the read

The book's condition is very good! Have an antique feeling! John Steinbeck is phenomenal. The story is so powerful and sad. A must-read!

Book is heavily damaged not 'Good'

The book I received has torn pages, writing all over the inside, and many dog-eared pages. I'm not sure how you can justify a book as 'Good' condition when more pages are damaged than not.

Poor condition

I ordered this book in “good” condition. It came with writing on every page and all over the pages. I bought it for work and now I will have to purchase a different copy because of how much writing is throughout the entire book.

Life Changing

it’s lifechanging. the quality of the book was really good. the book was so good.

Classic Novel

This is one of my favorite fiction novels. Classic telling of a friendship between two men trying to work to save enough money for a ranch. Extremely well written characters.

My All Time Favorite Book

This is my favorite book, a story of a friendship of two who travel America during the depression, looking for work. One man (Lenny) is mentally challenged but strong as an ox, the man (George) is his friend and traveling companion but he is the thinker of the two. The story of two friends, and the unexpected situations they encounter in their travels. Steinbeck is brilliant in bringing characters to life and he out did himself with this book. Five Stars. Highly recommended.

Not as advertised

I order most of my books from this site and I've been pretty happy except this book. I chose "good condition" and this book is barely readable. I got it for my son for school and now I have to go find it elsewhere. Not happy with this one at all

Wrong item, customer service no help

I received the wrong book and when I reached out to customer service they said it was no longer in stock but they are advertising as having many copies. ORDER AT YOUR OWN RISK AS THEY ARE TELLING CUSTOMERS ITS UNAVAILABLE AFTER THEY PAID FOR IT!!

bad condidtion

I ordered this book for my grandson. When ordering it, it was marked for being in good condition. But the book came with pages missing, and it was written in more than 50% of the book. I am very disappointed. I don't mind used books, but at least in good condition like I was expecting to get. Very disappointed.

This is my favorite book of all time.

This book was more than just two bestfriend hanging out and working together this book was about the American dream and how it was portrayed and it’s sad at the end but hey we all know no one ever get to live off the fat of tha land.

A classic novel that will move your heart

A wonderful book of surviving harder times and a friendship that lasts forever. The characters are written excellently and the plot is easy to follow. "Of Mice and Men" is a moving story that you'll never forget.

Worlds greatest book

When I had to read this book last year for school I wasn't excited. I don't like older books all that good but after reading one chapter I fell in love. Its a book full of good memories, exciting times and tragedy. George and Lennie have a friendship no one could compare to. John Steinbeck really knows how to put his thoughts into words.

OF Mice and Men

I am a tenth grade student and I recently read "Of Mice and Men" for a school project. I thought it was an excellent book. I felt that the author, John Steinbeck, did a first class job with this novel. It portrayed the relationship between George and Lennie in a way that made you become very attached to the characters. You wanted to read more to find out if they ever accomplished their goals and to see if their dreams became a reality. George and Lennie are complete opposites; George is a small, quick intelligent man, while Lennie is a man of huge dimensions but has the brain of a child. Throughout the story Lennie acts in ways that infuriate George, but George will always be there for his friend because he knows Lennie needs him to survive. Lennie can buck barley like no one else because of his pure strength, but would probably starve to death if he didn't have George to provide his daily meals. I think that has to do with why this book has been banned in the past by schools across the country. Some people may be offended by how the mentally challenged person is shown in this story. It seems as though the view being expressed is that people with mental problems can't do anything for themselves. They are also a constant threat to others because they cannot control themselves. Lennie didn't realize what he was doing was wrong until it had gone too far. These are stereotypes of mentally retarded people that some people may believe are reinforced by this novel. They are lead to believe that this book is discriminatory towards the mentally challenged. Parents whom believed this did not want their children reading this book because they did not want them to be exposed to these types of ideas. Also, Curly's wife does not fit the traditional mould. She is unhappy with her marriage and is not completely loyal to her husband like a conventional wife should be. She is always flirting with the men that work on the farm. Some adults believed that this was unacceptable behavior to expose to children. I don't think that a school today would even consider banning this book because cultural standards have changed greatly from when this book was first published in 1937. I also don't believe that this book should have ever been banned. It is a great book that takes you on an emotional roller coaster. Once you get started it is almost impossible to put down. The ending is also written to perfection. It is unpredictable and is incredibly moving. I really enjoyed reading this book and would recommend it anyone.

A masterpiece -- and I will never forget it!

John Steinbeck wrote this classic gem in 1937. It's been a Broadway play and there have been several adaptations of it in movies and TV. I was generally familiar with the story but this was the first time I actually read the book. Wow! I was completely blown away! This is the story of a two lonely and alienated men who work as farm laborers, drifting from job to job in California. Lennie is gentle giant, physically strong but mentally retarded. George guides and protects Lennie but also depends on him for companionship. Together, they have a dream to someday buy a little farm where they can grow crops and raise rabbits and live happily ever after. This, of course, is not to be as the title suggests. "The best laid plans of mice and men" is a line in a poem by Robert Burns, which describes how a field mouse's world is destroyed by a plow.Steinbeck's narrative voice is seemingly simple in his descriptions of nature of as well as the details of the bunkhouse. His characterizations of the people are magnificent. We meet the other workers, all loners, and appreciate the beauty of the unique friendship between Lennie and George. We meet Candy, the old man who is outliving his usefulness. We meet Crooks, the black stable hand, shunned by the men and therefore turning to books for companionship. We meet the cruel Curley who taunts Lennie into a fight. And we meet Curley's wife, another lonely soul who uses her femininity to get the wrong kind of attention.There's tension in every word and I found myself holding my breath, knowing that something awful would happen, my eyes glued to the page, the world of Lennie and George deeply etched into my consciousness. I was pulled right into the story, wanting to shout warnings as I saw the inevitable consequences. The ending was incredibly sad, but yet satisfying. It couldn't have ended any other way. It's a small book, only 118 pages long. But it is a masterpiece and I will never forget it. I give it my highest recommendation.


esta pequena historia, que aun no se si calificar de novela por su brevedad, me deja pasamado al final. es un hombre que carga con un lastre espiritual a lo largo de su existencia, viajar siempre con su amigo retrasado hasta que un dia algo que el hace en su inocencia rompe con esas andanzas para siempre. siento que en esa muerte hay una especia de liberacion por parte de ambos. el nunca creyo que su amigo le haria dano y aquel aunque triste se vio liberado de el . es algo que nos pone a pensar, una cosa que a a steinbeck le gusta mucho, fascinar al lector y dejarlo con la incertidumbre en la ultima pagina... LUIS MENDEZ

Between a dream and the dreadful reality

I have recently read "Of Mice and Men" and I've found it beautiful. Athough short, it's very descriptive and very well told. You actually 'feel' what is happening. For some reason, I've found the end of the story really sad, maybe this is what it makes it truly wonderful.So long.

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