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Hardcover Daniel Book

ISBN: 0310206081

ISBN13: 9780310206088

The NIV Application Commentary helps you communicate and apply biblical text effectively in today's context. Exodus is an exciting story. God sends ten plagues upon the Egyptians and frees the nation of Israel from slavery, the first Passover occurs, Moses parts the red sea, the Ten Commandments are proclaimed, and the Lord dwells among His chosen people. How can we apply all of this to our lives now? Peter Enns says that the story of Exodus does...


Format: Hardcover

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Customer Reviews

5 ratings

Excellent Commentary on Daniel

If you want to know what the Word of God means and how it applies to you, the NIV Application Commentaries are essential to your library of books. I first read the commentary on the Gospel of Mark and appreciated the sound and practical instruction put forth in it. These commentaries are true to the exegetical and expository approach to studying Scripture, but are written in an easy-to-understand dialogue so that the average person can grasp what is being said without having to first interpret the commentary's interpretation. The practical help that these commentaries give is highlighted in the stated intention of taking the readers back in time to the original meaning and then bringing them back to the here and now with applicable truths for today. I will definitely be keeping these commentaries on my bookshelf for years to come!

Longman gets it right

My favorite of 7 commentaries on Daniel. Judiciously and succinctly focuses issues. My congregation of 60-98 year olds were looking for sparks to fly when we got to Daniel 9. They'd heard candy stick sermons about the math. They'd seen the powerpoint charts and tagboard posters prior to the modern projection era. Then, Longman's approach transformed our entire study. It was wonderful. My top-notch Bible student (98) thanked me literally with tears in his eyes, "I've studied this a hundred times, and you got it right. Thank you." No, thanks Professor Longman. His exegesis of the first half of that chapter transforms everything. BTW, the reviewer from Florida who wants more depth and breadth on the second half of the chapter and the rest of Daniel--and the OT--will want to get that (and MUCH more) by reading "God Is a Warrior," Longman's outstanding treatment of that motif through the whole Bible--with Dan Reid. I'm sure that's a plenary approach the reviewer would entirely appreciate. My humble suggestion.

Reformed Approach to Daniel

This book is part of a series of NIV bible studies written by various authors. The author of this volume, Tremper Longman III, is a professor at Westmont College in California and was previously on the faculty of Westminster Seminary. The commentary is arranged by chapters and contains sections on the original meaning of the text, the context in relation to the whole Bible, and contemporary significance of the text. His writing is easy to comprehend and pleasant to read. The book would work equally well as reference or as a group Bible study.Longman is solidly reformed. He resists the temptation to use the prophesy in Daniel to set specific dates for the end-times. In fact, he has publicly debated Harold Camping on just this issue. Although not directly addressed, his traditional approach effectively answers the error promoted by dispensationalists.

Excellent commentary and application on Daniel

Tremper Longman provides here a very enjoyable book on the meaning and application of the book of Daniel. Like many others, I was familiar with the first half of Daniel (the Lion's Den, etc.), but found it very difficult to understand and apply the second half (Daniel's dreams and visions). This book really explained it well for me. Once started, I couldn't put this book away until I had read it all. Outstanding work; thankyou Mr. Longman.

Helpful for understanding and applying Daniel.

Longman has produced the first Old Testament volume in the NIV Application series which combines exegesis with practical applications. The book is well written and moves through the book of Daniel at an even pace. Longman is no stranger to critical issues and interpretive problems but does not dwell on them. He writes from a reformed position citing Calvin throughout the book. He takes an amillennial perspective and his discussion of the latter half of Daniel places an emphasis upon historical fulfillment and symbolical interpretation. Even the 70 years of captivity (a number Daniel was reading from the scroll of Jeremiah; Dan 9) are taken symbolically though many would see this as the 70 years Israel was without a temple: 586-615 BC). The book makes frequent reference to New Testament passages and frequently challenges Christians to apply their faith to current situations. Longman provides examples of application and discusses biblical background for helping the process of application move along a clear path. The author's identification of Israel with the Church supports him in his position that Christians "should be working to keep prayer out of public schools," p. 170. Nevertheless, the book provides a balance of exposition and practical application seasoned with the author's methodology throughout and is recommended for those seeking to learn more about this great Old Testament prophet.
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