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Night Play (Dark-Hunter, Book 6)

(Part of the Hunter Legends (#8) Series, Dark-Hunter (#5) Series, and Were-Hunters (#1) Series)

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Format: Mass Market Paperback

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Book Overview

Bride McTierney has had it with men. They're cheap, self-centered, and never love her for who she is. But though she prides herself on being independent, deep down she still yearns for a knight in... This description may be from another edition of this product.

Customer Reviews

8 ratings

Amazing Story

This is one of my Favorite Sherrilyn Kenyon books

I love Vane!

Vane and Fury are 2 of my faves from this series and I LOVED this book!


Love love love it

Love the change in hunters in this book

I'm glad that it changed from seeing the dark hunters finding their loves to a were hunter! Vane is awesome in every sense of the word. And I really love how Bride took him in stride. All in all she didn't do bad reacting to finding out all the myths were truth. Poor Vane and having to deal with his crazy parents. I'm glad he has a newfound family with Fury, Fang, Bride, Brides family, and the rest of the sanctuary. Bride really chose well and I love that Vane gave her that choice. Ash still astounds me with his absolute compassion and wisdom. And simi has got to be the best addition to these books.

Fun book

I really enjoyed this one. It's easily one of my favorites in this series (the other being Dark Side of the Moon). A heroine who isn't a perfect size 4 is nice. I can identify with her and her insecurities. And Vane is just hot. I knew this when he appeared in Night Embrace. But the character in this book isn't what I expected. He's far more sensitive and gentle than I would have thought. Normally I like the really alpha types but I was just really enchanted with the care with which he treated Bride. And his interaction with Fury is hysterical.

I Wish She Would Write FASTER!!!!

Ms. Kenyon is an amazing talent in the genre of paranormal romance! I wish she could turn these dark-hunter stories out faster! Night Play is a Were-Hunter story and is amazing as any of the previous stories in this series! Normally I tend to get bored with a series if it drags on to much...this is SO not the case with Ms. Kenyon's Dark-Hunter series. This book has it all! Yummy dark hero, Vane who we met in Talon's story (who just so happens to be a wolf, Vane not Talon) yummy dark secondary characters (Fang, Fury...), a great heroine named Bride (who is not a perfect size 2 but instead a woman that is more average then we really want to admit too), and a storyline that is action-packed as well as the added historical detail to the myth of the Were-Hunter! Vane and Bride have incredible chemistry, and their romance not only made me laugh out loud a few times, it also made me sigh! *AH, ROMANCE* If you have been a die hard loyal reader of Ms. Kenyon's Dark-Hunter series this is a must read that you need to pick up. If you are new to the very talented author, and her great series, then get ready to order her older stories. Old friends, and favorite characters are included in this story, and we are even introduced to new characters. Plenty of potential for new stories for this series! I'm so excited!!! This was a very fast read, and one that I was loathed to put down until the last page. This is one author, and one series that I highly recommend without any reservations to the romance reading fan! Official reviewer for

Sherrilyn Kenyon has done it again

What a great addition to the Dark Hunter series. I was caught at the first page and read it in one sitting. Although Vane is a Were-Hunter instead of a Dark Hunter he is just as gorgeous and heroic. He and his brother have been exiled and sentenced to death by their father. If that isn't bad enough their mother also wants to kill them. After escaping the death trap where they were left to die by their father, Vane takes his brother, Fang, to the Sanctuary of the were-bears. Wandering down a street in New ORleans he finds his way to Bride Mctierney's shop. From the first he has been attracted to Bride. Today Bride's boyfriend for the last 5 years has dumped her. She has realized that he used her to get in with some of her family who own a TV station. Now that he is a news anchor he no longer needs her. Vane feels Bride's pain and tries to help her. They wind up in bed and later the mate mark appears on Vane's hand. HE knows it has to be Bride who is his mate, so he determines to protect her for the next 3 weeks. If she doesn't accept him by then he will be unable to mate until she dies. Between fighting off his father's pack, who are trying to kill him, and protecting Bride, as well as looking after his brother. Vane has alot on his mind. And women do not mate or anything else like the females of the pack. With appearances by various characters from the other novels, he finally makes a way and a life for himself and Bride.

If I could give it 6 stars I would!!!!!!!!

Like many that have been waiting most impatitently for Vane's book I didn't put it down until I had read it from cover to cover. A fantastic book!!!! Night Play continues on the legend that is the Dark-Hunters, Were-Hunters, Dream-Hunters and the gods and fates that still love to meddle in the lifes of us mere mortals. The main story between that of Vane and his heroine Bride is one many can relate to. Bride isn't a "perfect" model thin heroine with superficial woes and complaints, she is a real woman, with real issues, a realistic weight and a heart of gold. You find yourself understanding and empathising with her from the first moment you meet her. Adding to the great story of Vane and Bride is the reaccurance of some familiar characters that add to the story and also to the whole series. Kyrian, Amanada and Tabitha return to help Bride with some tough decisions, Val and Otto make an appearance to not only progress the story but prepare us for Val's up and coming book, Acheron is back with more great fortune cookie pearls of wisedom and a bit more of his background comes out and Nick, the wise cracking, hawaiian shirt wearing, charming cajun squire (can you tell he's my fav character??) is back with dating advice that would make you cringe if you weren't doubled over in hysterical laughter. All in all an amazing read! Good on it's own but if you want to fully appreciate it and get a full understanding of the Dark-Hunters and Were-Hunters so far I would suggest locking yourself away for the weekend and enjoying all the books in the series so far. 6 stars, 2 thumbs up...A great book from the Paranormal Romance master of them all! Way to go Sherrilyn.
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