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Paperback New Moon (The Twilight Saga) Book

ISBN: 0316024961

ISBN13: 9780316024969

New Moon (The Twilight Saga)

(Book #2 in the Twilight Series)

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Format: Paperback

Condition: Like New

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Book Overview

Legions of readers entranced by Twilight are hungry for more and they won't be disappointed. In New Moon, Stephenie Meyer delivers another irresistible combination of romance and suspense with a supernatural twist. The "star-crossed" lovers theme continues as Bella and Edward find themselves facing new obstacles, including a devastating separation, the mysterious appearance of dangerous wolves roaming the forest in Forks, a terrifying threat of revenge...

Customer Reviews

6 ratings


Great condition for a preowned book.

Luna Nueva 'New Moon' Great storytelling!

Half way through the book and i can say that I am thouroughly enjoy it. The romance is there and the conflict is great. A very good read. I'm not the best at writing reviews but hope this is of some help.

new moon, new options

I felt for Bella when Edward left and seeing her best friend fall in love with her when she is so broken hearted is no easy. She only has a heart for Edward but Jacob is the best friend anyone can ever have. He is there to be her sunshine in the darkest time of her life.

Missing Edward, but Still Not Disappointed

New Moon starts out wonderfully - Edward's family throws Bella a birthday party, but when she has an accident and starts bleeding, the whole vampire household flips out. Consequently, Edward is filled with guilt and decides that she needs to lead a normal life without being endangered by their presence every day, and so they all pack up and leave. I nearly choked when I saw that time passes without him. But, try as she might, Bella is empty without him. She realizes that when she is in danger, she can hear his voice in her head (usually yelling), and so she begins to pursue dangerous hobbies just to hear his voice again. One of these hobbies brings her into close friendship with Jacob Black, the Quileute Indian boy who tipped her off to Edward's identity in the first book, and he seems to temporarily appease her pain at Edward's absence. But Jacob has his own secrets, and Bella is again endangered when a vampire returns to Forks for revenge. I must admit, most of the reason this book kept me up late reading was in hopes of word from Edward. Jacob and his friends were fun, and it *was* exciting to see another facet of the books' mythology, but almost the whole time Bella was with Jake, I was adamantly pining for Edward. When he does return, I was not disappointed, and Jake's involvement also sets up the potential for a powerful love triangle. It wasn't quite as solid as the first book, but I sense that New Moon is an important transition. Many questions were brought up, like whether vampires have souls, and just how far must Bella and Edward go to stay together? She wants to become one of them, and Edward insists that she remain human. Now that we've caught wind of it, what exactly is agreed in the treaty the vampires have with the Quileutes? And what will Bella do now that her boyfriend and her best friend are mortal enemies? All of this feels like necessary groundwork in order to address these issues in the next book. I enjoyed New Moon immensely, despite Edward's absence for most of it, and I'm eager for the next installment; I can't wait to see how Meyer resolves some of these issues, and what ride we will experience in the next book.

Birthday nightmares

Life is far from normal for Bella Swan during her senior year of high school. True, her life is full of drama and boy troubles, but for Bella who sees herself as a danger magnet life holds much much more. Edward Cullen, her ever-handsome boyfriend who just happens to be a vampire, breaks her heart when he leaves after Bella receives a near-fatal paper cut at her eighteenth birthday party. Realizing that his family no matter how determined to avoid human blood, can within seconds be overwhelmed with tempation and violence leads him to place Bella's safety ahead of his own desires. To say that Bella is devastated is an understatment, she becomes zombie-like in her loss, a fact which is finally realized when Bella and one of her friends are watching a Zombie movie. "It wasn't until almost the very end, as I watched a haggard zombie shambling after the last shrieking survivor, that I realized what the problem was. The scene kept cutting between the horrified face of the heroine, and the dead emotionless face of her pursuer, back and forth as it closed the distance. And I realized which one resembled me the most. . . But it was ironic, all things considered, that, in the end, I would wind up a zombie. I hadn't seen that one coming. Not that I hadn't dreamed of becoming a mythical monster once--just never a grotesque, animated corpse. . . It was depressing to realize that I wasn't the heroine anymore, that my story was over." (106) But Bella's story is far from over. Reintroduce into the picture, Jacob Black, the young man who first shared with Bella the fact that she was falling in love with a vampire, this new friendship reenergizes Bella's existence and gives her a reason to continue on. But is her friendship with Jacob any safer for her than her relationship with Edward was? Or is Jacob hiding a dangerous secret of his own? Is Edward out of the picture for good, or will he make a comeback to try to reclaim her heart? Stephenie Meyer's novel NEW MOON, sequel to TWILIGHT, is an exciting read, and one that I highly recommend.
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