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Paperback Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way Book

ISBN: 0525481133

ISBN13: 9780525481133

Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way

A drug-free Bradley birth is the best start a baby can have. Dr. Robert A. Bradley has been practicing and teaching his method of husband-coached childbirth for over thirty years and has a 94 percent unmedicated birthrate. Illustrated.


Format: Paperback

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Customer Reviews

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Simply, it is the truth, and it works!!

I decided, that, once I got pregnant, I wanted a natural birth... I live in Iowa. I may have well been an alien!! I was told "we'll see, once your in labor", or, "yeah, SURE you do!" Well, with the help of this book... and then I signed up for a Bradley childbirth class... I am not only living proof that this gives you the BEST most truthful infomation on the birth process and experience, but my son is proof that the benefits of taking these steps, and HAVING an unmedicated, but EDUCATED AND PREPARED birth is of benefit to you AND your child!! Why is this such and "out there" concept? People need to get back to basics!! EPIDURAL MEDICATIONS DO REACH YOUR BABY, and effect them for as much as DAYS from the time they are born!! Every nurse says it, the difference between babies born naturally vs. those via epidural, or other medication, is REMARKABLE! YOU CAN DO IT (naturally) !! If I can make it through transition, ANYONE can! (32 hours after membranes broke... 10 hours of true labor - one hour pushing...):) Do yourself a favor... educate yourself!! I also suggest the book written by Dr. Bradly himself (Husband Coached Childbirth) and to sign up for the class, to "practice the relaxation techniques! (also recommend "Good Birth, Safe Birth"Good Luck!!

excellent guide for couples wanting a natural birth

i find the formatting of this book makes it an easy read. some pregnancy books i have read are overwhelming. the author takes the basic facts and makes them clear and simple, and i like the notations for the dads (birth partner) to zero in on. i noticed the dated photos but the birth process hasn't changed so i don't know why reviewers bother to mention it. i found her nutrition information to correlate with dr. tom brewer's studies on protein (author of "what every pregnant woman should know")and followed them in my pregnancy and did quite well. we found the relaxation information to be extremely helpful when we were in labor.i wish that i had discovered this book (and taken a bradley class) when i was pregnant the first two times. it would've saved me from unnecessary interventions and provided me with the know-how to communicate with the doctors, and know that i had other alternatives in my births and didn't have to follow suit with routine procedures. this book has a very common sense approach and even though some people disagree with the author's statements regarding doctors because they didn't have a negative experience, i am glad that this information was in the book when i read it. if i had this information previously, i would've have had better birth experiences.i highly recommend you put this book on your list. it really helps you to understand the importance of trusting your body's ability to give birth and how to manage your labor. bonus points for teaching our partners how to read our body signals, emotionally and physically! there really aren't books out there that are geared toward our partners (dads) helping us in labor. and this book really made a difference for us in our birth.

An Excellent Resource For The Bradley Method

Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way is an excellent resource on the Bradley Method. Author, Susan McCutcheon introduces you to the Bradley Method, explains how it differs from Lamaze, discusses how to choose your childbirth educator and your doctor, explains the importance of nutrition and how to prepare yourself for this life transforming experience.In addition to the general information she provides in helping you to prepare, she thoroughly walks you through the Bradley Method. Through exercise, illustration, nutrition, and practice, McCutcheon completely covers how you should prepare and deal with both First and Second Stage of Childbirth. Finally, she closes the text with a discussion of various childbirth controversies -- episiotomies, caesarean sections and homebirth.This book excels in preparing you for a Natural Childbirth, as defined by the American Academy of Husband Coached Childbirth -- a birth that is without unnecessary medical intervention. However, some view her tone as "fear tactics" or "outdated" ideas. I disagree. Rather, she educates you on the principles of Bradley and provides you with the ability to recognize when the medical personnel are undertaking a procedure for their convenience or for your best interest. In short, she provides you with information and proven tools to make informed decisions and take responsibility for your birth.Despite the strengths of this book, I highly recommend that, whenever physically possible, the reader enroll in a Bradley class to supplement the reading in this book. If you *really* desire a Natural Childbirth, the class will provide you with the knowledge, practice and support you need to achieve your goals. Though this book is excellent, your instructor is almost essential -- she can guide you in recognizing when you need medical assistance and when you do not!

Bradley Worked For My Three Births

If you are commited to natural childbirth, or even if you are only considering it, this book is a MUST read. The text presents a very detailed and easy to understand description of labor and birth - including many accurate illustrations and photographs. In addition, it provides a wealth of information for the husband (or birth "coach") - in far greater detail than I have found in any other resource. Many husbands today, are nothing more than "observers" in the delivery room. But with the Bradley Method, your husband will learn to be your advocate, your encouragement, and will have an active role in the birth of your child.All three of my children were delivered (using the Bradley Method) without any medication or intervention, and I can ASSURE you that the techniques in this book are practical, logical and very effective. And my husband cherishes his important role in all of the births (as do I!).

Excellent Method of Chilbirth and Great Book!

My first child was born after we attended Lamaze classes. Nothing in that birth was as I 'planned' and everything I did not want to happen...happened. I was an observer of a process that did not feel related to me.During my second pregnancy we bought this book and attended the Bradley classes. This birth was excellent and wonderful!! I delivered a 10lb 3oz. baby boy with absolutely NO interventions (IV, drugs, epesiotomy etc.) and LOVED every minute of it. It was MY birth! This book and the associated classes made all the difference in the world!! This book is not meant for those looking for the 'middle ground'. Bradley childbirth is NOT the 'middle ground'. If you are looking for reassurrance, practical relaxation techniques and guidance for your coach AND you are planning for a natural, personal childbirth THEN this is the book for you!!
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