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Paperback Naked Liberty Book

ISBN: 0965853349

ISBN13: 9780965853347

Naked Liberty

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Book Overview

NAKED LIBERTY is a captivating memoir of Carolyn Resnick's detailed account of how she gained a magnetic connection with horses. Carolyn reveals her struggle to be accepted into a herd of wild horses, beginning at the bottom of the pecking order, working to gain higher rank and ultimately riding on the back of a lead mare from a bonded trust. This book goes beyond "horse whispering" and will inspire readers to seek a higher level of communication...

Customer Reviews

5 ratings

Good lessons AND a good read!

Finally, someone has written a book that addresses what is often lacking in most "Natural Horsemanship" training programs...the essential need for a horse to learn in an open, free environment. This important element is the basis for Ms. Resnick's extremely useful approach to equine-human relationships. And, this is a lovely book, too. We travel with her and her ponies as she grows up in the desert and in the company of a variety of domestic and wild animals. We learn the lessons she learns, and we begin to understand what is missing in so many of our human-equine relationships. We cannot physically teach horses we cannot mentally reach. Ms. Resnick shows us how. I hope there will soon be another book showing in precise detail how to apply these lessons. Until then, I'll read "Naked Liberty" yet again. It gets better with each visit.

Entertaining Read and Thoroughly Motivational

This autobiographic reflection of Carolyn Resnick's observations and experiences with horses in the wild, as well as the domesticated horses she's partnered with throughout her life, offers the reader an entertaining view into the world of equine psychology that is sure to manifest a deeper understanding between humans and horses. With genuine humility and earnest love, Ms. Resnick shares her journey, replete with personal anecdotes every horse lover can relate to, those showing her follies as well as her successes. Her successes are built on personal learning experiences coupled with an unerring positive attitude and a willingness to change things within herself that need changing. Honing her capacity to observe Nature and all its inhabitants allowed Ms. Resnick to be accepted into the realm of the wild things and it is within the lessons learned through these diligent studies that the author discovered a world of non-human communication that she could not only see was effective for horses and other creatures, but that she, too, could emulate and participate in. That Ms. Resnick has been able to put her experiences and insights into well worded vignettes is remarkable. It is very difficult to take non-verbal communication between species, (which becomes nothing short of a spirit to spirit understanding) and define it in human language without losing the essence of things. Ms. Resnick not only succeeds in making her experiences comprehensible, but inspires the reader to pursue this type of relationship with his/her own horses. We owe Carolyn Resnick high accolades for pursuing her unique studies with horses and then offering us the benefit of her experiences and insights. NAKED LIBERTY surely leaves readers wanting to read more from this author.

Spellbinding and Heartwarming

Carolyn Resnick is a horse trainer based in California who has developed a way to teach people to form an effective heart connection with their horses. This creates very close, very deep bonds between horse and human and leads to outstanding performance. There are no gadgets required for this work, no special equipment is used. The horse untacked and at liberty in an area large enough so that he can escape the person's influence if he so chooses. Everything the horse does is done of his own free will. This freedom to choose makes him a very willing, very engaged, very expressive partner. Carolyn learned much of what she teaches directly from horses, particularly from a band of wild horses she joined during three summers in her childhood. These childhood experiences formed the foundation of her current work. Naked Liberty is Carolyn's memoir of that time in her life. It is an amazing true story of a young girl and the horses who molded her into an outstanding trainer. If you love horses, read this book. Kris McCormack New Paltz, New York

The Best of the Best Regarding Horses

I have been a professional horse trainer (paid to train horses) since the age of 17. I am 60 years next year. I have traveled world wide to do this and have written on this topic myself for publication numerous times. I think Carolyn Resnick's book is far and away the absolute best book on the true nature of horses I have ever read. Legions beyond Monty Roberts' international best seller 'The Man Who Listens to Horses', Resnick's 'Naked Liberty 'addresses the attitudes and paradigms the are most appropriate and correct to attain high level, uncoerced, successful interaction with horses. Through insightful story telling about her early days observing wild horses and relating the occurances she had with the various horses that come into her life, Ms. Resnick gives us a very thorough look into the true nature of horses. I have never heard or read descriptions about equine/human relationships that was more right on track than this is. This book should be required reading for all persons seeking to keep the company of horses. I applaud Carolyn Resnick for her insight, wisdom and the best horse book I have ever read. Thank you....Franklin Levinson, Snowmass, CO ... Maui, HI

Horse communication beyond whispering

Naked Liberty by Carolyn Resnick Reviewed by Sharon Janus Carolyn Resnick establishes herself as a leader in natural horse training with her book Naked Liberty. Her Midas touch stems from a deep appreciation of horses, years of observing wild horse behaviors, and years spent learning their secret language. She connects with the noble and beautiful animals in more ways than one, celebrating and sharing their secrets with her readers in an effort to help establish harmonious relationships between horses and their handlers. "Seeing the similarity of horse and human behavior demystifies training and communicating with horses," she believes. Nothing escapes her keen eye. She has a firm grasp on the reality of equine interactions, noting that herd functions are never static and fixed, but rather always dynamic and evolving. Herd dynamics can't be explained solely by the dominant and submissive behaviors of the members, she asserts. It's much more complex, and she explains how and why with clarity and sincerity. Resnick then outlines the "unwritten code," a series of self-imposed regulations to which all equines subscribe. Saddled with such savvy truths, readers get much out of this book, which is as entertaining as it is useful. This is an important work. Dare I say a landmark book? It's committed to building and binding relationships based on trust as the foundation for all future interactions with horses. The author admirably respects, loves and understands equus, showing how success is fostered by communication, bonding and forming partnerships. But best of all, she offers sound advice on how such communication, bonding and partnerships can be achieved by any or all who want to work with horses. Readers will follow this natural born leader as she examines the invisible yet invincible threads that unite horses to their leaders, whether two or four-footed. Horsepower is not about strength and force. It's about knowledge and skill built on mutual respect and trust. Naked Liberty is long overdue.
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