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Mass Market Paperback Dark Angel Book

ISBN: 1416511962

ISBN13: 9781416511960

Dark Angel

(Part of the Bound in Darkness (#1) Series and Bound in Darkness (#1) Series)

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Format: Mass Market Paperback

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A successful novelist who wants to do more than just write scary stories.A young widow who thinks there is no escape from a life she never imagined.A plantation house with dark secrets that infect... This description may be from another edition of this product.

Customer Reviews

5 ratings

My God What A Great Vampire Romance!

I just loved everything about this one. The sex scenes were very hot and steamy which is a must for any romance that I read. The villians were convincing and the plot behind the whole story was terrific. If this author keeps writing books as good as this one then I will be sure to get all of them. Oh and I totally loved the excerpt in the back I am so going to get that one. Its about a Tristan that appears in this book. I am waiting rather impatiently for that one it called The Devil's Knight. I just wish that we could have a cover already I mean the book comes out in December. I loved the leading lady in My Demon's Kiss she knew what she wanted and she went for it I hate it when authors write women that are so gung ho against the main hero finally a woman who actually likes the hero!

Terrific read!

There's not much more that I can add that hasn't already been said by prior reviewers. I'm not a huge fan of vampire stories, but for some reason have read several this past year and I have to say that this book and Cyndi Friberg's terrific Born of the Shadows are the best and most interesting I've yet read. Simon is a knight who is turned into a vampire while on Crusade. He hates what he is and when he learns that there may be a way for him to become human again, he can't help but hope and believe. He and his wizard sidekick Orlando have been on their quest for ten years when they finally arrive at Charmot, a castle in England built on the ruins of an old Druid stone circle. Legend holds that a chalice that could "cure" Simon can be found there and so Simon and Orlando present themselves to the Lady of Charmot. That lady is Isabel and since the death of her father she has been responsible for her castle and her people. She has successfully held would-be husbands and marauders at bay with the help of her father's (unfortunately aging) good friend and a little deception. She worries that their luck will run out if they are set upon again, and fears for the safety of her castle. But Simon presents himself (okay, he lies!) as her distant cousin who is cursed and who was led to Charmot by a vision from her father. He and Orlando explain that somewhere within the castle they will find a cure for Simon's curse. Isabel is not sure she believes them, but lets them stay for two reasons: 1. She gets him to agree to protect her castle against any attack and 2. She finds herself very much attracted to the angelic-looking yet slightly dangerous Simon. Though Simon tries to stay away from her, he is helplessly attracted to her and feels a strong need to protect her (even from himself). Isabel is wary of Simon's true motives, but she also needs his sword arm to protect her people and she finds herself falling for this kind, handsome enigma. They become lovers and Simon's quest continues but will an evil that has followed him from the Holy Land crush all their hopes? Simon is adorable, sexy, kind and just a really good man who refuses to abandon his humanity and his faith after he is turned. Isabel is smart, pragmatic and independent - a heroine that readers can like and respect. The villain is really evil and vile and scary! The author's descriptions and tone are vivid, dark, mystical pulling reader into her story's time and place. This is the first in a series and there will be more vampires and adventures to come. I for one will be reading them.

Man, oh man, am I glad I read this book.

I don't read many vampire romances. Actually I think this is the first one I've ever read intentionally (I thought, hey, medieval vampire story, sounds cool). Anyway, I can't say with any authority that this IS an original vampire story because I don't read them often enough, but it certainly felt new and fresh to me. Simon was a young, idealistic Crusader devoted to his liege lord. Ambushed and attacked at his lord's wedding by a castle full of vampires, Simon is the only survivor of his group. Not by chance, but because he is a ruthless and dedicated warrior. He is "turned" by the vampire leader Lucan Kivar. Though he defeats Kivar, he is cursed to the life of a vampire, and embarks on a quest at the urging of his lord's intended bride Roxanna who had also been turned and by the wizard Orlando (who happens to be a dwarf). Simon is to find "the Chalice" which can cure vampires. Isabel is the orphaned mistress of Castle Charmot. At age 26, she has cleverly avoided the machinations of the king and the would be suitors he has sent her way. Her father's aging knight has helped her to keep her independence by playing the part of the "Black Knight" who challenges any suitors and bests them, but he is growing to old to protect her any longer and so Isabel prays for true Black Knight to rescue her. In writing out premise for this novel I feel like I'm not doing justice to the story. It's a well planned and very believable tale. Blue's prose is clean and sharp, with no fluff. And does she ever use it effectively, beautifully shaping her characters with some of the best "show, not tell" characterization I've ever seen in a romance. If you're looking for the heavy-handed, infantile typical romance novel means of revealing the characters' personalities, this is not the book for you. I'm so sick of having authors tell me how independent a heroine is--I want to be shown. Don't tell me fifty times that the hero is tortured--let his actions and thoughts speak for themselves. Blue does just that, and does it very well. Simon comes to Castle Charmot ten years into his quest, believing that the Chalice (or a clue to its whereabouts) is there. He's been living like a vampire, and trying to keep from killing the innocent, but he does feed on humans from time to time. I realize that the whole "tortured hero" thing is pretty much stock for a vampire hero, but he just feels so real to me. There's nothing contrived about him. He's not perfect, but he tries to do the right thing--and unlike so many vampire heroes he's not trying to do good because he's been converted by the virgin heroine's innocence of by some silly supernatural interference, he fights his vampire nature and wins most of the time. When he meets Isabel he starts falling for her almost immediately, and I really like that, when there's no silly, contrived reason the hero won't make a move for the heroine. Simon is just wonderful in his angst-ridden love for Isabel. Isabel is a gr

A Great Vampire Romance!!

This is the first time I've ever read Jayel Wylie and her new series under her pen name Lucy Blue is off to a great start with the first in the series "My Demon's Kiss." Ms. Blue has taken the vampire legend and re-worked it taking a few myths from here and there thereby creating her own workable legend. Add to this new storyline, bright and life like characters and you have the makings of a very good story. Simon, Knight of Lyan life changes while on the Crusades. His lord is about to take to wife a demon and the night of the ceremony Simon not only looses the one man that was both mentor and adopted father (Duke of Lyan) he also looses his mortality with the deadly kiss of Kivar. After he turns into the immortal vampire Simon he is told of a legend that could break the curse of the vampire. He must find the Chalice of King Arthurs fame. His quest takes him back to England and Castle Charmot. Here he will find more than he ever thought possible. He finds love and he will do all that he can to protect the one thing he never thought would be his. Isabel holds Castle Charmot by a very frayed thread. When Simon shows up at her door in the middle of the night claiming to be her cousin she opens her door to him and his companion not realizing that her life would never be the same after that one action. Isabel is drawn to the dark Simon. He smiles but it doesn't reach his eyes. He tries to maintain a distance that she doesn't understand...or want. He makes her feeel things that are new to her and no matter how hard she tries she can't escape the attraction that she feels. When demon's seem to be hunting the woods near her home, and horrid murders are being discovered she realizes her life could be in more danger than ever before. She implores Simon to help keep her and her people safe. What she doesn't understand is that the mysterious actions that began taking place were in direct result of Simon. Simon tries but can't turn his back on Isabel. Soon the become lovers and it's only a matter of time before Isabel is made aware of Simon's dark curse. He doesn't want to see fear and revulsion in the eyes of his love. He soon learns that he didn't have to worry about that. Isabel loves him and with her help he begins to set wrongs right...but not before he makes a very important mistake. This was a very fast paced read. I can understand why this was a "Top Pick" for RT magazine. Ms. Blue has penned a romance that is at once suspenseful and sensual. The legend of the Vampire can be done either in the tried and true way or as in this case with a twist. We are left with our appetites wetted for the next in the series. I highly recommend this read and this series if you like vampire romance but are looking for something different. You won't be disappointed here! Official Reviewer for

Great paranormal romance

Simon was a six years old Irish slave to a nasty Saxon overlord when the Normans invaded and killed his lord which made the lad very happy. Two decades later, Simon is fighting to retake the Holy Land when the Caliph Kivar provides Roxanna as a bride to the Duke leading this Crusader quest. She refuses and hell breaks out; Simon intercedes on her behalf only to be bitten. A virtual slaughter ensues, but Simon and two others including the girl survive. As Simon wonders whether a vampire can be a Christian, he wants his affliction gone. He learns from a scroll Kivar possessed that a holy chalice allegedly hidden in Charmot Castle in England may provide the cure he desperately seeks. He travels to England accompanied by Orlando the dwarf and the girl he saved. In England, Simon meets Lady Isabel, whose castle is allegedly where the Chalice can be found. As the Christian vampire and the English lady fall in love, someone wants him dead because he interferes with plans for Isabel. MY DEMON'S KISS is sort of taking Angel and placing him mostly in eleventh century England. The story line is action-packed from the moment that Simon "rescues" Roxanna and never slows down until the final altercation. Readers will appreciate the romantic subplot that brings new enemies to Simon who simply wants to become human again. He and Isabel are likable heroic lead characters while Orlando and Roxanna add depth to a fine medieval vampire romance. A terrific tale with an intriguing final twist that will have fans praising Lucy Blue while looking forward to more adventures starring Simon with Orlando the Wizard at his side. Harriet Klausner
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