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Paperback Morals for the 21st Century Book

ISBN: 1882692039

ISBN13: 9781882692033

Morals for the 21st Century

DESCRIPTION: “Morals for the 21st Century” gives great insight into practical morality, presenting profound moral concepts that are undeniable, yet inspiring, motivating the reader to take action and... This description may be from another edition of this product.


Format: Paperback

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Customer Reviews

5 ratings

A quantum leap for truth seekers

& #65279;It is little wonder that Chilean philosopher, John Baines, (literary pseudonym of Dario SalasSommer), has earned legendary status in South America and Europe. "Morals for the Twenty-firstCentury," his latest writing, is a visionary work that could very well change the way the world isperceived. In the time it took me to read this book, I saw 30 years of professional study in physics,philosophy, and psychology totally re-configured. John Baines creates one of the first truly integrative models of morality and physics. This precedent-setting paradigm, which Baines labels "Moral Physics", is not merely an advancement of greatimportance in its own right; it is even more significant as model for a new school of scientific inquiry that advances the theories of such revolutionary scientists as Carlo Rubbia, David Bohn, Fritz Popp, Erwin Schrodinger, and Karl Pribram. According to the theory of Moral Physics, each phenomenon and every entity is neither a wholenor a part, but both simultaneously. Whatever affects the tiniest particle affects the complete structure. Respect for natural laws, empathy for ones fellow man, and concern for other life forms are not merelyadaptive traits that may help humanity survive. They are moral imperatives, grounded in physics, thatimpose on us an evolutionary responsibility to develop superior states of consciousness capable ofmanifesting the Divine spark within us. It is perhaps Baines' intuitive way of looking at the universe with his scientist's eye and philosopher's heart, that allows him to explain abstract scientific concepts in straightforward, understandable terms. Whatever the source of this rare insight, (which he says he has had since birth) Baines is able to distill from complex nature its essential beauty and simplicity without sacrificing its underlying principles.This new school of thought lies on the cutting-edge of a growing and provocative field; one that is certain to generate lively debate. This in no small measure accounts for Baines' work being accepted with such great enthusiasm, and to be fair, with considerable controversy. This book is a groundbreaking primer for universal truth seekers. It was life altering for me, and I am convinced it will have a profound effect on anyone willing to explore this brave and bold new world.

Very Hopeful!

A long book, but worth pushing it through to the end. Most of the chapters are very hopeful with a fresh way of looking at the world as it is today and how an individual can find peace in the midst of so much chaos, especially after 9-11. Now it make more sense to look at life in a new light and re-educate ourselves by identifying those things that are truly valuable to us as individuals. This book shows you how you can start doing that. Definitely recommended for a lifetime of reading!

Making the Complex World Understandable

With everything that's going on in the world today, one can only shake one's head and ask "Why?...why?" In this book, Mr. Baines clearly describes the fundamental universal laws that shape our common existence, and explains why we sometimes receive undesired effects from our actions.More importantly, Mr. Baines bases his assentions in the realm of science, with concrete proofs for his theses. Anyone interested in bettering themselves, or the world, should read this book. It will challenge the bold reader to reconsider the current assumptions he makes about our world, and open a window to a larger vision for humanity.

The Purpose of Life

This book brought me to my knees. The author answered every question I've ever had about the purpose and meaning of life ---particularly my life... and what exactly I am supposed to be doing here on the planet. It's contents nurtured my spirit which has been extremely undervalued and almost assasinated. I've come to realize, as I absorbed this book, that my mind has been conflicted by soceital pressures---that I have been brain-washed, contaminated and manipulated by the media in every area and that shockingly, this was accomplished by design. Anyone who reads this book will want to become focused on taking control of their lives because the author explains,in a way that has not been thought of before, that we come to life as incomplete beings and are responsible for returning to the Creator as much more profound and complete specimens. We are individually responsible for what we become.Once I fully comprehended this --- the choices I make each day in how I live my life, interact with others, and maintain a code of irreproachable behavior is how I will reach this goal. I can see how knowing and following this moral code will enrich and bring me success in all areas of my life. I highly recommend this book for all those who know that something profound is missing from their own existence and who know, deep down, that nothing is free...we must all pay for our lives with conscious effort to be better beings. The time is ripe for this book.

Something for everyone - really!

This book absolutely blew me away! The author has such a deep and broad comprehension of human nature that almost every section brought me close to tears at the accuracy with which he describes our current society's level of Morality. Even though many of the things he says are difficult to swallow, somehow reading this book gave me a new hope for humanity and for myself.The way Baines describes Morality is very technical and he even includes scientific experiments to prove his point. It makes me wonder why religion and ethics are usually so closely associated. His description of Morality is very scientific (although he always relates it back to Nature).This is the kind of book that, when you're reading it, you are constantly thinking about people you know who NEED TO READ the particular point he's making at the moment. I've already recommended it to most of my friends. A few of them weren't thrilled, because it's pretty long, but it's worth every page.I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to try to understand him or her self, anyone else, society or humanity in general.
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