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Hardcover Minutemen: The Battle to Secure America's Borders Book

ISBN: 0977898415

ISBN13: 9780977898411

Minutemen: The Battle to Secure America's Borders

The issue of securing America's borders has taken on new importance since 9/11. Few organizations have responded to the challenge like The Minuteman Project. The Project is not a call to arms, but a call to voices seeking a peaceful and respectable resolution to the chaotic neglect of this vital issue by members of U.S. local, state and federal governments charged with applying U.S. immigration law. It is not just a call to bring national awareness...


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There Is A Reason Why It's The First Amendment

The Founding Fathers, in their wisdom, felt that their new fledging country would be helpless without the freedom to speak in the arena of ideas. In Jim Gilchrist's "Minutemen", he documents that freedom of speech is only free if the local power agrees with the message. He is shouted down, called vicious and vile names, and denied parade permits for simply trying to tell America they will no longer be a nation without border control. He outlines at some length the motivations behind the open borders axis, from fuzzy-headed "We are all citizens of the world", the greedy business owner, the vote-seeking politician, the always politically correct educators, the Catholic church, and the labor unions. Always present of course, is the Hard Left anarchists and Marxists who will never miss a chance to cripple capitalism, and they have organized many of the parades and rallies. This grim package is breathlessly covered by the enabling Main Stream Media, where editorials appear on page one disguised as news. Although a conservative, Gilchrist has harsh words for the current Administration for dereliction of duty by not sealing our borders against terrorists drug mules and the off-loading by President Fox of Mexico's criminals and the lowest classes of workers. I rated this book 5 stars, but one of the most overlooked issues in this debate deals with the diseased Third World country the swarms are coming from. Tuberculosis, malaria and other diseases stamped out in America decades ago are now sharply on the rise. Gilchrist tended to become redundant in some parts of the book, which if trimmed back, could have left room for this critical issue. Regardless, it's a well done book and worth the read.

Outstanding reading on such an important topic

This book proves Minutemen are not vigilantes, but are honest patriots trying to wake America up to the huge issues we are facing with our porus borders and illegal immigration. A MUST read for anyone wanting the true story of the failure of our immigration system. America was made great by LEGAL immigration with assimilation!

Read and Wake Up!

These two are true American Patriots. If you are not up on the problem with immigration, illegal and legal, you need to read this book otherwise you are going to wake up one day and wonder what happened. Big business and the politicians in their pockets are about to take away the way of life we have built for ourselves. It's all about cheap labor, cheap products and the bottom line. People need to pay particular attention to what is going on with the Security and Prosperity Partnership and the North American Union, this book talks about these hidden agendas which will end in the merger of the United States with Mexico and Cananda. These authors are bringing these programs out of the shadows. Another good read on this topic is "Fighting Immigration Anarchy" by Daniel Sheehy.

Bringing Home the Bacon

After reading this outstanding book, Gilchrist and Corsi bring national awareness and "bring home the bacon" to the serious issue of illegal immigration. First and foremost, this great read brings attention to our lax immigration laws and the elected and appointed public officials responsible for this dilemma. Who better than Congressman Tom Tancredo who is fighting the good fight regarding illegal immigration to endorse this great book? Americans are losing their country and it's time they stop tolerating the quislings, traitors and spineless sellouts that place "cheap labor" business interests and desperate pandering to illegal aliens ahead of American citizens and legal immigrants. This book needs to be read by every American citizen and legal immigrant. Not only is it telling... but brings to light what citizens of the United States are up against with a "Do Nothing" Congress. You'll get more than an informative return on your investment when purchasing this book.

A good overview of a cataclysmic problem

Having been chased out of a small town in the Midwest due to an influx of illegal aliens hired by local businesses obsessed with cheap labor, I take the illegal immigration issue very seriously. Being sick to death of "press one for English" I also respect what the Minuteman Project has done to publicize this issue and their demands that the government do something meaningful to stop it. I found MINUTEMEN: The Battle to Secure America's Borders to be an excellent overview of the severe economic, social and cultural problems unlimited third-world immigration is causing. When the first world meets the third world, it's not the first world that's uplifted - it's the third world that drags everyone else down to their level, and that's what happening in this country. Hooray for Jim Gilchrist and Jerome Corsi for stating so clearly what our so-called "leaders" can't figure out - that we need to impose control on our borders, now!
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