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Paperback Midsummer: Magical Celebrations of the Summer Solstice Book

ISBN: 0738700525

ISBN13: 9780738700526

Midsummer: Magical Celebrations of the Summer Solstice

(Part of the Holiday Series Series)

Celebrate Midsummer-A Day of Warmth and Light, A Night of Fairy Folk and Magic Midsummer is one of the most ancient, widespread, and joyful Pagan festivals. The sun rises to the height of its power on... This description may be from another edition of this product.


Format: Paperback

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Customer Reviews

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So what ARE the customs?

Midsummer is my favorite time of celebration. The longest day of the year is recognized by numerous cultures and embraced by people all over the world. What is it all about, really? It is a magickal time with many traditions and customs to honor it. Anna Franklin explains them all and invites you to embrace the holiday. Franklin begins with the origins of the Summer Solstice. Technically, the word Solstice means "sun stands still" and the sun may appear to do just that on the longest day. But there is much more to it than that. Midsummer is one of four solar festivals that mark the wheel of the year. It is likely a time that has been noted since people started taking notice of such things, thousands of years ago. The Celts and Druids, the Saxons, Finnish, Romans, Greeks, Islams, Russians, Europeans, Spanish, Americans, and many others, all have some part in the history and traditions known as Summer Solstice. So what ARE the customs? They are as varied and many as there are those who honor the day. Some more notable customs include bonfires, torchlight processions, circle dancing, and divination. Then there are the very simplest of customs, such as my children staying up late to fill a jar with fireflies and letting them go again with a wish before bed. Franklin explains them all, very well, and goes on to explain the details of the customs and what brought them about. She even explains the conflict of the actual date of the day, the eve and the confusion of the name MID summer, when in many areas, Summer has just begun at the time of celebration. Being a magickal time, optimum for fairy spotting, and other mystical adventures, "Midsummer" includes a few tips on divination, including Tarot card directions, the use of Runes, playing cards, and Oghams. The use of crystals and gems is something that many cultural traditions adhere to; the inclusion of a list of properties and descriptions is a useful portion of the book. Since Midsummer is the best time to make a magickal wand, Franklin offers instructions, advice and a list of wood properties for your information and a little story of how she followed the teachings in her own quest for a branch. And what book on Midsummer would be complete without a few spells for the beginner to work? Herb craft is something easily worked on at this time of year, as the herbs have been growing nicely and can even benefit from your taking a sprig or two to dry. "Midsummer" offers plenty of recipes for the herbalist to enjoy, from a simple tea for the nerves to detailed guides to making incense. More substantial recipes for traditional Midsummer foods are also included. Detailed directions for Rites and Rituals, including handfasting, fill a complete chapter. What follows are several useful appendixes of such things as animal totem descriptions, a calendar of festivals, and Gods and Goddesses. You could not find a more complete guide to the Summer Solstice, and what's more is the tone in which Anna Franklin off

Summer Magick

I have not fully read this one yet, but when looking up certain things, I find it has the same layout as my books on the first three holidays. Full of old traditions, lore, which I LOVE, recipes, and positive spells and rituals to make everyday life just a little happier. I would recommend these and any of the holiday books to anyone who really wants to learn about the old ways and incorporate them into their lives.


This book is a fully rounded examination of the midsummer festival with history and lore, pagan themes and spiritual inspiration. It contains traditional Wiccan and witchcraft rites, along with Saxon and Druidic celebrations for the festival. I know for a fact that the Wiccan rites are authentic and I have never seen them published before. [I do worry that it may be a case of casting pearls before swine in some instances.] Along with stuff for the more serious Wiccan, the ritual suggestions would help beginners and experienced covens alike. There is a wealth of herb craft here, since midsummer is the traditional time for gathering herbs, which again, may appeal to ex[pereinced and beginner alike. I can't recommend this book too highly- the strongest in the series so far.

An excellent guide to creating a midsummer celebration

Midsummer is one of the Pagan festivals which celebrates a positive seasonal change, and this title covers common midsummer seasonal rituals, from the Rite of the Oak King to Drawing Down the Dawn. Recipes for herbs used in ritual celebrations blend with ritual instructions in this excellent guide to creating a midsummer celebration.

Well done -- full of useful recipes and lore

Anna Franklin has done a fine job of giving information on the deities of Midsummer from around the world, surrounding them with lots of myths and lore and topping it all off with a fantastic collection of herbcrafting for the season. This book is a valuable resource for any Pagan -- solitary or coven member -- looking to celebrate the holy day.
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