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Paperback Memory Power For Exams (Cliffs Test Prep) Book

ISBN: 0822020599

ISBN13: 9780822020592

Memory Power For Exams (Cliffs Test Prep)

The CliffsTestPrep series offers full-length practice exams that simulate the real tests; proven test-taking strategies to increase your chances at doing well; and thorough review exercises to help fill in any knowledge gaps. If you've ever experienced a memory meltdown during an exam, then Memory Power for Exams is your key to confident recall. In school, you learn large amounts of information on many topics. On top of that, you also must quickly...


Format: Paperback

Condition: Good

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Customer Reviews

5 ratings

Power strategies concisely defined

This book contains numerous mnemonic and memory strategies concisely defined. "Rehearsal is the single most effective way to lock new information into your memory." If you want a lot of excellent strategies fast, this is the book.

A good little book

This is a good, consice book on how to maximize your studies. It's strength is that the author sets out what has worked in his experience, not only as a student, but as a counselor as well. There are many ideas, and it is well to take the basics that he lays forward, and then to modify them to one's purposes. The only weakness is that it is concise and at times it would be well to have a more thorough presentation of the some of the methods. Still however, much of this comes through practicing the techniques more so than having them bottle fed to you. Highly recommended.

Now I remember!

This book was great for my long history of memory problems.It's a relief to find a book that has more than a couplechapters of useful information. Every chapter "bangs" youwith advice that is right on target. Another book that isthis way for both memory and high grades is one calledSURVEY OF 300 A+ STUDENTS (by Kenneth Green). He graduatedfrom school with 12 A+'s on his academic transcript and thengot into Harvard. Next, he graduated valedictorian of his classat Harvard University.

Excellent and quick self-study

Why did I buy this book? I am a middle-aged professor, comfortably situated, and needing neither to impress anyone, nor to make more money, nor to "take exams." But for me, it is a joy at any age to improve my mind.This book is excellently designed for self-study. The first part gives you a wide variety of standard techniques, explaining clearly the kind of memory task where each applies, e.g., sequential versus non-sequential. The second part allows you to practice and develop your new skills on 11 different academic subjects, which run the full gamut of humanities and sciences, such as might be encountered in high school or college. One very effective feature: throughout both parts of the book, the author follows brief tutorial sections on the techniques--seldom longer than a page--with an exercise where you can solidify your grasp and get immediate feedback. I think when you see how well you are doing, you'll be strongly encouraged to continue. This is also an advantage over the well-known Memory Book by Lorayne and Lucas, which I once attempted to study; in that book, the chapters were fairly long, and at the end the authors might suggest you make up an exercise on your own to test the new technique. However, passing a test you made up yourself seems a little chintzy! Or maybe, my creativity was not up to the task. In any case, I gave up on that book after about 2 chapters, notwithstanding all the amusing anecdotes that fill it.In the second half, I wanted to strengthen my grasp, so I did all the subjects outside my own strong area (physics, math). These are areas I normally have neither much interest nor aptitude, but the techniques came through with flying colors. Out of the 43 exercises I did, with 319 separate items of information, I missed only 10.5 items (and I graded myself conservatively). In other words, my score was 96.7% correct. Now I don't know how well I would have done w/o those techniques, but my memory is entirely mediocre--I am one of those unfortunates who turns the page on a book and sometimes cannot remember what he just read--and it is very doubtful that my usual "brute force" techniques, applied over a similar study time, would have netted me a retention score above 33-50%.At first glance, techniques of memory play a role somewhat similar to that of glasses on a near-sighted person: they do not enhance his natural biologic capacity, but they give him "workarounds" using other factors at his disposal, in particular, visual and verbal associations built up with help of his own creativity. I was surprised and delighted, as I worked through the exercises, to discover in myself an ability to make creative mental associations I never knew I had. So in this sense, it seems that the techniques did change my brain for the better. I imagine that the techniques, if used often, may become more and more second nature and eventually even "first nature." I am so glad I found this book: unlike many a self-help book

Memory Power for Exams

I think this is a great book for Junior and Senior High Students that have trouble rememboring information for big tests, such as final exams.
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