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Paperback Memories of the Afterlife: Life-Between-Lives Stories of Personal Transformation Book

ISBN: 0738715271

ISBN13: 9780738715278

Memories of the Afterlife: Life-Between-Lives Stories of Personal Transformation

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Book Overview

Dr. Michael Newton, best-selling author of Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls, returns with a series of case studies that highlight the profound impact of spiritual regression on people's everyday lives.

Edited by Dr. Newton, these fascinating true accounts from around the world are handpicked and presented by Life Between Lives hypnotherapists certified by the Newton Institute. After recalling memories of their afterlife, the people...

Customer Reviews

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It's time, I think. to consider the question of the evidence of reincarnation. There are two main bodies of evidence, spontaneous memories and evoked memories (both well summarized in "Lifecycles: Reincarnation and the Web of Life" by Christopher M. Bache). Spontaneous memories are the accounts of young children who remember pieces of previous lives and are able to recognize people they have never met and and towns they have never visited. Ian Stevenson is the most prolific of the researchers in this field having documented hundreds of cases in numerous countries. A fascinating recent entry is "Soul Survivor" by Andrea & Bruce Leininger telling the story of their two year old son remembering his previous life as a World War II pilot shot down in the Pacific. Evoked memories are memories most frequently elicited by hypnotic regressions of the type described in "Memories of the Afterlife". By now there are thousands of mutually reinforcing case histories. Michael Newton's work is a major contribution to this evidentiary pillar. If you examine all this evidence dispassionately, you might well wonder why reincarnation has not been embraced by the scientific community and society at large as accepted fact. The main reason seems to be that from early on, it was strongly suppressed by organized religions as a threat to their exclusive agency of the divine. As an example, Christianity excluded reincarnation from its orthodoxy at the Fifth Ecumenical Council in A.D. 553. It seems that this discouragement has cast a long shadow across the centuries. Michael Newton has built his career concentrating on what happens after we die and before we are re-born, the Afterlife. In his newest book, he introduces us to some of the many therapists he has mentored, giving them an opportunity to demonstrate their skills and showcase some of the amazing cases they have encountered. The subtext of this book is that there are now competent LBL therapists in many parts of the world, whose competence is vouchsafed by the master. And that once again, as we saw in "Journey of Souls" and "Destiny of Souls", the range and depth of healing and growth facilitated by this modality are truly impressive and, not to mince words, astounding. So Newton introduces us to his lineage of therapists who work with his imprimatur. They are an impressive group, but he has not cut them loose and abandoned them. One of the best features of this book is the footnotes that Newton has appended to each of the cases presented, which elaborate some of the themes and refer us to more extensive material in his previous works. Thus the current cases can be viewed as adding bricks onto an existing conceptual structure. This is an elegant touch. Finally, I want to acknowledge Michael Newton for being a courageous pioneer in a field with a heavy religious and societal headwind and a most generous mentor, who has graciously introduced us to a talented new generation of LBL therapists.

More great case studies

In Michael Newton's first two books, Journey of Souls: Case Studies of Life Between Lives and Destiny of Souls: New Case Studies of Life Between Lives, you get to witness his ground-breaking discovery of the existence we live between lives. Through many case studies, Dr. Newton paints a vivid picture of life between lives, shattering many commonly-held beliefs about the nature of God, the Universe and our reason for being. As editor of Memories of the Afterlife: Life Between Lives Stories of Personal Transformation, he continues the journey but this time through the efforts of 32 experienced practitioners from all over the planet who completed their training at the Michael Newton Institute. Their stories are no less fascinating as they enhance the credibility of the earlier works by repeating and reinforcing this shared glimpse of the afterlife. The case studies represent a variety of life situations, all with the powerful life-changing insights that can only be gained by remembering who you truly are, why you came here and with whom you are sharing the ride. Although certainly not a pre-requisite, if you haven't read Journey/Destiny of Souls I recommend you do so as these classics will explain things in a bit more organized and detailed fashion and will help fill in the blanks. MEMORIES OF THE AFTERLIFE is more unfettered and assumes at least a passing belief in life between lives rather than trying to prove it. I found it to be an excellent complement although it surely stands on its own as a fascinating read full of information and insight. I also found an interesting phenomenon absent in the earlier books - that you can get direct guidance about present situations from the LBL world while seemingly experiencing past events, showing that our concepts of past and present really don't extend beyond our limited physical reality. If you are stuck in the belief that you have one life in which to get it right and then it's either heaven or hell for eternity, then this book probably isn't for you. If you are open to a belief in multiple lives (along with the majority of people on this planet), then I highly recommend this book as it will help shed some light on the age-old quest regarding the nature of our immortality.

Connecting the dots

I have had many experiences in my life where I knew there was guidance from the beyond. For those who have never had experiences of being guided or picking up the subtle messages sent to us (a sixth sense, etc.) it might be hard to understand what is being explained in this book. Basically, earth and our incarnations here are for lack of a better term; on-going education. The experiences we have here in our human form develop our eternal souls and to do this we must live many lives over to develop. Those who have been indoctrinated with the doctrine and dogma of religion may have a very difficult time grasping the concept of many incarnations here on earth. Or you may have trouble just letting go because of religious teachings. Religion traps your thinking and your spiritual development and many, many people don't even realize it. Letting your spirituality spread its wings is the key. Earth is a school where we learn how to grow our soul's love and wisdom. We must understand our existence here is far beyond our human comprehension. Our existence is far deeper than worshiping via a religion and performing in a ritualistic fashion. Once I read the book, I realized religion as we know it is inconsequential and mired in human rules and restrictions. When I bought this book I had no knowledge of the Newton Institute or Michael Newton. I am one of those readers that had no preconceived notion of anything in the book. I just read it and was blown away. I connected all the dots for me.

A book for anyone

A friend just gave me her copy of Memories of the Afterlife. After reading it, I realized it applies to everybody. The case studies of the people who solved problems through hypnosis describe some of the difficulties thousands of others face every day. The problems were those that people have regardless of race, gender, religion, nationality, or being straight, gay, rich or poor. Also, when we reincarnate, we can "come back" as either a man or a woman, so the case studies have meaning to all of us. The problems the people in the stories solved have made m see my own family's difficulties (and some of my friends' problems) in an entirely different light. I would recommend the book to anyone.


Do you want to know the truth about your life? Read this book. There are many works on the market about reincarnation, life after life, and the NDE phenomenon, but MEMORIES OF THE AFTERLIFE provides a very succinct catalyst for all of the information "out there" on these subjects. The true stories in this volume illustrate perfectly the reasons for our life journeys on earth, as well as the bases of our trials and tribulations. They leave no doubt as to our eventual return to "home" in the afterlife's loving reality. Chapters such as "Two Suicides" and "I am Home" are proof that hope, growth, true happiness, and freedom from fear are possible for all of us. Further, LBL hypnotherapy from trained, experienced professionals is available to anyone who wants it! I found MEMORIES OF THE AFTERLIFE months ago when perusing Michael Newton books, and advance-ordered it. When it arrived last week, I read it cover-to-cover overnight, and am buying copies for friends.
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