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Paperback Mary Poppins Comes Back Book

ISBN: 0152017194

ISBN13: 9780152017194

Mary Poppins Comes Back

(Book #2 in the Mary Poppins Series)

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Format: Paperback

Condition: Very Good

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Book Overview

Pulled down from the clouds at the end of a kite string, Mary Poppins is back. In Mary's care, the Banks children meet the King of the Castle and the Dirty Rascal, visit the upside-down world of Mr. Turvy and his bride, Miss Topsy, and spend a breathless afternoon above the park, dangling from a clutch of balloons.

Customer Reviews

7 ratings

Wrong cover ,but right book

I had order it in the hardback copy and got paperback. Which was a bummer. But I'll have to order it again hardback and give paperback to nieces. But very happy with all our books we have gotten


I love Mary Poppins and this book wonderful condition.

More Delightful and ***FANTASTIC*** Adventures Await!

The vain and haughty, quick-witted beloved nanny is back in P.L. Travers's MARY POPPINS COMES BACK. Poppins takes the Banks children and the reader on more fantastic adventures and meeting her colorful friends, where anything can happen. From being pulled into plates to welcoming a new addition to the Banks family to an evening in the sky with a circus full of stars, it's wonderful whenever Mary Poppins is around! Illustrator Mary Shepard is back lending her talents with the great drawings for the book that compliment the wild stories. The book is perfect for bedtime story-telling and can be enjoyed by kids of all ages. No wonder these books have endured for so long!

Poppins review

Book is in excellent condition; will be a gift for my adult daughter who still loves anything connected with Mary Poppins!

Love these books

I loved all the Mary Poppins books, they really fired my imagination as a child and are now doing it for my daughter. One quick correction to an earlier review, PL Travers has written other books, just not to the same acclaim as the Mary Poppins series

When the Wind Blows.....

Many fantasy stories tell tales of brave knights, battling wizards, and beautiful princesses who need to be rescued. This fantasy, however, is nowhere near that. It is a story of an English nursemaid whose name just happens to be Mary Poppins. Mary Poppins is a classic tale of one woman who changes the lives of four siblings. The author, P. L. Travers, has not written any other books. Mary Poppins has won six awards including: Horn Book, ALA Booklist, and Library Journal. I enjoyed this book in and out which truly shows. The one I read, being worded and formatted like the originals, had the old English that made it stand out. Just reading the pages in this book makes me want to jump around and yell: This Book ROCKS! The story that inspired the movie Mary Poppins, starring Julie Andrews and Dick van Dike, doesn't go along as most would think the book would. As an east wind blows it carries a woman named Mary Poppins to the door of 17 Cherry Tree Lane, where she is to be the nanny of Jane, Michael, John, and Barbara Banks. One day, out on a walk, all of them find a compass that takes them all around the world, meeting Eskimos, Indians, Caribbean Natives, and a Chinese man. Later that day, they go to a lady named Mrs. Corry and her two daughters to buy gingerbread from them that comes with little stars. When they leave, Jane and Michael turn around and notice something......the shop is no longer there! That night they watched out their bedroom window to see Mary Poppins, Mrs. Corry, and her two daughters gluing the stars Jane and Michael got with their gingerbread to the sky, and the stars actually stayed there! About a week later, as Jane and Michael stare out their window they watched Mary Poppins leave with the west wind. Jane wobbles to her bed and slumps down. Then, she felt something under her pillow! What could it be? As I read, the description made me melt into the pages of the book. It was like I was there and I could see the characters smiling at me. Listen to this excerpt from the text of the story: It was one of those curious windows where there seem to be three of you instead of one, so that when you look long enough at them you begin to feel you are not yourself, but a whole crowd of somebody else. As I read it I felt the same way the author said you would feel as you stare into the panes of the glass. The author also described the pigeons and doves as though they were real people. The fussy, chatty, gray dove Grandmothers, rough-voiced brown pigeon Uncles, no-I've-no-money-today, greedy Fathers, and the soft blue silly and anxious mother doves. I love the way the author brings forth the little detail of how Jane and Michael see the birds. P. L. Travers made it an amusing, enjoyable story to read. I, for instance, loved it when Mary poppins took out her bottle of "Magic Medicine." When Mary Poppins took some out for Michael it was Raspberry Ice, then when she took some out for Jane it was Lemon-Lime Cordial. Next, she poured a teas

Even "Right-Wingers" love Mary!

Contrary to what SOME people may think not ALL "Right Wing"ers (I assume they mean conservative, Pro-life Christians, which I am)are book burners or anti-Mary Poppins. I LOVE M.P. and so do my six children. I read it as a child and loved it and am now reading it to my younger kids. It's wonderful literature, everyone should own it for their home library, especially homeschoolers like us! Great vocabulary, literary elements, geographical/historical info. and pure FUN!As to the "Bad Tuesday" chapter, we just read it (revised version) and loved it. Every child has times when they feel that way - mad at the world. Forcing them to "be nice" may not always be the answer. Even kids need to vent sometimes! I think this chapter was great. Seems like everyone mostly ignored Michaels bad behavior, instead of giving him the attention he was after and then he suffered the "consequences" of his own misbehavior in the end when the animals turned on him! Then Mary was there to comfort him in her very distinct way (I think she only pretends not to care and the kids know it!) and he was apologetic and a changed little boy. I think this chapter is good because it shows kids that feeling and acting "bad" sometimes is normal and that even good kids (as Michael usually is) sometimes misbehave but that their family still loves them and will forgive them. (And that if you're TOO bad wild animals may get you!!!)And to anyone trying to read something into it (witchcraft, Eastern religion) - GET REAL! It's a fun children's book, nothing more. It's pure fun and fantasy. No different or more evil than Narnia, The Lord of the Rings, Winnie the Pooh, or any classic fairy tale (Cinderella, Snow White, etc). Fantasies stimulate the imagination, expand the mind, foster a love of reading and literature, and make the heart sing! Good books are one of the best part of childhood - let's not spoil them for kids with our conspiracy theories.

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