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Hardcover Martha Stewart's Homekeeping Handbook : The Essential Guide to Caring for Everything in Your Home Book

ISBN: 0517577003

ISBN13: 9780517577004

Martha Stewart's Homekeeping Handbook : The Essential Guide to Caring for Everything in Your Home

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Format: Hardcover

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Whether your home is small or large, an apartment in the city or a country cottage, it is a space that should be at once beautiful and livable. The key to that is managing the upkeep without feeling flustered. Until now, there has never been a comprehensive resource that not only tells how to care for your home and everything in it, but that also simplifies the process by explaining just when. With secrets from Martha Stewart for accomplishing the...

Customer Reviews

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Another Excellent Manual from Martha and Company

`Martha Stewart's Homekeeping Handbook' might be entitled `A Guide to Living Well'. It is authored by the magazine staff of Martha Stewart Omnimedia Incorporated, and edited by Stewart herself, is the second major book, to come from Miss Martha and Company since she got out of the slammer, the first being her excellent `Baking Handbook'. While much material in the book is probably reprinted from the magazine, the book is a far superior repository than 15 years worth of `Martha Stewart Living', since, like her cookbooks, it collects and organizes all the material in a far more useable form. The first thing I noticed about the book is that it deals with more than simple cleaning and even more than keeping organized. The book is literally a guideline for the design of the most important rooms in the house in order that keeping them clean and organized is a manageable task. Its no surprise that Martha's first subject is the kitchen, as that is the venue for much of her magazine's other concerns. As an example of material for home design, the kitchen chapter includes sidebars on all the different kitchen counter materials with their pros, cons, cleaning, and repair instructions. A similar section follows this on the materials and designs of kitchen sinks, sink fixtures, and major kitchen appliances. As you browse through the book, one gets the feeling that simply no subject has been overlooked. One may wonder whether any one person would use as much as 1/10 of the material in the book. But, as someone who considers a book valuable if it has but one important idea, Martha's book far exceeds my needs for a book to be valuable. My favorite item is the instruction on how to fold a fitted sheet. I have seen Martha do it on TV at least three times, and I simply can never remember how it's done when I actually get one in hand. Her authority on most matters is also reassuring. When Martha tells me to clean my dryer lint trap after every load, and gives good reasons, I'm ready to fall in line. All this means that this is a perfect reference book. One problem with having the book is to take some simple task for granted and proceed on your own without consulting the book. An example is the task of scrubbing surfaces, which is a much differen than simply wiping clean of loose dirt. My instincts when I'm about to clean a difficult surface is to simply go to the store and look for the strongest cleaner I can find which seems remotely applicable to the surface. Martha advises exactly the opposite, and recommends a cautious approach, starting with the mildest cleaners. She even points out that before beginning, one must take into consideration that the surface you are about to attack may not even be suitable to standing up to a lot of water, which is a typical aspect of `scrubbing'. I'm still finding things I needed (at least once in my life) but didn't now until now. I've gone through life seeing only twin, standard, queen, and king sized beds, and felt at a lo

A must-have for homeowners and apartment-dwellers alike

I just moved out of my parents' home this year and realized that I am next to clueless when it comes to home maintenance. So when I heard about this book I decided to have a look at it and was blown away. This tome covers everything imaginable for every room, and even has a few hints and tips that never would have passed my mind. Granted, I don't currently have every room listed but I might in the future, so it will be excellent for ears to come. This book is a great gift for anyone newly living on their own, anyone who just bought a house, and it would even make a wonderful wedding gift.


Probably the best thing to come out of MSLO since Martha's unfortunate incarceration. (Let's forget the dreadful Martha's Rules book which was just terrible!). This book is an amazing and widereaching encyclopedia that covers every single aspect of homeownership from the different types of mattresses to how to clean your furnace! This is what Martha does best. A fascinating and enjoyable read. You go, Martha! Welcome back!

The tricks of Martha's trade :-)

Be warned! This is a super heavy book (744 pages). It's like an encyclopedia for the home. It's full of helpful advice and it is really interesting. The topics are broad. There is almost nothing uncovered. She talks about everything from ironing (how to completely, completely dewrinkle - underside of collar, inside of cuffs, inside of sleevefronts, outside of sleeves, outside of cuffs, inside of yolk etc etc), to stain removal (fix it right away - blot and drown the stain in cool water, blot again, more water, blot, etc), removing wax from tablecloths, and on and on. I especially loved reading on how to clear out the nasty smell in the microwave. I never knew what to do to get rid of that (till now). It's such a helpful book for everyone - I can't imagine that there'd be someone out there who couldn't gain some insight from Martha's tips. It's easy to follow and find what you are after because she has put everything into specific catagories. So go out and get a copy because it's the perfect gift idea for the holiday's and a must for yourself in your home. I love it a lot.

Time-Saver How-To For Just About Everything...

. There are few items like this one. It is more or less a home companion on how to clean, maintain, do and repair most every item in your home. There is lots of wisdom like we used to pass down from generation to generation, before people stopped listening and families fragmented. Newly marrieds, new home owners, kids leaving the nest for the first time to college or to live alone, and those wanting to get organized and stay organzied with their home chores and maintenace, will find this book valuable. It is more than a reference work, although it certainly is that. I actually have enjoyed browsing through it for fun, not just looking for specific information.

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Published by Holly M. Viola • April 04, 2016

I grew up in a meticulously clean home, where everything had a place, the décor was always updated in the latest fashion, and we ate a home-cooked dinner as a family every night. I had a Super Mom.

Me? I’m the girl who can’t figure out how to get the grime off the kitchen floor. I sweep up the dog hair only to find giant balls of it five minutes after I finish. I open a cabinet door and things tumble out.

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