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Hardcover Magnetism and Its Effects on the Living System Book

ISBN: 0682480878

ISBN13: 9780682480871

Magnetism and Its Effects on the Living System

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Format: Hardcover

Condition: Good

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Book Overview

This book is the result of years of investigations into the laws of magnetism and is the first book ever written explaining how magnetism affects your life and the life of all living systems around... This description may be from another edition of this product.

Customer Reviews

5 ratings

great book!

It's a great book, well documented with pointers to many other resources! While it presents a great overview of the current state of bio-magnetics and PEMF technologies, I think the best part is that it gives the reader enough informatin to go forward and research any particular topic of interest (patents in this field, research papers, refference books and so). Highly recommend it!

Absolutely mindblowing!

First of all I have to address the review written by Skippy. To say that this book could be compressed to a few pages, and that it's too expensive given the amount of information in it is absurd. Albert Roy Davis was the first scientist in the world to discover, in 1936, that magnetism consists of two separate and distinct energies with opposite effects. Davis and Rawls discovered that magnetism can be used to drastically extend the lifespan of animals/humans, to greatly increase the intelligence of animals/humans, to increase psychic abilities, to eliminate cancer and many other diseases, to greatly increase the growth of plants, and much more. The specifics on how to increase psychic abilities (North pole magnetism directed toward the pineal gland) can be found in the book, "The Rainbow in Your Hands", by Davis and Rawls. A great article written by Walter Rawls titled, "The Scope of Biomagnetism", is on the Teslatech website and I highly recommend reading it. The knowledge you can acquire from the research of Davis and Rawls is priceless. For example, excessive exposure to South pole magnetism is dangerous to your health, it REDUCES your mental abilities, makes you shorttempered, aggressive, selfish... and the vast majority of telephones and headphones expose the user to South pole magnetic fields! Is this accidental or are telephones and headphones deliberately designed in this manner? One of the many patents that Davis and Rawls have obtained makes it possible to make stronger metals, plastics, concrete and many other materials. Plus, new elements can be made that were never before thought possible, all by the controlled use of magnetic fields! The only information in this book that is somewhat repeated is in regards to the experiments on the laboratory animals. If these scientists didn't explain the experiments that led to these discoveries in some detail, the reader wouldn't have a clue as to how the results were obtained, and without any data to work from, no one would be able to reproduce the experiments. Within a few years after the publication of this book (first published in 1974), thousands of scientists and doctors duplicated the experiments, as Davis and Rawls explain in their fourth book, "The Magnetic Blueprint of Life". In this book (The Magnetic Blueprint of Life) they also emphasize the importance of "spin" in the universe (before mainstream science "discovered it") and make a very convincing argument that the universe is not expanding, it's expanding and contracting simultaneously. I have a video from the Albert Roy Davis Laboratory that contains photos of scientists that visited the lab in the 1970's and letters from researchers at Yale University, Columbia University, and others. Scientists from Westinghouse, Toyota, and the Florida Department of Agriculture even paid a visit. If you're looking for a book that explains in detail how to use a biomagnet for various magnet therapy applications, the second book by Davis


This work is a fascinating look into the effects of magnetism and how it can cause change in living things. The book was an easy read with clear and concise examples of the theories that it asserts. The work by the scientists was done with care and showed a wide range of ways that this mysterious force can heal us. After doing research and experimentation on designing and constructing instruments which exploit the force of magnetism on living tissue. I concur with the body of work as presented here. It is an absolute MUST READ for ANYONE who has either a budding interest in the subject or a seasoned researcher who needs supplementation on the subject

The Benefits and Dangers of Magnetism

In my opinion this is one of the most important books ever written. It goes into detail about how north and south pole magnetic energies affect all life forms on our planet. Using the north or south pole of a magnet, you can alter the genetics of plants, animals and humans in beneficial ways. Mice were placed in a cage so they would be exposed to the north pole of a 2500 gauss magnet for 8 hours. Next, they were placed in a cage with female mice and intercourse took place. The offspring of these mice were smaller than normal and lived about 50% longer than the average for that species. The same type of experiment was repeated with many different species. The results were always the same. Why can't this be done with people? All indications are that it can! It sure sounds unbelievable, but anyone can reproduce these experiments. They're in this book. Many ailments can be eliminated or greatly improved provided that the correct pole is used, the gauss (magnetic strength) is high enough and the magnet is used for the correct amount of time. Don't take what the skeptics say as fact. If you ignore the positive feedback from the millions of people who've used magnet therapy, your ignoring one of the best self-help methods of maintaining optimal health that has been discovered in the last few centuries. Compared to the cost of buying drugs, or even herbs and vitamins, magnets are by far the cheapest. Once you buy a magnet, it can be used year after year at no cost. The use of south pole magnetic energy can have dangerous and undesired effects. The dangers come from not only using the south pole of a biomagnet, but from other sources in our environment. This is a serious threat to our health that all people should know about. I have taken a look at a number of other books on magnets and nothing compares to the books of Albert Roy Davis and Walter C. Rawls, Jr.

The pioneer book of magnet therapy in America.

Mr. Davis, the American pioneer in magnetic research and healing, began his research in the 30's. This book covers a 40 year span of research, correcting misconceptions in the application of unipoled magnet therapy for health treatment of ailments. He explains how he cured cancer in the laboratory in over 300 cases of rodents using bionorth pole energy; tells how to increase ESP; and includes photographs of cell mutation and their cure using bionorth energy. A must-have book for every novice and professional in this field
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