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Paperback Lofting Book

ISBN: 096774590X

ISBN13: 9780967745909


This is an unblushing story of Claire, a woman who finds meaning, excitement, and fulfillment through sexual abandonment. She finds a sinister but alluring guide in Nick, who is determined to reveal to Claire her own feelings that have been repressed.This novel revels in the hidden and the taboo, and at the same time is told with the utmost grace, charm, and intelligence.


Format: Paperback

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Customer Reviews

5 ratings

A wonderfull book for a specific reading audience ....

Having read erotivca for 12 hours a day for the past 20 years I have Alma Marceau's book, Lofting, come across my suggested reading list over and over that I finally decided to bite the bullet and buy this book ... For the followers of pure erotica I'm not sure if you would enjoy this book since most of the book is written with an 'in your face' kind of manner delving into sex rather than into the erotic. Is there a difference, well yes, in erotica people would have sex in a departemnt store because the lights went out and the opportunity was there, in this book they have sex in a department store considering a Sunday afternoon outing. We follow our heroine, Claire, through a sexual awakening after meeting Andres in an on-line chat room. Andres, is able to start this trip for Claire by showing her what cyber sex is all about and then he encourages her to start eploring her sexuality with people near her in order to continue the spice in their internet and phone sex sessions ... The book is wonderfull and written for the intellectual snobs in all of us. 'A pfennig for your thought's ' is the type of converstaion that is common and interesting querida .....

An Uplifting Experience

This book is a delightful surprise! I came across it when my girlfriend and I were considering buying a loft and looking for some advice. I got advice all right, and it certainly has helped make my girlfriend and me very happy, but it was on a whole other level! And it wasn't really the sex, though it's riveting, page-turning stuff. And it wasn't the concept of "lofting" per se--I'm virtually asexual when it comes to online relationships--though that was a fascinating world to discover. No, it was the literary wit of the thing! Ms. Marceau clearly has a gift--for the nonverbal, it goes without saying--but also for the easy transition from scenes of intimacy to the rhythms of the street, from arousing narrative description to philosophical wordplay. Her lightning-like allusions and brilliant turns of phrase serve to deepen the enduring interest of this book and of its amazing cast of attractive characters. (Everyone will find someone to lust after in these pages.) You will read passages over and over, not just to revisit, say, the young girls in the stables or the sleepy studs in the "loft," but also to discover even more new delights hidden away in the many folds of this intricately complex presentation of promiscuity. Whether she is lingering over a Madeleine or deftly picking apart the telltale scraps of some potted meat, Marceau knows just what it is a reader wants when it's time for a break from the routine.

More than one handed reading

You know what they say - porn is one handed reading. But good erotica is more. Well Lofting is most assuredly two handed reading - you need the other hand to look up words in the dictionary.Can erotica be intelligent ? You bet - Marceau proves it.

Erotica for the thinking man -- and woman

I read "Lofting" all in one weekend, mostly under the covers ... And the characters have stayed in my mind like the heroes and heroines of the best classic tales. Likable, complex men and women with strong and sometimes unreasonable passions -- the people in this story draw you in, and of course, the fascinating erotic scenes tend to keep you there. Marceau speaks the truth about sex and the sexes, and she's so damned funny! I found myself re-reading the book's online conversations to see if they would still make me laugh a second time, and they did -- and a third, as well. It's some of the wittiest dialogue I have ever read. "Lofting" is more than the tale of one woman's sexual odyssey, it's a tribute to what this kind of adventure can and should be, and it tells us what is going on in the heart of a bright, sweet woman as her adventure unfolds. I bought a copy as a gift for a sensuous friend -- I haven't done that with many books. Bravo, Marceau. I can't wait for the sequel.

Finally! Something sexy, timely and intelligent!

Finally! A profoundly intelligent book that is hot, funny, erotic and compelling. Lofting takes you on a wonderfully eloquent trip through a transition period in the life of the main character. You'll feel that a cross between Dave Barry, Marquis de Sade, and Erich Segal have been paid to rewrite your journal and combine it with your fantasies. It's a powerfully sexy story with enough realism and straightforwardness to take your breath away and leave you hungry for more.
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