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Paperback Lime Ricky: Book

ISBN: 0451218361

ISBN13: 9780451218360

Lime Ricky:

A tart new comedy of love and murder from the national bestselling author of Just Peachy The man is Class A: When Gretchen Darrow awoke to a fi re in her New York City apartment, she also woke to firefighter Rick Pallucci-so cocky, so intimidating with his ice-blue eyes, and so...built. The heat is Code 4: A weaker woman might have come unglued, but not Gretchen. This California chef moved east for one reason-a plum job at The Cooking Channel, and...


Format: Paperback

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Customer Reviews

5 ratings

Kept me reading

I'm the first to admit that I don't like to read. If I read a book, it must be good. Lime Ricky was a great read. I finished it in a week (I tend to take months to finish a book). Some authors have that something special in the way they write that just gets you - Jill Winters has that something special.

Funny, savvy, and fantastic chick-lit mystery.

Jill Winter's has given readers a funny, savvy, and fantastic chick-lit mystery in her new book Lime Ricky. Effortlessly combining mystery and romance in a hot new story that readers will enjoy for the great comedy and then read it again for the unforgettable characters. Gretchen Darrow is innocent of setting a candle fire in her swanky New York apartment, but Fireman Rick Pellucci makes her feel ever so guilty when he arrives to put out the flames. Gretchen has just moved to the city; and living with her cousin in a swanky apartment that is way above her means is just one of the perks for her new lease on life. Her other perk; she's going to be working at The Cooking Channel with one of her idols and cooking alongside some of the best chefs in the business. Little does she know that even at a simple food network there is more drama and backstabbing than in a daytime drama. Rick Pellucci has had it with "girly" fires and Gretchen is just another example of a waste of a New York's Fireman's time. He cannot fathom why he is reacting to this candle burning woman with her sexy nightgown and flashing eyes. His whole world has been focused on his job and doing that job well. But Trying to forget her is going to be hard because every time he turns around Gretchen is there. It does not help that he feels obligated to stop by her apartment to drop off a fire extinguisher and what Fireman can resist saving a damsel in distress, especially when said damsel bakes a mean Key Lime Pie. Lime Ricky is a breath of fresh air in the sea of angst that readers are getting in current chick-lit offerings. Instead of filling readers with the neurotic whine of a heroine, Winters has given readers a sweet, smart and oh, so independent heroine that cooks up a terrific treat for readers. And speaking of cooking, the heat just comes off the page when Rick and Gretchen get together. Winters knows how to build up the romantic tension and when readers get the payoff it is worth the wait. Lime Ricky is a delightful comedy with inventive characters and a fiery romance between Rick and Gretchen. From the wacky receptionist to the prima donna television host, Readers will be drawn into the mystery and will keep reading for the unique characters and strong romance. Winters have given readers a great read to start off their summer with a hot and edgy new comedy that will supply them with laughs, love and just a little mystery to keep them on the edge-of-their seats.

Great read and a super find of a new author!

Typically I shy away from trade paperbacks because of the added expense, but I took a chance on this book because of the beautiful colors in the cover. Lame, I know, but this time the eye candy choice paid off. This is a snappy romantic suspense story with interesting leads and well developed secondary characters. It takes place in a new setting--a food television network!--but seemed authentic and believeable. As a mystery there are the red herrings strewn along the path but the powerful romance between the two leads is what drives this story and makes it worthwhile. The sensuality between the couple is slow started and continues all the way to the epilogue with a steaming scene to end the book. I am excited to find an excellent book and new author to recommend. Now--on to find her back cataloge books!

4.5 stars

Gretchen Darrow has just moved to New York for her new job as set supervisor at the Cooking Channel. She's thrilled with the change and has high hopes for the future. Unfortunately, a fire in her new home is not how she wanted to celebrate the big changes in her life. Nor is getting yelled at by the handsome firefighter who rescues her part of the plan. However, she puts it out of her mind when she starts her new job, determined to focus on the positives in her life. The last person Gretchen expects to see is that same handsome firefighter at her job! Rick Pellucci is doing a favor for his brother Brett, aka Romeo Romero, the hottest chef at the Cooking Channel. Brett has been getting some threatening e-mails and letters and Rick agreed to see if anyone suspicious is hanging around Brett. Rick certainly never expected to see the feisty and gorgeous Gretchen again. He's pleased though. He feels bad about the way he treated her and if his smoldering attraction is anything to go by, he'd love the chance to get to know her. But issues creep up when it appears Gretchen wants to get to know Brett. And besides, Rick is here to help his brother, not to meet a girl. But neither can quite put the other out of their head and when more unexpected meetings occur, sparks start flying. Things change though when a dead body is discovered... LIME RICKY is the latest mad cap tale of lust, romance, and mystery from Jill Winters. Ms. Winters has really honed her skills at crafting mysteries because this story ups the ante on the who-dunnit with a cast of crafty, vicious, and shallow possible murder suspects. Gretchen's optimistic and sweet personality sets off some serious heat with Rick's more gruff and taciturn personality. They seem incompatible but as it happens, murder becomes the perfect excuse for a little flirting. Rick's continued support of his brother is endearing, even when it seems Brett really doesn't deserve it. Gretchen shines as the witty, engaging and sardonic-edged heroine who can't say no to her big strong firefighter. The laughs kept coming in this twisted caper and while one would think that murder is the scariest element Gretchen and Rick have to deal with, it proves to be the challenging chefs at the Cooking Channel who help to keep this story hopping. LIME RICKY is an enthusiastic and downright inviting story that mixes love, murder, and lots of spicy characters to create an indelible read. Ms. Winters has certainly shown her growth as a writer in this spirited romp. Sarah W

read in one night-fantastic!!

i must admit i am a fan of ms. winters work so i went in with pretty high expectations for this one (especially since i didn't care for her last book Just Peachy as much as her others). Lime Ricky however was simply fantastic!! i read nearly the entire thing in one night having started the book the day before, but the story rolls quickly and the more you get into it the harder it is to put down. Lime Ricky had all the things i've come to look forward to-great romance, funny dialogue, mystery plot, and several surprises along the way. The heroine gretchen is just so likable and down to earth and the hero is, to put it mildly, HOT. The character of Susanna was outrageous but her niece was even more outrageous!! i definitely recommend this book and think that ms. winters seems to have hit her stride again with her latest. lots of laughs!
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