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Paperback Like a Bird Wanders Book

ISBN: 1602900825

ISBN13: 9781602900820

Like a Bird Wanders

A story so powerful, it took three authors to tell it. A dark secret was hidden in their upstanding family... December 18, 1966 Grace Rose McFarlane, a long-time resident of the small town of Yacolt, Washington, and the middle McLeod sister, is dying. Her very last act is to leave a cryptic handwritten warning for her great-granddaughter, who will be arriving soon for Christmas break: Julia, the lion will destroy you. But what does the note mean?...


Format: Paperback

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Customer Reviews

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A Fine Family Saga

"Like a bird wandereth from her nest. So is a man who wandereth from his home (Proverbs 27:8 KJV). Authored with rich diversity, redolant with the aromas of small-town life in the Pacific Northwest, and illustrated with beautifully-drawn characters, Like a Bird Wanders sings a song of heartbreak and forgiveness. The timeless story of a wayward girl who leaves home in pursuit of a dream that crumbles bridges the gap between social mores on the cusp of the Twentieth Century and modern times. Grace Rose McFarlane, while dying, leaves a cryptic note for her great-granddaughter: Julia, the lion will destroy you. Puzzled, Julia pockets the missive. When she discovers old letters and journals in a trunk in her great-grandmother's attic, however, Julia unlocks a family secret that clarifies Granny Grace's message. The story unfolds as Julia reads the letters and journals, which tell of a younger Grace full of ambition and disparaging of her family's rural lifestyle. Grace makes a decision to leave it all behind and "come up" in the world, running off for a better life with handsome Jake Hudson. But fulfillment of her dreams eludes Grace, and she learns - the hard way - the definition of "home." A fine and moving work containing high-caliber writing, Like a Bird Wanders seamlessly blends the voices of its three co-authors: Sharon Bernash Smith, Rosanne Croft and Linda Reinhardt. I found it a little off-putting at first that, although the author of each journal entry was identified, the letters were only identified by their signatures, which might not come for several pages. This made for some flipping back and forth for me until I became familiar with each character and could pick up on clues as to identity. I also found certain aspects of the plot a bit contrived, but the book is so well done overall I recommend it for those who enjoy family sagas and historical fiction. I also approve this book for teenage girls since it focuses on home and family, defines a Biblical morality and gives clear consequences for sin. (Note: I received a complimentary copy of this book from the authors for purposes of review.)

Like A Bird Wanders

I enjoyed reading the book very much and it must be a good story because now page 223 has a tear drop stain. Truly depicts what women might be thinking and what women might be going through in their lives with their faith and relationships with others.

Absolutely Amazing!

Amazing- is about the only suitable word to describe this book. I am not a "big" Christian Fiction reader, but this book has me anticipating its sequel, "Old Sins, Long Shadows." I'll admit that a quarter of the way through the book, I skimmed through the back and found the page entitled, "Coming Soon...." As I read of the coming continuation of the MacLeod Family Saga, I was overjoyed that I would be able to continue the journey I had embarked on through "Like a Bird Wanders." I'll start by saying, "This book is EXCEPTIONAL writing." I am still in awe at how three separate authors were able to wonderfully weave their writing talents so succinctly. The amazing detail draws you in and then begins connecting your own life with the lives of the characters. You will absolutely be able to relate to at least one of the characters in this novel; you very well may find things about your own life being brought to the surface which need to be dealt with in your personal walk of faith. The thing I loved most about this book is that it was "uniquely" written. As the story unfolds, the majority of the novel is read through "Prayer Journal entries, Diary entries, and letters." This style gives you more of an intimate relationship with the characters. You feel as though you are going to the depths of their souls and being given insight that draws you deeper into their lives. You'll find yourself unable to put the book down, because you'll want to read the next letter from Grace. You'll wonder if the sisters will ever see their sister again. You'll find your faith strengthened as you realize through this saga, that faith keeps walking forward- faith doesn't give up-it keeps believing in an all-loving, fully sovereign, God. As you might expect, I highly recommend this book! You too will be looking to "pre-order" its sequel! So don't hesitate, you'll completely enjoy this "Amazing" book.
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