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Paperback Lightningbolt Book

ISBN: 0345361423

ISBN13: 9780345361424


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Format: Paperback

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Book Overview

"Readers who enjoyed Storm's classic Seven Arrows, an exploration of Native American culture, will especially treasure the engrossing reading experience provided in this magnificent volume." --Body, Mind & Spirit In this gripping spiritual autobiography that begins where Seven Arrows ends, Hyemeyohsts Storm chronicles his life and how it has been enriched by the power and intricate sophistication of a discipline that reaches back tens of thousands...

Customer Reviews

5 ratings

More than a tale - a beginning

This is a book about more than the guru-guided personal search for self-understanding of a half-breed, more than a remarkably profound exposé of the life-philosophy (not religion) of the native american peoples. More even than a confirmation of the inner validity of other ancient systems of thought and knowledge to be found in other parts of the world, for example in Scandinavia. This book is exactly what it claims to be: the revelation of A WAY, an approach to life and the problems of identity, balance and peace, second to none, and applicable to everyone, where ever in the world they may live, and whatever religious and cultural tradition they may formally adhere to. Something that if widely spread, and attended to in the right way, might just ... just ... (to coin a heavily misused, but in this context really appropriate phrase)"save the world". In other words, not without subversive, but highly life-enhancing social and political connotations. My advice: Read, mark, learn, and inwardly digest. And then practice, as best ye may. Good luck, and may the Spirit give you strength in the quest for yourSELF.

Cosmic Mirror to the Searcher in all of us!

The Red Road curves through a parallel universe with only tenuous ties to contemporary reality. Storm speaks to the wanna-be warrior in all of us, with humorous vignettes spiked with hidden awareness, as he looks back at the valiant fool he was, beginning his quest before he even knows he was on it, missing all the clues to his personal Grail. (The sign said "Stop", he looked at it, but he couldn't see the message for the word...) Conservative Native Americans shun this guy for letting the cat out of the bag...But for the rest of us waschisus, this is as close to understanding life on the Res as we'll ever get. No matter what your path to personal enlightenment has been, any spritual trekkie will enjoy this guy's experiences. Great read!!!

Saving your Self

This book speeks to me about the inner turmoil and multitude of voices that haunt the uninitiated and estranged males in our society. To not belong, to be cut off from community is a plague on our youth and spirit. The feeling of isolation leads to antisocial behavior, unhappiness, stupidity and violence. Herein is the story of a disenfranchised man and how, with a mentor and female partner, he finds strength in the Self to command and conquer the demons of a disfunctional conformist society. This is a primer on taming the destructive, finding peace and living with beauty. Great insights for all!

Lightningbolt will change your life.

This third of Storm's works catapults him into the catagory of Literary Giant. His mastery of the device of Oral Tradition should end, once and for all, the discussion of his "Indianness". This book is so traditional and true that there can be no doubt of the author's authenticity or genius.

The main theme is we must heal ourselves to heal our world

Book Review by Maryanne Raphael LIGHTNINGBOLT By Hyemeyohsts Storm This is the first book ever written about the Zero chiefs who taught the wisdom of the Medicine Wheels. Storm makes this knowledge simple, meaningful, intimate and accessible to every reader. It opens high in the mountains of Montana where Lightningbolt bridles his horse for a terrifying journey into the wilderness. As he travels his adventures test his spirituality and guide him to his greatest teacher, Estcheemah. This powerful Medicine Woman lives in the Present and loves Life passionately. She changes his mind about most everything, helps him find a purpose for life and teaches him to teach himself. LIGHTNINBOLT has all the reader-holding qualities of GONE WITH THE WIND. It is fast moving with colorful characters on every page making history come alive with suspense, drama, love stories, birth and death. Storm vividly evokes the sensations of a world most of us have never visited and makes us feel at home there. With great attention to detail, he describes the rhythm of life on and around an Indian reservation and the male and female's path to self knowledge and spiritual strength. Storm celebrates the crucial role of the spiritual woman and says that accepting the feminine face of God may be the next evolutionary step for humanity. Readers can open LIGHTNINGBOLT at any page and find themselves so involved they can't put it down. They will want to read it over and over and share it with those they love. By Maryanne Raphael
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