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Paperback Kinuko Craft: Drawings and Paintings Book

ISBN: 1933784369

ISBN13: 9781933784366

Kinuko Craft: Drawings and Paintings

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Format: Paperback

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Book Overview

As one of the most widely respected and well known fantasy artists in the world today, Kinuko Y. Craft considers herself first and foremost a storyteller. She brings a strong narrative sensibility to... This description may be from another edition of this product.

Customer Reviews

4 ratings


The first Kinuko Craft painting I saw was on the cover of Patricia McKillip's novel, The Tower At Stony Wood. I admit that I bought that book just for the cover. I've since enjoyed many of McKillip's books & have come to adore Kinuko Craft's work. I cannot get over the amount of gorgeous detail that she puts into each piece. When I found out about this book, I knew that I had to have it, so it was the first item on my Christmas list, this year. The dustjacket for the hardcover edition features the cover of McKillip's novel, Od Magic. Beneath the dustjacket, the actual cover of the book features part of "Das Rheingold." There is a foreword by Patricia McKillip and a narrative by Craft, in which she describes her life and how she came about doing this work. The art, itself, is beautiful to say the least. The colors are vivid with the exception of a few black & white drawings. There is a list, in the back of the book, that gives the title of each piece, the year it was created, its medium, & its page number. This is an amazing book. I recommend this, not only for fantasy art lovers, but for anyone that enjoys fine art. You won't be disappointed.

Gorgeous and interesting but not perfect

Make no mistake, Kinuko Craft is a master artist. Her layered work in several media is just unique and brilliant. If I had to evoke other artists to describe her to a stranger, I might say, think of Susan Seddon Boulet and Sulamith Wulfing, and add in Renaissance style and stained glass window brilliance, and you begin to have a sense of what Craft is like. I was so happy to find this book. I have enjoyed Craft's work on book covers and calendars and craved something more substantial. Here we have text with her thoughts on her work and on the process of art in general, and advice to aspiring artists. But there is just not enough text. I was left feeling like there should have been more writing. The art! Of course, that is why we splurge on these books, isn't it? And the art is gorgeous, the backgrounds and format pretty and interesting. But... and a thousand times BUT! some of the best pieces were spread across two pages, leaving the center lost in the binding area! Quel horreur! I do not see why they did not make gatefolds for the larger pieces. So... in summary... It's a start at compiling Kinuko Craft's work and artistic thoughts, but we really need a proper compendium, updated every five to ten years!

Kinuko's Craft: The Art of Evoking a Sense of Wonder

Kinuko Craft is in the first rank of painters; and this oversized, magnificently illustrated collection of paintings, drawings, and inspirational text is a testament to her skill and craft. Published by Imaginosis, a company founded by Robert Gould (an artist and publisher who made his mark in the world long before he began Imaginosis), this book is a bargain at $25. Given Kinuko's prolificity--she's done thousands of pieces of art--the problem was not what to put in but what to leave out. Obviously, what's called for here--hope you're listening, Bob--is a oversized, coffee table book on the order of a Wyeth, Parrish, or Whelan retrospective. A larger trim size. Fold-outs. 300 pages. Like Wrightson's A LOOK BACK. (And a winning lottery ticket to pay the printing bill.) Kinuko certainly deserves it, and her luminous work certainly deserves to be seen by as many people as possible. Bob Gould's book design--a departure from the usual, static negative space in most artbooks--is enchanting: When overdone, the use of borders, colorful backgrounds, and frames can overwhelm pieces of art; but if done carefully, with the full knowledge that the art is what must be properly exhibited and accented, the art stands out. Bob's use of gold ink throughout the book, as a highlight, is an appropriate accent, since gold is the color I associate most with Kinuko's art. Form follows function in this book as the art is front and center, and everything supports their presentations. I could go on and on about the paintings--the detail, the composition, the exquisite painterly aspects--and the delicate pencil sketches as well (I love the portrait of the girl on page 39), but I'm not an art critic: I'm an art appreciator. But what caught me by surprise, caught my breath, is Kinuko's prose, which is inspiring: Her message that an artist should find his or her own way and not be dissuaded by critics is one that is said far too seldom these days: I sometimes wonder how many artists, writers, musicians, sculptors, and other creative souls had their wings clipped, so to speak, by others who took a special delight in telling them: "No, you can't do it." By this they really mean: "No, I can't do it. And if I can't do it, I don't want you to think you can do it, either." A book of her art is a visual cornucopia, but the intimate glimpses into her life and the carefully chosen words that should resonate especially with artists just starting out on their careers make this book more than a showcase of visual delight: The words matter and aspiring creators should listen, and heed, what she has to say. She knows whereof she speaks. Obviously, Kinuko, again and again, delights, surprises, and inspires with this collection of art. This is a book I've already bought in multiple copies of to give to friends, especially to young artists starting out, wondering what to do, what to think. Well, here's what you should do: Listen to someone who has gone down that road as Kinuko has done,

Georgeous art marred by inconsistencies

Sigh, I'm disappointed. I was thrilled that FINALLY an art book would be coming out for Kinuko Craft. She is an artist who has worked for more than 35 years. I have loved her work since childhood and have every one of her stunning picture books. Unfortunately, this book has some areas that are flawed. I bought the above book twice, thinking I got the beta version the first time. The images shown in some of the listings are a total lie, the Firebird painting is not there and the blue image (Od Magic)is cut in half and its other half is never shown. That's cropped in half in the book. Sigh, I'm disappointed. One reviewer had this described to be a huge coffee table book. It's not. It's small. Only around 70 plus pages, and it appears that the publisher did not have access to some of the originals. Quite a few paintings are obviously scanned from another source and you will go from crystal clear brush strokes in one painting, turn the page and have a muddy scan. And, some of those are her best, too. Then you will have a full spread painting in it's entirety, then another that has obviously been cropped. Aggh! The most painful example the book cover, Odd Magic, it's only one page, cut in half. Why did they do that? They need a layout artist, badly. The text can be moved, you know. So the whole painting can be shown. I guess they only felt like scanning the front cover of the book. And it is NOT an oversize book, but about the size of a sheet of printer paper. One reviewer makes it sound like it's a huge coffee table book. It's not. I hope they redo this one soon.
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