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Hardcover Killer Secrets [Large Print] Book

ISBN: 1410408280

ISBN13: 9781410408280

Killer Secrets [Large Print]

(Book #5 in the Tempting SEALs Series)

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Format: Hardcover

Condition: Good

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Book Overview

In the third electrifying installment of Leigh's Navy SEAL series, former SEAL Ian Richards is out to take down the leader of a vicious cartel who has kidnapped and tortured his best friend. Original.

Customer Reviews

5 ratings

An intoxicating blend of suspense, romance and the erotic!

This isn't just the best of the TEMPTING SEALS series so far but the best erotic suspense I've read. I knew from Hidden Agendas that Ian and Kira would make an incendiary couple and Lora Leigh did not disappoint at all. Those who have not read erotic romances, do be warned that Killer Secrets, while not quite in the same category as LL's erotic romances that feature BDSM, menages and anal sex, does come as close as it possibly can so if you don't like explicit sex scenes or even light bondage, don't read this book. If you do, you'll go up in flames like I did. Don't let the typo error in the first letter of the first word of the book put you off. The story gets off on a suspenseful start and the action never lets up. Did I say the sex was hot already? It is rare to find a romantic suspense that has a good balance between the romance and the suspense. Even rarer, still, to find an erotic suspense that doesn't leave me feeling emotionally dissatisfied at the end. This is why Killer Secrets strikes such a deep chord in me. I love the eroticism in this book but that's fueled by the adrenalin that's pumped through the pages because of the covertness and danger surrounding the characters. It's the love that Ian and Kira have for each other that resonated so deeply with me. Their attraction began way back in Hidden Agendas and is consummated here in Killer Secrets, a year later. So while this book has loads of very explicit sex, Dom-sub elements and non-stop suspense, it is the romance that comes through. The love between the two protagonists intensifies with each chapter and their sexing, hard and rough though it is at times, is in the end, really, literally, making love. The presence of the Durango team adds to the suspense as they wait and watch within striking distance, figuring out their former team member's actions and motives. The violence makes the book more real than most of the romantic suspense out there and totally in keeping with the subject - drug lords and cartels - so this is not your Brockmann-Gerard-Adair type of romantic suspense even if those authors write about SEALs and covert ops romances. Killer Secrets is one book I'm going to be reading more than once! Lora also has a new covert ops series coming out in September and I can hardly wait.

Hot, Hot, Hot!!!

All I can say is...can a romance between two people burn up the sheets more than Kira and Ian??? I had been anxiously awaiting the third book in the Tempting Seals books by Lora Leigh and was not disappointed! Ian is one bad boy who wants to protect what is his at all costs. Kira is one tough woman who won't let her man out of her site. The story is very good and the love scenes are romantic and hot. Ian is a stunner!!! Lora Leigh does it again!!

Great, Great and Great again!

This is my favorite book so far in this series. Lots of finely woven stories within stories. Very sexy book, Ian and Kira have a very hot romance and he is really addicted to her. Good plot twist at the end. A must read for this series.

Five Blue Ribbons from Romance Junkies!

She is called the Chameleon for a reason. Kira Porter is the secret weapon of the Department of Homeland Security. She is able to assume any persona at any given time and function in circles virtually undetected. In all her years with DHS, there has only been one man to ever see through the disguise and reach the woman underneath. That man is Ian Richards Fuentes. Now, Kira has been given the assignment of her career and one that may very well be the most difficult. With her prey in her sights, she sets out to achieve her goal knowing very well that when Ian finds out the true reason she is there, he just may be angry enough to kill. Deemed a traitor by the men he fought with for years and the country that he loves, Ian Fuentes knows that his decision to join his murderous father's drug cartel is the right one. Negotiating for his best friend's life was worth every sacrifice he has made in the last eight months since he joined his father's `team'. Ian knows he is a wanted man so he let's no one close. Single handedly bringing his despised father to his knees is going to take every bit of effort and cunning that Ian possesses. He does not have time to keep a certain Miss Porter entertained and out of trouble. Livid at finding her nosing in his business, Ian knows Kira is a weakness. A weakness he can't afford to have, and one capable of derailing his plans of revenge. He has spent months trying to bring down the Fuentes' empire and he refuses to give up until his vicious father is taken down. Kira and Ian come together in passion hot enough to melt plastic. Each is secretly captivated of the other but both have walls around their inner selves. Walls that neither Ian nor Kira have any intention of allowing to be scaled. That is, until the danger that surrounds them comes to a head and the only thing they can depend on is each other. Kira and Ian's relationship is anything but ordinary. Each strives for dominance but in doing so the reader is treated to an intoxicating look at these captivating characters. Ian is the consummate lover - thorough and precise. He is also skillful at maneuvering the treacherous world he has entered. And Kira is the woman who completes him. She gives no quarter, but in loving Ian she loves him entirely and with every ounce of her being. I found myself shivering in anticipation more than once watching their love unfold. I recommend running, not walking, to purchase KILLER SECRETS when it is released. Lora Leigh has continued her Tempting SEALS series with a captivating look at Ian Fuentes and the woman he can't help but adore. Several surprises are in store for readers along the way - surprises which will entice and endear. I couldn't get enough and have reread KILLER SECRETS more than once.

5 Klovers - Courtesy of CK2S Kwips & Kritiques

Traitor. That's what they call Ian Richards these days. Ever since he abandoned the Navy SEALs to work for his biological father's drug cartel, no one knows what to make of Ian's loyalties. No one, that is, except Kira Porter. Between her intel as an undercover agent for the Department of Homeland Security and her intuition as the woman who loves Ian, she knows what side of the fence he is on, and come hell or high water, she will be there to back him up. No one will stop her - not even Ian himself. With her latest release in her Tempting SEALs saga, Lora Leigh ramps up the action and suspense even higher than before! Fans of this series will not want to miss Killer Secrets when it releases March 4, 2008. This gripping story is packed with intrigue, drama, emotion, and the kind of highly erotic love scenes fans of this author have come to crave. I really do not know how Lora Leigh does it. She could write a phone book that would make the reader hot and bothered! Although many of her heroes share some basic qualities (who doesn't love a good Alpha male hero?), she manages to create very individual characters, who are definitely their own men. One could never confuse one of these men for the other, despite their similarities. Ian is just the kind of head-strong, hard-headed Alpha male that makes for a great romantic hero. He has more issues than you can shake a stick at, but that somehow only enhances his appeal. Then again, he has far more good qualities than he does issues, so it balances out in the end... And the issues he has? Well, they aren't anything the love of a good woman can't see him through. Kira Porter is nothing if not a good woman. Although an heiress with more money in her account than most of us see in a lifetime, she works tirelessly as an undercover agent in defense of her country - not because she needs to, but because she wants to. How could Ian not love and admire a woman with the kind of values he himself holds dear? Of course, that doesn't stop him from trying to keep Kira out of the action, for her own safety, he says. Those Alpha males come with some pretty heavy duty protective genes, you know. Out of all of the Tempting SEALs novels, Killer Secrets has to be my favorite yet. There is so much involved in this book - plot twists, numerous intrigues, plans within plans. People are rarely who they seem on the surface, and the situation is rarely under anyone's control, but in the end things wrap up for a great happy ending for Kira and Ian. Even with our daring couple's happy ending, we most definitely haven't seen the last of this riveting saga. Ms. Leigh keeps the plots spinning as she continues the ongoing storyline that weaves throughout all of the books in the Tempting SEALs series. I know that I am absolutely aching with anticipation for the next one! Series Order: Honk If You Love Real Men Dangerous Games (Tempting SEALs) Real Men Do It Better Hidden Agendas (Tempting SEALs) Kille
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