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Journey of Souls: Case Studies of Life Between Lives, Fifth Revised Edition

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Learn the latest details and most recent groundbreaking discoveries that reveal, for the first time, the mystery of life in the spirit world after death on Earth--proof that our consciousness... This description may be from another edition of this product.

Customer Reviews

11 ratings

Absolutely life-changing book

I could not put this book down - such life-changing information and I"m so grateful to have been recommended this book. I anticipate myself rereading this book numerous times in my life and I can't wait to share it with people. Incredible, riveting, awakening. I feel very connected to the spiritual realm and my soul group. Don't read another review; just buy it.

Journey of the Souls

This book was life changing, it was well researched and written.

Exaggerated at best.

How come no one else can duplicate his results??

This book completely changed my life

I have bought and given away at least 10 copies of this book. After reading it, you will understand. Since reading this book, I have become a Certified Hypnotherapist, Certified Past Life Regressionist and am now just completing my training with the Newton Institute to be a Life Between Lives Therapist. This should be required reading for all humans wanting to truly understand their reason for coming here.............especially at this particular time in our earthly history. If you are considering this book and are discouraged by any negative reviews of it, then keep reading more of the reviews. Some people can not truly grasp this information or if they do, some just don't believe it. They will need to come to this place in their own time. Remember that the soul is not eyes to see, no ears to hear and no mouth to speak human words......................and yet our Higher Self and others can easily communicate with us and do so with many in the world today. Be open, use and develop your gifts. Claircognizance.......Clear Knowing is an amazing thing. You can differentiate it from just "thoughts" or "imagination" because it is more like "remembering". You just know. If you are in touch with this gift at all, reading this book will help to stimulate and expand this awareness. You will just "KNOW". This book will change your perspective and life will never quite look the same again.

Journey of Souls is fascinating

For those who believe in reincarnation, this book will broaden your dimensions. It is skillfully written to build from basic concepts to those you may not have even considered! It's fascinating and enlightening!

An Awakening!

This book really woke me up to how things function in the spirit world after we die, that we reincarnate and how that all works. It is a wonderful life-changing read. I have read Destiny of Souls, Life after Life too. All exceptional reads.

And so it seems that we have met before.........

The best thing I can say about reading this book and the book which follows(Destiny of Soul) is that I was no longer afraid of death. Surely that is a great thing to happen! I keep buying these books and giving them away.....They have been passed around quite a lot. I only wish they were available in LARGE PRINT!!! Cheers!

Find Out What Happens When You Die...and Between Lives

"Are you afraid of death? Do you wonder what is going to happen to you after your die? Is it possible you have a spirit which came from somewhere else and will return there after your body dies, or is this just wishful thinking because you are afraid?" --Dr. Michael Newton in Journey of Souls - Case Studies of Life Between Lives At one time or another, everyone wonders what happens to them when they die, and what lies beyond the grave. In his book Journey of Souls - Case Studies of Life Between Lives, Hypnotherapist Dr. Michael Newton chronicles the experiences of 29 people that were under deep hypnosis and their experiences between lives. Many books have been written about past lives, but this book addresses what happens between lives. Dr. Newton did not set out to regress people beyond their current earthly lives. In fact, as a skeptic by nature and one oriented towards traditional therapy, he resisted requests to do past-life regression--feeling that this was unorthodox and unethical. However, one of his clients complained of a lifetime of chronic pain on his right side, and during one of their regular sessions, the client made stabbing motions to describe the kind of pain he felt. When searching for an explanation for this client's choice of images, he uncovered that his client had a past life as a WWI solider that was killed by a bayonet in France. Through this discovery, they were able to eliminate this pain altogether. He then began to do past life regressions, but then stumbled on a discovery of enormous proportions: he found that it was possible to see into the spirit world through the mind's eye of a hypnotized subject who could report back to him about life between lives. Dr. Newton explains: "The research was painfully slow, but as the body of my cases grew I finally had a working model of the eternal world where our souls live. I found thoughts about the spirit world involve universal truths among the souls of people living on Earth. It was these perceptions by so many different types of people which convinced me that their statements were believable. I am not a religious person, but I found the place where we go after death to be one of order and direction, and I have come to appreciate that there is a grand design to life and afterlife." Dr. Newton shares actual dialogue culled from audio recordings of regression sessions between he and his clients about what happens at the gate of death, who meets us on the other side, what we do once we're there, the purpose of our life, the role of guides, the nature of karma, cluster "study groups", inter-soul communication, what happens to "disturbed" souls, aura colors, the different levels of souls, and much more. I found Journey of Souls utterly fascinating, as well as Dr. Newton's sequel Destiny of Souls. However, my experience with these books was much more than mere intellectual fascination: both my husband and I experienced an utter paradigm shift about the afterlife, the Creat

Resonance with Truth...

As someone who no longer needs to be convinced as to the reality of reincarnation, it's unusual to find a book on the subject that interests me anymore. However, I was fascinated by this book, and I understand why Journey of Souls captivated me so: Because the world of spirit described in the book (by Michael Newton's regressed subjects) resonates, on the deepest level, with what I remember to be the truth of that world. An excellent read, highly recommended to anyone who is seeking to lift the cloud of amnesia that most of us have about life before birth. As well, Journey of Souls beautifully serves as a clear reminder that a soul incarnates with loving purpose and by choice. I await more from this author; he has written an exceptional book on the relatively unexplored subject of life between lives.

One of the most important books you'll ever read!

As a reader of hundreds of books on the mystical, the occult, spirituality, etc. (Robert Monroe, Jane Roberts, Castaneda, Tibetan Book of the Dead, Lobsang Rampa, Theosophy, Yogananda, Chuang-Tzu, Dion Fortune, Eckankar, etc., just to give you an idea of what I brought to reading this book), I can only say that I was ASTONISHED by this book. There are so many questions answered here for which I've never gotten satisfactory answers: for example, how suicide affects karma, why humans are so often evil (and what happens to them when they die), what the ultimate goal and purpose of life is (stated everywhere, especially in Christianity) but for some reason this is the first explanation that has made any sense to me. This description of the nature of the universe and our place within it is fully compatible with discoveries in quantum physics, is simultaneously scientific and spiritual. I experienced profound shifts while reading this book- am changed by it. I cannot recommend it enough. If you buy only one book this year, make it this one!

A ground-breaking book offering proof that life never ends.

I felt "flashbacks," if you will, as I read this book, especially the discussion about soul groups and the schooling-type activities that go on in the spirit world. It's good that this account includes multiple case studies of those who have been regressed beyond their past lives into this other realm -- and that their answers were strikingly similar. The concept of soul development levels helps to explain a great deal about human behavior throughout the ages. The spirit world's strong sense of kinship, love, and understanding stuck with me long after reading Journey of Souls. How wonderful if these concepts could be shared universally; perhaps human beings might cease to cause each other so much physical harm? Alas, part of the order of the Universe seems to point out that this will never be possible on Earth. That gives those of us who want to contribute positively to the world something to strive for. It also offers a sense of hope, that life, "Here" and "There," is an ongoing series of lessons, and that there is always a higher level of being to reach.
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