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Paperback Jane Eyre (Penguin Classics) Book

ISBN: 0142437204

ISBN13: 9780142437209

Jane Eyre (Penguin Classics)

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Format: Paperback

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Book Overview

Orphaned into the household of her Aunt Reed at Gateshead and subject to the cruel regime at Lowood charity school, Jane Eyre nonetheless emerges unbroken in spirit and integrity. She takes up the post of governess at Thornfield Hall, falls in love with Mr. Rochester, and discovers the impediment to their lawful marriage in a story that transcends melodrama to portray a woman's passionate search for a richer life than that traditionally allowed women...

Customer Reviews

19 ratings

Footnotes completely spoil plot

If you do buy a copy of JE, don't get this one. The footnotes completely spoil the plot right from the start. Get a copy without footnotes! The book itself is fantastic. Worth its legendary status.

not the right version

i got a kids shortened version? i definitely recommend looking up the version online bc my dumb self though i could trust i would at least get the regular 500 page book, alas i am not gonna spend $2 to return a used book that was $6, i’d rather just throw it out, i don’t think anyone needs this version in their life anyways, i’m definitely not going to use this site again, amazon is usually cheaper as well (heads up) and doesn’t put the wrong book under a title

Miss Charlotte Brontë's Best Work!

Written in the Puritan literary style, an autobiography of Jane Eyre, the eponymous orphan gives a personal aspect to the book by addressing us as her "dear readers", confiding her story from her childhood to adulthood; each place Jane Eyre lives has cultivated and defined her strong character. This gothic and mysterious novel is ideal for anyone seeking a quality, well written book with redemptive characters and an engaging storyline.

Not the book I ordered

This wasn’t the novel, it was a collections of essays about the novel, very disappointed.

Wrong Cover

While the book is in good condition it is not the book I thought I was buying. It's a different edition than what is shown here.

It was ok.

The book was a little damaged but that’s to be expected from a thrifted book.

It’s good but not what I expected

The book is in excellent condition but it is tiny. It’s the size of my hand and the print is very small. I did enjoy it and it was easy to take with me places.

Don’t get acceptable version

Multiple pages were ripped off of the book and there were scribbles everywhere. I wish I would’ve gotten Good.

Not Happy

I am NOT happy with my purchase. The book has highlighted words and sentences and people's notes scribbled in the pages, making it hard for me to read. The cover itself has rips and has been bent multiple times. I bought this book under the "Good" condition . . . this is NOT good. It's acceptable, at best.

Was really looking forward to this book.

I was unable to read this book due to pen marks and highlighting. There were also multiple pages missing or completely covered in writing. As a warning, do not buy as acceptable.


This is a must read for everyone, even if you've seen one of the movies. The book is just great, and the story is a masterpiece of character drama. The beginnings of Jane's young life seem horrid filled with tragedy and cruelties. But she allows it to build her character and refine her into an extraordinary person and the effect of who she is brings goodness to everyone she associates with, they are drawn to her like a magnet. And the romance that she finds herself in is complicated but has a happy ending.


the book was in a good condition. Im happy with the purchase.

Love this story

Must read

NOT a children's book.

This is not a children's book ! It is a great classic, and has themes like illegitimacy, attempted murder, insanity and attempted bigamy....hardly stuff for children. The cousin who attacks Jane is called John, not Jack.

A Masterpiece For The Ages - Superb!!

I first read "Jane Eyre" in eighth grade and have read it every few years since. It is one of my favorite novels, and so much more than a gothic romance to me, although that's how I probably would have defined it at age 13. I have always been struck, haunted in a way, by the characters - Jane and Mr. Rochester. They take on new depth every time I meet them...and their's is a love story for the ages. Charlotte Bronte's first published novel, and her most noted work, is a semi-autobiographical coming-of-age story. Jane is plain, poor, alone and unprotected, but due to her fierce independence and strong will she grows and is able to defy society's expectations of her. This is definitely feminist literature, published in 1847, way before the beginning of any feminist movement. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why the novel has had such a wide following since it first came on the market. It is also one of the first gothic romances published and defines the genre. Jane Eyre, who is our narrator, was born into a poor family. Her parents died when she was a small child and the little girl was sent to live with her Uncle and Aunt Reed at Gateshead. Jane's Uncle truly cared for her and showed his affection openly, but Mrs. Reed seemed to hate the orphan, and neglected her while she pampered and spoiled her own children. This unfair treatment emphasized Jane's status as an unwanted outsider. She was often punished harshly. On one occasion her nasty cousin Jack picked a fight with her. Jane tried to defend herself and was locked in the terrifying "Red Room" as a result. Jane's Uncle Reed had died in this room a little while before, and Mrs. Reed knew how frightened she was of the chamber. Since Jane is the narrator, the reader is given a first-hand impression of the child's feelings, her heightened emotional state at being imprisoned. Indeed, she seems almost like an hysterical child, filled with terror and rage. She repeatedly calls her condition in life "unjust" and is filled with bitterness. Looking into the mirror Jane sees a distorted image of herself. She views her reflection and sees a "strange little figure," or "tiny phantom." Jane has not learned yet to subordinate her passions to her reason. Her passions still erupt unchecked. Her isolation in the Red Room is a presentiment of her later isolation from almost every society and community. This powerful, beautifully written scene never fails to move me. Mrs. Reed decided to send Jane away to the Lowood School, a poor institution run by Mr. Brocklehurst, who believed that suffering made grand people. All the children there were neglected, except to receive harsh punishment when any mistake was made. At Lowood, Jane met Helen Burns, a young woman a little older than Jane, who guided her with vision, light and love for the rest of her life. Jane's need for love was so great. It really becomes obvious in this first friendship. Helen later died from fever, in Jane's arms. Her illness and death co

Fantastic! Loved it!

This turned out to be an exceptional book though I didn't think so in the beginning. By what seems the hundredth page, I had decided it was a feminine version of David Copperfield but not as interesting. By the hundred and fiftieth page, I was completely discouraged and was sure it had turned into the very romantic mush I detest (a lot of what she feels about him and what he feels about her, and so on). Somewhere soon after that, I fell in and was absorbed. It became a tremendously good book with a fantastic plot and a good pace. I read for hours and hours at a sitting enjoying every single minute of it and only stopped when something absolutely forced me. Excellent, excellent!Jane Eyre is an orphaned child under the guardianship of her maternal aunt. Not liked by her aunt and not able to get along with her cousins, Jane is sent to Lowood School for the children of the poor (it is a charity school) to be taught the fundamentals and, more importantly, to be conditioned for a life of poor expectations. Lowood changes the strong willed, impetuous Jane into a woman of uncommon restraint. When she accepts a post as governess to Adele at Thornfield Hall, she attracts the attention of Mr. Rochester, the master of the house, who has the desire to reclaim himself from a sordid past. He comes to believe that Jane has the power to transform him and help him to realize himself in the better light that he has not heretofore been able to achieve on his own. But his secrets are not far away and peculiar events at Thornfield make the reader question his advances. Sworn not to ask about who or what is in the room on the third floor, Jane's iron resolve begins to falter with the dreamlike romance and the reader begins to trepiditiously hope for her happiness. When Mr. Rochester is unable to keep his past under wraps, however, Jane is forced onto a path that will require all of her internal resources to survive but will ultimately put her in the position to make choices for herself rather than just choose among available options. The question is, with her conditioning, can she lead with her heart instead of her head? My only legitimate greivance, and given only in the vein of humour, is that is seems like Jane would have taught Adele some English. The child speaks only in French and myself not being able to read French, I did not understand anything the child ever said. Luckily, her exuberance and intent still comes through and the reader can develop a softness for the child without understanding her dialogue.


I went into this book thinking it would probably be boring. Was I ever wrong! It is the best book I have ever read!

Absolutely beautiful!!!!

I had to read this book for a class assignment and I wasn't too thrilled.... BUT once I started reading... and reading..... I couldn't Stop! It was amazing... brilliant.... beautiful!

sad book with lots of twists

a sad story about the life of an orphan and how her life turned out. It is a tender love story about Jane Eyre and MR. Rochester and how hard it was for them to be together. It is a very mature book but easy reading.

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