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Paperback It's Mine! Book

ISBN: 059062198X

ISBN13: 9780590621984

It's Mine!

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Book Overview

This description may be from another edition of this product. Four time Caldecott Honor winner Leo Lionni's beloved tale about three young frogs learning to work together. Three selfish frogs live together on an island in the middle of Rainbow Pond. All day long...

Customer Reviews

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Leo Lionni has created another wonderful little lesson with this parable like story, "It's mine. His insight to human behavior and his ability to reduce very complicated problems down to a level that a small child can easily understand is one of his strongest, one of many, skills and he certainly kept true to his form with this little offering. We have three little frogs, Milton, Rupert, and Lydia who live on a wonderful little island covered with ferns and smooth pebbles in the middle of Rainbow Pond. There are bugs to eat, sunshine to enjoy and a rather carefree life. All is well...or is it? Well, I have to report, and am sorry to do so, that all was not well because the three little frogs actually spent most of their days being quarrelsome and bickering, bickering and bickering. They did not want to share the nice pond, the island or even the nice fresh air. One day a large toad showed up from the other side of the island and informed them that they were disturbing the peace of there entire little world, including his and that they must stop their fighting and arguing at once. Of course little frogs being what they are paid the toad no heed. One day a storm came up. There was much rain and the water rose. The island slowly began sinking into the murky waters. The little frogs are losing it all; they are seemingly doomed! Their little world and possibly their lives were vanishing. Is there nothing that can save them? Well of course there was, and through their being jerked from the jaws of disaster the learned that their little world was a very nice place indeed and that their constant arguing and attitude of mine, mine, mine was rather counter productive to a nice peaceful life. The book is well illustrated with typical Lionni illustrations which anyone who is familiar with this author's work will know are very, very good. The text is simple and perfect for either the preschooler or first grader. It is a good beginning readier and an excellent group read where good lessons in life can be learned. Actually, we adults can learn from it too. Don Blankenship The Ozarks

A Christological Fable

On the surface, this is a simple and sweet tale of three frogs who learn how to share. But as a student of theology and of literature, I must share my insights into this amazing children's book. On a deeper level, this is a Christological parable and a history of salvation through Jesus Christ. Although I admittedly know nothing about Leo Lionni's personal beliefs,I am sure that this is the intended meaning in this fable. The richness and beauty of its symbolism could hardly be an accident! Three frogs (symbolizing humanity--three being a biblical number of completeness) live in constant disharmony with each other. "The air is mine", "the earth is mine", "the water is mine": their quarrels are so absurd, pointing to pride as the source of their sin, as clearly the air, earth, and water can belong to no one but God. And then One "appears"--the Toad-- who teaches, just as Christ taught during His ministry. He tells them that they must learn to share and live in peace. But they do not listen to Him or follow his teachings. So, it happens that one day they seem to pay for their sin, clinging to separate rocks as flood waters swell and consume their island. It is only when they join together on the single remaining rock that they feel better, "sharing the same fears and hopes". Here, on the rock of the Church, they are saved. When the flood waters subside and recede, they realize: "The large rock that had saved them was no rock at all. 'You saved us!' shouted the frogs when they recognized the toad." They had been sitting on the back of the Toad--who miraculously remains strong through the greatest storm (pointing to His divinity). But it is only when the toad RISES from the waters (i.e. from the dead), that the church/disciples(the frogs) understand the source of salvation---through the sacrifice and resurrection of Jesus Christ (the toad). And it is through passing through the flood waters (the waters of Baptism) that salvation is attained. The book ends with the Church in Paradise. "And later, when they rested in the weeds, they felt happy in a way they had never been before." Leo Lionni's message here is that paradise begins in the heart. (As Christ taught in his parables, such as the parable of the mustard seed.) Of course, small children will not see or understand many of the theological meanings and messages. It is an excellent book to teach small children about sharing. But it is so much more! I highly recommend this book to Christian families wishing to teach their children the truths of the faith. But of course, you will need to do a lot of "sharing" and listening---not just reading--to get at the heart of this book with your children.

A story about sharing.

Bicker Bicker Bicker. That's what these three frogs do all day long. It's mine, it's mine, it's mine! Tragedy strikes and an old toad saves the day. The three frogs seem to grow up without even realizing it! An ideal read-aloud.

This book is very appropriate for young readers.

I enjoy this book very much. The characters are human-like in nature which gives the book charm. Lionni captures the essence of siblings in the cute frog characters. The moral is easy to understand and something to remember for all ages, not just children. A definate must have.
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