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Hardcover Isle of The Immortal Book

ISBN: 1087994187

ISBN13: 9781087994185

Isle of The Immortal

A land plagued in darkness. One woman who carries the weight of the sun. In her twenty-three years of life, Shailin Srijan has never ventured past the mortal confines of her remote Scottish village. Working solely as her brother's keeper and avoiding the small-town gossip of villagers, she's never thought to question the mundane reality of her existence - until her brother's condition suddenly worsens and all hope seems lost. Reeling at the thought...


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You can't really go wrong with vampires and the fae!

Shailin's baby brother is dying and the only way to save him is to cross into the Isle of the Immortal, the land where vampires, the fae, and other fairy tale creatures reside. Or at least she thought they were just creatures from Fairy Tales but now traveling across the twilight world of The Isle of the Immortal with the devilishly handsome rogue Axton she has to admit that these creatures are very real. And alarmingly she feels far more comfortable there with them than she ever did in the mortal realm. And what's worse is she is entirely sure she's fallen for Axton. As Shai and Axton travel to get the King's Blessing to save her baby brother Shai is less and less certain that she was ever meant to live in the mortal realm and even less certain that she's human at all. This was cute, kind of a twist on the creation stories between the love the Sun and the Moon feel for each other which in those old mythologies end up creating humanity. In this version, it ends up creating all of the fairy tale creatures which I think was a pretty interesting twist. I really enjoyed the descriptions of the environments probably more than anything in the book though. Estrada did an excellent job of painting a picture of the Isle of the Immortal, for a first book I found that to be a pleasant surprise. It seems that in the first book authors either go overboard on their descriptions or don't give enough detail, Estrada's were spot on just enough for the reader to create a vivid image in their head of the environments without spending four pages doing it! I officially have a crush on Axton. I would read the next book *just* to hear more about Axton. I'm not so sure where I sit with Shai though. She's got a smart-ass personality that I love but she was super wishy-washy throughout the book. I'm hoping since it sounds like they'll be a second book they'll be more development there. And given that many of the books I've read recently have had *way* too much going on I just seriously want to salute the author for using foreshadowing instead of trying to bring a whole 'nother storyline into this book. It was actually nice to read a book where the author introduced something and made it clear that this was something we should look forward to in the next book. She picked a lane and stayed in it throughout. Do I want to know who the mysterious witch is? Absolutely and I'm glad I have to wait! The only thing I didn't like was that the vampires rarely drink blood and actually eat and drink and sleep like the rest of us. It's not quite as bad as them being sparkly but it's pretty darn close. It's one thing to have a vamp subsist off of cows' blood or donations it's another thing to basically make them human. I had to knock off a star for that. Vampires I think should always have just a bit of predator unpredictability in them otherwise are they even vampires? Overall a solid story, with some amazing imagery, and a great cast of characters! I'd also like to thank BookSirens for the eArc!
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