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Paperback In His Image Book

ISBN: 0965694852

ISBN13: 9780965694858

In His Image

(Book #1 in the The Christ Clone Trilogy Series)

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Book Overview

Based on events surrounding efforts to authenticate the Shroud of Turin, BeauSeigneur takes readers on a brilliantly researched and vividly imagined journey to find whether a forbidden experiment will lead to the Triumph of Man--or the Wrath of God.

Customer Reviews

5 ratings

tremendous allegorical thriller

In 1978 a group of American scientists conducted tests on the Shroud of Turin to determine its authenticity and (in terms of age among other analysis) whether the icon could have been the burial cloth of Christ. Ten years later, one member of the team, Dr. Harry Goodman, using advanced technology, reexamines some of the samples he still has from the shroud. He informs a Shroud teammate, reporter Decker Hawthorne of an incredible find that will shake the world once he proves his theory about Christ.Harry has discovered live body cells attached to the Shroud that are not of this earth. These cells seem invincible surviving two millennium without harm. Harry believes these cells could cure humanity of many diseases. However, a pandemic plague decimates much of the world including Harry leaving Decker to raise Harry's "nephew" Christopher, cloned from the non-human Shroud of Turin cells.The first book in James Beauseigneur "The Christ Clone" trilogy is a tremendous allegorical thriller that uses real events, biblical references and predictions, and modern science and technology to provide readers with a superb novel that asks numerous questions. The story line occurs over five decades, but never misses a beat even when chapters transition in time. The use of footnotes adds a feel of realism, making the plot even more haunting. The omen for this tremendous thriller is that the apocalypse crowd will treasure this Second Coming from a test tube and like this reviewer will not want to be left behind seeking the other two novels.Harriet Klausner

A Stephen King-esque Look at the End of the Age

THE STAND was the first Stephen King novel I read. The similarities to biblical prophecy in that marvelous story are hard to miss for even the novice student of the book of Revelation. That fact played a large role in my interest in The Stand. The book is so enthralling that even when I became aware that King had veered a long way from the scriptural story, I didn't really care. And after all, no other writer had managed to figure out what all those seals, and trumpets, and vials of the Apocalypse were either.Continuing my interest in the subject, I have read a number of other books in the same general vein. Or perhaps I should say that I started to read several. The problem is that every writer that tries to stick with the original concept of end-times prophecy is also out to force a load of preaching down your throat. Their stories are less coherent that comic books and they seem to think their relationship with God makes up for the fact that they can't write.I have very recently found an exception to this rule and I wanted to recommend it. It's THE CHRIST CLONE TRILOGY by James BeauSeigneur. BeauSeigneur does an incredible job of story telling while sticking very exactly to biblical prophecy. He even blends in prophecies from several other religions! An interesting difference is that in THE CHRIST CLONE TRILOGY the antichrist/Flagg character plays his role and tell his lies so well that you can't help but sorta be pulling for him even though you know he's the bad guy. Or is he?

Imaginative, Transporting Novel from James BeauSeigneur

Whenever a novel can capture your imagination and draw you completely into the world that exists between it's covers, it is an exhilarating experience. With "In His Image," the first book of "The Christ Clone" trilogy, author James BeauSeigneur has done just that. A highly imaginative and extremely well written novel of epic proportions, it covers a span of over forty years, during which time the reader is transported from the world as we know it today, to the very dawning of the "New Age." The story unfolds with a ring of authenticity that makes it a compelling read, with a scope reminiscent of Asimov's classic, "Foundation." The story begins in 1978, as journalist Decker Hawthorne attaches himself to a large contingent of American scientists who are off to Italy to conduct tests on the Shroud of Turin, long believed to be the burial cloth of Christ, in an effort to establish it's authenticity. The first two chapters are a dramatization of that expedition, and BeauSeigneur draws upon the published reports of the actual scientists involved, seamlessly weaving fact and fiction together to create a riveting narrative, much as Michael Crichton did with "Eaters of the Dead." He uses footnotes to reference factual information, which gives the reader the best of both worlds-- documentation of an important historical event, but delivered within the context, and with the flow, of a well written novel-- rather than in the dry, academic tone of a text book. The third chapter jumps ahead ten years-- the first of many transitions that encompass months or years, a technique effectively employed throughout the book by BeauSeigneur-- and here the story begins in earnest. During the `78 expedition to Turin, due to time constraints the scientists were limited as to the number and types of tests they were able to conduct; now, Harry Goodman, a member of the `78 team, has reexamined some of the samples taken from the shroud and has uncovered what he believes is the most important discovery since Columbus discovered the New World. A phone call later, Decker Hawthorne is with his old colleague Goodman, who promises Decker exclusive rights to what will be an evolving story, if he will agree to provide Goodman with confidentiality, and publish his report only when-- according to Goodman-- the time is right. And it's only the beginning of an extraordinary story that will sweep you along without pause to the very end. BeauSeigneur brings his characters vividly to life, and with a depth that along the way offers some real insight into human nature. Those who populate his world are very real, and there are those with whom you will readily identify, for he presents a far-ranging and diverse cross section of humanity that reflects a number of attitudes and perspectives. There are, indeed, heroes and villains, but BeauSeigneur makes them believable and avoids any cliches or stereotypes, which gives them the necessary credibility. You'll recognize some of these peop

Another end times story - but is it a good book?

This entry into the field of end-times stories is a unique one and stands apart from a crowded field. The author builds his story based upon a blend of politics, international diplomacy, religion (including Judaism, Christianity and New Age), finance and military action. This is not an overt Christian book, although clearly this is the passive view of the author.The characters and story line are never exhausted. Instead of spending half the book on a particular event, the author keeps the action moving at a quick rate which makes for an entertaining read. The events begin with a group of scientist looking at the Shroud of Turin. Eventually, the Rapture of the Church, wars with Israel, rise of the UN and the anti-Christ are all covered. However, the story line is VERY unique, believable and does not repeat the story of the Left Behind series.So how does it compare to the more popular Left Behind books? I have read both series, and I much prefer the Christ Clone book. It is more concise (three instead of 14), quicker paced and does not repeat the action or story with each new book. The story is built more around the action and events rather than the characters (though they are not left shallow). The strength of the story is that it is very well researched, using real people, real dialogue and real events. The plot brings the reader into the fiction, through the non-fiction, very effectively. One warning - there is some mild profanity used in the book, but it is in the context of being used by people who would use it (such as the anti-Christ and his crowd). However, there is also some thoughtful expressions of the Messianic faith in here and it contributes heart to the story. Overall, this is a great end-times action novel that will have you order the follow-ups before you are done with the first.

The Best End-Times Novel I've Ever Read

In fact, it may just be the most enjoyable work of fiction, period, I've ever read. Jim BeauSeigneur shows himself to be a master at keeping you on the edge of your seat, waiting for more! His plot twists keep you guessing, even if you're familiar with the end-times. I found that I, like other reviewers here, could not put the book down.But wait! Even though the Trilogy is a work of fiction, the scientific, medical, and political scholarship is extraordinary. BeauSeigneur has certainly done his homework! And while the technical detail in the book is incredible, it does nothing to bog the story down. In fact, it enhances the story all the more.The Christ Clone Trilogy never strays beyond what Scripture tells us. While the trilogy may not follow the usual "party line" on all subjects, BeauSeigneur never, ever violates Scripture. In fact, he documents Scripture more than any other end-times writer I've read.The Left Behind series by LaHaye and Jenkins are great books. But the Christ Clone Trilogy outdoes even them.This book is a must-read. If you haven't read it, you're missing out on one of the best reads of your life.
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