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Paperback If You Give a Mouse a Cookie Book

ISBN: 0590402331

ISBN13: 9780590402330

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

(Part of the If You Give... Series)

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Format: Paperback

Condition: Good


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Book Overview

"If you give a mouse a cookie, he's going to ask for a glass of milk. When you give him the milk, he'll probably ask you for a straw. . . ". So begins this delightful story about an energetic mouse and an accommodating little boy. Full-color illustrations.

Customer Reviews

16 ratings

Not good condition

The book has writing in it and it was ripped.

Book for my daughter

I remember reading this growing up and can’t wait to read this to my daughter now

Definitely not good condition

Book was dirty and had dirty paw prints all over the pages. Pages were also very wrinkled. Def not good condition.

Bad Copy!!!

The very beginning of the book is missing and instead I have the end of the book twice. Only the end. 😠😠😠

Not in Very Good Condition

Book was supposed to be in “very good” condition, but had writing all over the inside and food stuck to the pages.

I never received this book!!

I never received this book. I tried to get in touch recently after my shipment arrived. It no one responded. Thank you.

I ordered 5 books .

All the books were in "good" condition, all of them were clean and in very good shape. Free shipping and handling...couldn't be more pleased.

Adorable Read

My 2 year old loves this book but could definitely be given to an older child. A great book to add to any kids library.

Awesome copy. Son loved it.

Loved it

Do not buy Good quality

Story was ok but the quality of the book was horribly. I paid for “Good” and there was writing all over it and the cover was beat up.

Great read!

I remember reading this book in elementary school and I always loved these books. My son turned a year old in November and I’ve started a good book collection for him. He loves eating cookies and listening to mommy read to him! :)

Precioso y divertido / Cute and fun

This book (in English) was one of the favorites of my best friend's little girl for years, and the simple premise of "be careful what you get yourself into" amuses even my grown friends. The story of the mouse who wants a cookie (which requires a glass of milk, which calls for ...) and can't stop there, is a familiar plot presented in a fresh way with fun illustrations. The Spanish translation has a very natural feel. I was delighted to find this translation, as I had told my boyfriend (now my husband) about it on an early date, and ever after he persisted in asking, "How did that story go? The one about the little mouse?" whenever I tried to get him to stop being fresh. :) A delightful book. ---------- Este libro (en su versión en inglés) era uno de los favoritos de la hijita de una amiga durante unos años, y su base sencillo de "cuidado de en que te metes" divierte aún a mis amigos ya grandes. El cuento del ratón que quiere galletita (que entonces requirirá un vaso de leche, y por eso un ...) y no se puede quedar con esa, es un argumento conocido, presentado de manera refrescante con dibujos divertidos. La traducción al español tiene gracia igual a la versión inglés, con lenguaje natural. Me alegré al encontrarlo traducido al español, dado que había mencionado el cuento a mi novio (hoy, esposo) y siempre entonces me decía, -- ?Cómo era el cuento del ratoncito? -- cuando se sentía atrevido. Un libro encantador.

Cookie cookie cookie starts with C

"If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" really has been the "It" book for some time. Parents love this story, and their children really get into it as well. On and off, I'd heard various things about it, but nothing that so sparked my interest that I ran to my nearest library to peruse its pages. Now, however, I've grown old and wise in the ways of kiddie lit. and I found myself wanting to know what all the fuss was about. Was this book really as overwhelmingly fantastic as everyone said? Was I doomed to fall desperately in love with it like 98% of the population of known Western Civilization? The answer is a resounding yes yes yes. I had counted on finding some mild enjoyment with a fun story. Was I got was extreme enjoyment from a sly, understated, exceedingly clever story.As we open, a small mouse treks down a hill on its own as a boy contentedly reads his comic book, munching on a bag of delicious chocolate chip cookies. After the boy offers the mouse a cookie (not knowing what such an action has wrought) the mouse asks for milk. Milk leads to a napkin. A napkin leads to a mirror (to check for a milk mustache, of course). A mirror leads to a hasty haircut. A haircut leads to sweeping up. And so on. All the while the boy gamely follows his rodent friend over, around, and through the different parts of the house, ever supplying the guest with whatsoever it may require. By the end, the house is in shambles, the boy exhausted on the floor (parents will relish this picture above all) and the mouse has just started in on a second cookie.Some books expertly place kids in the position of their parents. In the picture book, "Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus", kids are allowed to finally tell someone (the someone in that instance being a naughty pigeon) no. In this book, the kids are now the patient parents, forever cleaning up and amusing the endlessly enthusiastic and hepped-up mousey. The pictures are deceptively simple, drawn with pure pen and ink. Just the same, millions of tiny details are apparent in every shot. The boy's refrigerator displays (oddly) a newspaper clipping of a car crash. The mouse's drawing of his family displays some pretty original dresses on his mother and sister. And I'll leave up to your imagination the variety of odds n' ends surrounding the depleted boy at the end of the story. Suffice to say, ladies and gentlemen, this book has it all. And it's a delightful story to boot.

Just add a few cookies, and you've got the perfect gift!

We've finally grown out of this book at our house - but it took a long time. My soon-to-be 9 year old will occasionally (in secret)read this book now, but from age 3 to 6, it was a bed time favorite!The story is funny, as are the illustrations of the little mouse, making a mess and asking for more things - and it all started by just giving the little fellow a cookie.The hardcover book alone is a great gift item, but it's better yet as a mini book with the cute little stuffed mouse. If you add a small package of chocolate chip cookies, this would make an exceptional gift. Or, if not cookies, a crayon set with some paper is ideal (you have to read the story to understand why!)For kids who want to read and listen, the audio tape will be listened to again and again. This is also one of those books that adults enjoy reading to their children!

My child's favorite book!

Laura Joffe Numeroff is an excellent children's author! My daughter and I have read this book so many times, she can recite word for word throughout the story. The cassette tape that comes along with the story book is excellent, because after the story is read, there is a fill-in-the-blanks game. Your child fills in the blank. (example - "If you give a mouse a cookie, he's going to ask for a glass of _____.) The answer is milk. And this continues throughout the story. I highly recommend this book. No child's library should be without it!

So clever - and so rich with logical consequences!

One of my all time favorites! (and I'm the Mom). We have read this book, and it's successor, If You Give A Moose A Muffin, so many times, I pretty much know them by heart. In fact, my son and I still enjoy playing a game of remembering what happens next in the car or sometimes if we are waiting in line, etc. It makes a great memory and logical thinking exercise. We have to think of the logical consequence in order to get to the next step. I would reommend this book as a gift to any child from birth to ? (we're still enjoying it at 6 years old)

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