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Hardcover Icon of Evil: Hitler's Mufti and the Rise of Radical Islam Book

ISBN: 1400066530

ISBN13: 9781400066537

Icon of Evil: Hitler's Mufti and the Rise of Radical Islam

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A chilling, fascinating, and nearly forgotten historical figure is resurrected in this riveting work that links the fascism of the last century with the terrorism of our own. Written with vigor and... This description may be from another edition of this product.

Customer Reviews

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Exploring the real roots of Jihad and Palestinianism

This fascinating and revealing book outlines the life and career of the malignant Mufti Haj Al Husseini, a close collaborator of Hitler and a violent hater of Jews and Zionism. It explores explores his legacy of hate and terror that permeates the Islamic jihad and venomous and bottomless against Jews and Israel up to and including today. The extent of the Mufti's role in genocide against Jews and his collaboration with Nazi Germany has been deliberately concealed and it is works like these that help to bring it to light. Amin Al Husseini was born in 1895 and learned his hatred of Jews at an Islamic school in Cairo. He read the Protocols of the Elders of Zion as a young man. Al-Husseini took the lead in raising the banner of jihad against the Jews and organized the April 1920 pogrom against the Jews in Jerusalem.Posters were displayed across Jerusalem with the slogan : "Kill the Jews, there is no punishment for killing Jews". What more proof is needed that the very roots of the Palestinian movement against a Jewish home in Israel is pure anti-Semitism? Jews were attacked and killed in Jerusalem, and Jewish women raped. This was known among the Arabs as the First Intifada and can effectively be reagarded the date of the beginning of the Arab jihad against the Jews of Israel, rather than the War of Independence 28 years later. The 1929 bloody pogroms in Jerusalem, Safed and Hebron were also a result of the Mufti's perfidious propaganda. The so-called Arab Revolt or Third Intifada resulted in attacks on and burning of Jewish homes and farms, and the killing of hundreds of Jewish men, women and children. In 1941 the Mufti aided in a Nazi-backed plot to overthrow the British government in Iraq. When the plot failed he fled to Iran and then to Nazi Germany where he formed a close friendship with Adolph Hitler and attended Nazi rallies as an honored guest. . At his meeting with Hitler, the mufti pledged the allegiance of the Arabs to and cooperation with Nazi Germany, and Hitler promised to help the Palestinian Arabs to liquidate the Jews of Palestine once he had won the war in Europe and dealt with the Jews there. Amin-al Husseini personally visited Nazi death camps including Auschwitz and he urged the Nazis to speed up their Final Solution. In 1943 Husseini personally influenced Reich Foreign Minister Ribbentrop to prevent four thousand Jewish children being sent to Israel, instead diverting them to Hitler's death camps where they perished. Heinrich Himmler was the Nazi leader who the Mufti most closely worked with and together they planned the extermination of Palestinian Jewry once Axis forces had captured the Middle East. After the war the Mufti escaped to France and then Egypt. It was the Mufti who led `Palestinian' Arab forces against the fledgling Jewish state, and who mentored and taught his nephew, later to be PLO leader Yasser Arafat, for who Al Husseini was a much admired and beloved figure. Due to Al Hussein's

A Must Read

What an eye opener! This book is of great importance for everyone . This is a must read! The authors give the history of the Islamic mufti's connection with Hitler, their desire to irradicate the Jews, and shows the connection to the terrorist of today. The comment that..."this brings to light a story not so much forgotten as deliberately concealed" couldn't be more true! I Urge everyone to educate yourself on this most important bit of history as it is directley affecting us today and will continue to in the future.


Haj Amin al-Husseini was named the mufti of Jerusalem in 1921 and that was the beginning of a lifetime of murder, violence, and an outright loathing of all Jewish people anywhere on earth. Husseini's idol was none other than Adolph Hitler, and Husseini arranged a face to face meeting with the Fuhrer in Germany on November 28, 1941. Husseini offered to align the Arab countries with Hitler during World War II, because he told Hitler, they had the exact same enemies, in Britain, the western world, and of course the Jews. Husseini marveled at Hitler's final solution of ridding Europe of all Jews... and wanted to implement the same plans in the Middle-East... including... he hoped... to open some concentration camps in the Middle-East. If the Nazi's couldn't get the concentration camps there fast enough, he begged the Nazi's to at least bomb locations with Jewish civilians. "He hoped to lead a holy war of Islam in alliance with Germany, a jihad that would result in the extermination of the Jews." "Our fundamental condition for cooperating with Germany was a free hand to eradicate every last Jew from Palestine and the Arab world." As the mufti of Jerusalem he put posters up all over the city stating: "KILL THE JEWS: THERE IS NO PUNISHMENT FOR KILLING JEWS." He also had all his preachers "advise their flock that "he who kills a Jew is assured a place in the next world." The author's take the reader in a detailed AND TOTALLY DOCUMENTED historical trip, from Husseini's birth in the late 1890's, to his death in 1974 and beyond... all the way to the present. In addition to the horrific pogroms and Holocaust... what will shock the potential readers... is that all the hatred, murderous activities, and false propaganda, that the mufti created sixty to eighty years ago, is still the core of today's anti-Semitism and terrorist mantra's in the Middle-East. He is truly "THE FATHER OF RADICAL ISLAMIC anti-Semitism and political terrorism as we know it today." I think most readers will be amazed at all the "infamous" historical characters that Husseini influenced, ranging from a young Saddam Hussein, whose Uncle was a trusted friend and confidant, Mussolini, Nazi's Heinrich Himmler and Adolph Eichmann, and of course Hitler. A young Yasser Arafat was a relative, and was taken under the mufti's wing, and eventually became the leader of Fatah, and to his dying day... stated that Husseini was his idol. The reader will be presented with shocking details such as that, future international peace award winner Anwar Sadat, was a spy for the Nazi's during World War II, and when Hitler died "Sadat published a letter in the Egyptian weekly "Al-Mussawar", addressed posthumously to Hitler, in which he expressed sorrow over the defeat of the Third Reich, and haled Hitler as the "immortal" leader of Germany." There is intriguing informative records, that every level of Arab leadership, not only read the notorious czarist "THE PROTOCOLS OF THE ELDERS OF ZION", a fraudulent anti-

Author of the Play Book for Today's Fundamentalist Muslims

This book helped me understand how the hatred and violence of today's fundamentalist Muslims really got started and has gained momentum over the last 100 years. Just like skinheads and Arian fanatics continue to propogate Hitler's form of "terrorism", the Mufti of Jerusalem wrote the playbook now followed by the fanatics who rule Hamas, al Qaeda, et. al. An important book that uncovers and exposes where it all began.

A must read if we are to prevent history from repeating...

On Tuesday, June 24th, we met Rabbi David Dalin at the Temple Judea in Coral Gables, Florida, where he was introducing his new book: Icon of Evil: Hitler's Mufti and the Rise of Radical Islam. His presentation was excellent, detailing how in 1921, Haj Amin al-Husseini became the mufti of Jerusalem. After some research we learned that the word "mufti" means: (a) a Muslim jurist expert in the religious law, or (b) in the Ottoman Empire, a deputy of the chief Muslim legal adviser to the Sultan. Mr. Husseini, a most eminent and influential Islamic leader in the Middle East helped foment enmity against Jews in the region and in 1937 joined Nazi Germany because they shared a common enemy, the Jews. Mr. Husseini was seen by Hitler as an honorary Aryan. While Hitler had written racial inferiority remarks about the Muslims in his book "Mein Kampf," Hitler liked Mr. Husseini's looks, his "blond hair, red beard, and blue eyes, appeared to have been an exception." The cover of the book surfaces a photo that the author explained was hard to obtain, it is of a photograph taken of the mufti with the fuehrer himself, Adolf Hitler. The book details how Al-Husseini recruits thousands of Muslims in Europe to fight for the Waffen-SS, his protests about allowing Jews to move into Palestine, prevent the escape of Jewish children from Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, and Slovakia, who accompanied by 400 adults were to enter Palestine in exchange for the release of twenty thousand German prisoners of war. At some point, Al-Husseini "organized the dispatch of five parachuters to Palestine with ten containers of a toxin to poison Tel Aviv's water system. Fortunately, they were caught near Jericho before they could carry out their mission." One of the most horrific details provided by the author is that al-Husseini was instrumental in the implementation of the "Final-Solution" used by Germans to eliminate millions of Jewish lives. "In a radio broadcast from Berlin on September 21, 1944, al-Husseini spoke of the 11 million Jews" of the world, a fact that he could have only known because of his participation in their elimination. As far as the world knew, the figure was closer to 17 million. At the end of World War II, he left to live in France and later moved to Egypt, where he received a hero's welcome, developing relationships with the likes of Saddam Hussein's uncle, General Khairallah Talfah, Yasser Arafat, and his writings served to inspire terrorist groups, such as the Hamas, Hezbollah and others, hard at work to destroy the United States and Israel. A statement that has immense value to us is that we must learn from history if we are to prevent it from repeating in the future. At the end of the session, the audience asked many questions, but in particular I was rather interested on the mention of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion because I had heard of these before, but was not sure of what they meant, so we asked: 1. What are "The Protocols of the Elders of
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