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Paperback I Can Do Gymnastics Book

ISBN: 0940279541

ISBN13: 9780940279544

You've mastered the beginning skills of gymnastics and are ready to go on to the next level. But where do you go for guidance in gymnastics skills progressions? It's simple! USA Gymnastics and Masters Press. This volume takes up where the first book in the series,I Can Do Gymnastics: Essential Skills for Beginning Gymnastsleft off. Skills are combined into movement sequences and alternative apparatus possibilities are explored. Fully integrated with...


Format: Paperback

Condition: Good

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Customer Reviews

5 ratings

V.good guide

First of all - in relation to ninjahawk's review - I'm not sure what you were trying to prove there. I taught myself a front handspring on our back lawn and I'm not showing off about it, nor am I using the point to state how 'worthless' this book is. I also taught myself walkovers on the grass and beam moves on the kerb, and I'M NOT SHOWING OFF. Nor do I expect people to be impressed like you obviously do. Anyway. Great book!!! Most other people have stated the main points - it covers up to level 5 gym, etc, and I haven't really got a lot more to say, except that it is a lot better than most other gymnastic books which do not venture into the harder moves. Recommended!

Excellent guidebook

I got this book a couple years ago when I was first starting off gymnastics on level 1. I found the book to be helpful and imformative, with good diagrams and instructions. Now I'm a level 8 gymnast, and I have to say, this is the book that helped me get so far. Every day after I came home from a workout, I would turn to this book to look at the diagram and learn the proper way to perform the skill. I would then practice it at home until I got it down. When I went back to workouts the next day, I would be practically the only one who knew how to do the skill properly and safely. In fact, I still enjoy looking through the book with my gymnastics coach and teammates to find good connecting skills to put in my routines.This book features gymnastics skills on all of the boys' and girls' apparatus, such as vault, floor, pommel horse, bars, rings, beam, etc. They are divided into chapters; for example, beam will be one chapter, floor excercise will be another, etc. For each skill, there is a sequenced diagram along with instructions to perform the skill properly and in the safest way possible. Each skill builds on one another, for example, you may first be doing a standing back handspring, then cartwheel step-in to a back handspring, then finally, a round-off to a back handspring, etc. The way that USA Gymnastics sequenced the skills will make you feel more prepared and confident for moving on to the next skill. Each chapter had a checklist at the end for marking off the skills you had learned and the date you had learned it.Since this book was written by USA Gymnastics and many gymnastics clubs are members of it, you'll find that you are learning many of the same moves in your gymnastics classes, which makes this book so effective. Plus, it includes the skills used in routines for levels 1-6 as an added bonus.Besides from the skills, this book also includes a chapter of more advanced moves in the back that you could learn after learning the other skills. Plus, there was even an entire chapter devoted to landing safely in case you had a fall or a bad landing, etc. I practiced the safety falling procedures, and I found that I got less injuries from using them, and not just in the gym- they work great in school, playgrounds, and other places.All in all, I highly recommend this book. Maybe Ninjahawk didn't find it helpful because he/she may not have gone to gymnastics classes, since this program is really intended to go with the gymnastics program at your club. This book has helped me move on up to new levels and to do excellently in competitions. I am having a test to move up to level 9 in several weeks and I know that I will be turning to this book for help and guidance. All gymnasts can benefit one way or the other from using this book.

A good guidebook.

This looks like it will be very helpful for my daughter. She takes gymnastics classes, but with this book she can also work on skills at home, on her mat. (Her MAT, Ninjahawk, not the carpet! Carpeting is not designed for learning front-handsprings, unless you have high hopes of breaking your neck.) It shows and describes a nice variety of skills. My only complaint is that it covers skills for both girls and boys, so much of the content (rings/pommel horse/paralell bars) is useless. Perhaps they would have done better to have produced separate books for girls and boys gymnastics.

Great for Learning Basic Gymnastics Skills!!

This was a terrific book! It explains all the gymnastics moves you have to know before you reach competitive Level 5. It was very useful, and helps improve your gymnastics skills. Each skill is divided into a category, (A for least difficult and C for most difficult) and has a diagram with instructions for the skills under it. There's a check list for when you have learned how to do the skill, too. I particulary liked the advanced section and the chapter about landing safely, which will be of great use to all gymnasts. This is the perfect book to guide you as you climb up the gymnastics ladder of skills!

Good for gymnasts and coaches

I Can Do Gymnastics : Essential Skills for Intermediate Gymnasts is a wonderful addition to the library of any gymnast or coach. It includes a variety of skills for both girls and boys gymnastics on each event. Information I found especially helpful was the section on landing safely. It provided drills on different ways to land so that if you were ever to take a bad fall on the equipment, you can reduce the risk of injury by using of the techniques. The book also included information on warming up your muscles properly and information on choosing quality equipment. The list of skills had detailed descriptions and ratings ("A" for easiest up to "C" for most difficult) along with several illustrations. At the end of each chapter, a chart was included to check off each skill section you mastered. Scattered throughout the book, there are helpful hints for the gymnast and teaching tips for coaches.I would recommend this book to gymnasts who are at the intermediate level (optional gymnasts may also enjoy browsing through the book to find simple skills to include in routines) or coaches who teach girls or boys at that level.
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