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Paperback How to Conquer Negative Emotions Book

ISBN: 0933900015

ISBN13: 9780933900011

How to Conquer Negative Emotions

What is the real cause of unhappiness, and what is the cure? Few people have the courage or insight to see the truth behind our suffering: chronic negative emotions. Too often, we wake up one day and... This description may be from another edition of this product.


Format: Paperback

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Customer Reviews

5 ratings

Roy knows what he's talking about

Roy's right. He's hard to hear at first. Especially if the reader is bent on keeping their bad habits and blaming others for them. It's challenging to realize the problem is with ourselves first and foremost. How we react to others and our circumstances is the key to turning around our lifes. Roy's not a guru, he's not a genie, he's a very gifted counselor who's seen it and heard it all. He's helped thousands of people with a concept that is deceptively simple. Yet how many people can do it? The answer is most people are angry when they aren't given a magic pill to swallow to solve their problems. Roy's technique requires patience and honest self-appraisal. It really works. It may not work in an hour or a day. But it works and it gets deeper and more profound and meaningful the more one practices it. To be threatened by Roy is to be threatened by the truth. What are the negative reviewers afraid of?

Deep and rewarding

I read in one review that `Persons incapable of critical thought or reasoned behaviour may find this book deeply comforting'. I wonder if that person has read the book, because it certainly is NOT one of those superficial, comfort offerings that sell so well. This is one of the deepest forays into the human psyche, it show very accurately how our emotional reactions to life set us up for the situation we find ourselves in today, it shows how our emotional reactions set us up to produce a conditioned response to certain situations we encounter in life, and how even certain details can trigger responses beyond our control. To name an example, suppose as a child you have been humiliated by a teacher in front of the whole class, and this teacher smelled of cigars. Suppose that your emotional response to this situation transforms it into a traumatic experience. You may discover later in life that whenever you meet a man who smells of cigars produces negative emotions, anger in you, yet you cannot see how this irrational anger is related to the original incidence of the humiliation by this teacher. Likewise, our entire lives can be shaped around emotional triggers like that, causing us to be like biological robots instead of the human beings we were supposed to be. Entire lives can be wasted UNLESS we find the key to overcoming our conditioned responses. This is the positive message of the book, there IS a way of overcoming our conditioned responses, there IS a way of returning to who we were meant to be. The book comes up with many examples of what I just stated, and also points towards the solution. It is very profound, and you may find it therefore hard to read. As with all books written by Roy Masters, I find it best not to read it all at once, but read something, think about it, and then take up the book again to read some more.It is a deep, profound book, and it is very rewarding to have read it, it brings you face to face with yourself. Maybe that is why Masters produces such negative reactions in some people, maybe they do not like what they see when they look into the mirror of their souls. Well, hiding your head in the sand and cursing the one holding the mirror is not going to help you. I loved reading it, and I certainly can recommend it to you. 5-stars well deserved.

i've never read a better book in my whole life.

Of all the books i've read in my whole life, i am sure i am going to read this one 5 more times. i love this book! i can honestly say this man knows what he is talking about! he knows it all! he is truly talented, and the person who said he is like an einstein in physics, but only psychology wise, well, this man is for REAL. I cannot believe it! I never thought a book can change my life, but it is. This man is changing me. He presents miracles. And only because he talks of our ignorance and our wanting to be God. As I read it I become so happy too. He offers true happiness. Everything he speaks of has the element of LETTING GO. Please buy this book! I am confident enough to tell you that it will change your life!

Roy Masters is to Psychology what Einstein was to Physics

That's not an exaggeration. I've studied Freud, Jung, Maslow, behaviorism, cognitive-behavioral approaches, etc etc until I was completely fed up with all the psychobabble academic nonsense. When I finally came across Roy Masters, it was like a prayer answered. This guy is for real. He talks COMMON SENSE, he tells it like it is, and he honestly cares about people. You can hear it in his voice. At the same time, he's also misunderstood by almost everyone else I know who has heard of him. He's been called everything from a woman-hater (anybody who thinks that is a complete moron) to a Bible-thumper. Without fail, everyone who has snapped to a judgment like this doesn't know him at all - they've never read a book or listened to him for more than a few minutes - and then dismiss him. Big mistake. His basic message is simple: "Know Yourself." Sounds nice, you might say, but HOW? "Uncle Roy" has a simple technique that cures real problems (from alcoholism, drug, and other addictions, all the way to personal, sexual, and marital problems) - and cures them quickly, easily, and effectively, which he teaches FOR FREE, no less. His message and technique essentially makes drugs (like antidepressants) and psychotherapy unnecessary and obsolete. I personally have practiced it,and can I know for a fact that it works. Roy, for a long time, has openly challenged any psychologist, psychiatrist, or doctor to debate his views face-to-face. How many other psychologists have done that? He hosts a radio show where you can call in and ask him questions and debate him; he even helps prisoners who want to reform, by offering them his materials for free. All I can say is, check him out. It could be the best decision you ever make.

Roy Masters is mandatory reading for thinkers and seekers

Roy Masters is mandatory for anyone who considers himself or herself a thinker. I was skeptical at first, but now I know for a fact that what he says is the truth - I know because I've proven it to myself. Don't take my word for it, order some of his stuff, and try it for yourself.I always had an intuition that if I would ever come across a real psychologist - someone who really understands human nature, inside and out - then he would actually speak common sense. I was right. You could spend years in school, and thousands of dollars in therapy, tens of thousands on drugs (antidepressants, etc) and STILL wonder what is missing. Do you see vast holes in the typical life? Are you far enough on your spiritual path to feel the emptyness? Have you also found that nothing of this world can fill the void? Put down the drink, put away your work, dump out your pills, put down the fork, turn off the music, and release the one who you have been desperately been clinging too. The time has come to make your first step to understanding. Let it begin. Buy "The Classic" tape, "How Your Mind Can Keep You Well". For the cost of a lunch you will be given a key which can unlock the doors and answer your questions. While most marital counselors nowadays have been divorced four times, Roy has been married over forty years, with five kids and tons of grandkids. While most therapists hide behind their "all knowing mask" confused and frightened, Uncle Roy glows with a kind of deep inner peace. While most gurus around are charging thousands of dollars for the privilege of talking to them, Roy is giving away his books and tapes to prisoners and people who can't afford them.My only question to you is why not try it? Do you have the guts to wake up from the sleepwalk of everyday life? Can you handle the slaughter of your sacred cow? Can you function outside of your comfort zone?
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