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Paperback How the World Really Works Book

ISBN: 0964084813

ISBN13: 9780964084810

How the World Really Works

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Book Overview

More and more Americans are coming to feel that something has gone fundamentally wrong in our society. We have suffered repetitive wars, big and small, some won and some lost, but with the peace always lost. This book intends to expose and stop the destruction, and help to guarantee a future of freedom rather than slavery for our children.

Customer Reviews

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This book is a must read for those who operate "in the spirit of trust." Before reading this book, I wrote a book published in late 2001 called "Blacks In The Spider's Web" which substantially views the world as the subject book, but from a black American perspective. Although I have not read all of the books reviewed in "How The World Really Works" (I'm sure most are out of print now), my analysis of the world situation corresponds materially with Alan B. Jones' book. Much of what we see of the world is a false facade that must be pierced in order to come to the reality of the truth. "How The World Really Works" helps to pierce the veil of secrecy covering the "military industrial complex," the "Kennedy assassinations" and the "dumbing down of America," among other "unsolved mysteries."

Fixing America Means Understanding the Problems

We are teetering on the brink of oblivion or utopia. Our corrupt Federal Reserve System is bringing economic collapse to the USA unless people quickly awaken to what is really happening to our freedoms and our economic prosperity. My own review would closely mirror Robert D Steele's excellent and comprehensive analysis below. I also agree with the excellence of the additional works he recommends. I've read them all and have nothing but praise. I might add to Robert's list a couple more titles: 1. "When Corporations Rule the World" by David C Korten ... also visit his website (Google it). 2. "The Road to Serfdom" by FA Hayak. 3. "The Money Masters" website, book and DVD... (Google it). 4. "Web of Debt", by Ellen Hodgson Brown. [...] 5. "The Lost Science of Money", by Stephen Zarlenga [...] 6. "Money as Debt", Paul Grignon (Google the 47 minute video) There are no more important subjects on earth than these. Nearly all wars, poverty, media manipulations, societal and educational problems such as drug dealing, smuggling, flesh peddling, high taxation, and... well, you name it... are rooted in the problems revealed in these works. I strongly disagree with those who think such works are either fear-based or impractical. Nothing can be more practical than the knowledge of the secret and occult powers that are now the motivating forces shaping our modern world. However, I do find much of the second half of the book flawed, along with Jones' final chapter, "Let's Fix America". His recommendations miss the boat because of a political bias. We can only remain asleep (in denial) at our grave peril, and more importantly, the peril of our children and grandchildren. No problem can be fixed without a thorough understanding of it's root causes. Sooner or later these international money and banking problems must be fixed, and to do it properly we must fix... or rebuild... these institutions in the right ways. The issuance of money must be taken out of the hands of private bankers and returned to the government's of "We the People" where it belongs. Only then can we stop paying exorbitant interest rates on the money that is put into circulation. Only then can we begin to use our taxes for purposes other than paying needless interest to private bankers. Unchecked, unbalanced and unlimited power always leads to tyranny and despotism, some form of totalitarianism. Today that power is quickly becoming the materialistic "Golden Rule" - "He who has the gold, rules." Will we let it happen here? Is it already too late to stop it?

The Elite "Conspiracy" Revealed

Mr. Jones in effect has written a series of book reviews. His stated goal is to "save for our posterity the great experiment in freedom that was launched 200 years ago by our country's founders." His method is to expose the essence of the centuries-long effort by the international banking houses, their corporate associates and intellectually corrupted useful idiots who undermine the American Republic and its Constitution. That essence includes means, methods, strategies and goals. Their diversity and comprehensiveness is a tribute to the generational perseverence and expertise of those shadowy protagonists. The work has much in common with the old "College Outline Series," in that it proposes that it is no substitute for delving into the books themselves. It hits the key elements and much more, but cannot be more than a brief related to the several elephantine works that are reviewed. Having read several of the key works prior to discovering Mr. Jones' book, I can testify that he fairly and comprehensively dealt with them. Also I will second his recommendation that his book is not a substitute for reading each and all of the books in question. This is a book that every American should read. After that, one should read the books themselves. The final piece in the book, the "Epilogue," is an essay by Taylor Caldwell in which she clarifies the motives of the elite, and their central goal: the destruction of the middle class. This was no new theme for Mrs. Caldwell. She brought the entire scheme into fictional focus in "Captains and The Kings," which fictionally approaches the world of the movers and shakers who are determined to destroy the American experiment. Will reading this book make any real difference, as Mr. Jones hopes? Perhaps, but one of his reviewed authors, Carroll Quigley, writing in the 1960s, asserted that already it was too late to frustrate the elite's drive for dominion and power. I am more optimistic, based on the notion that anything that can go wrong will go wrong, no matter the plan or the planner. Mr. Jones certainly believes that an informed public will place our Republic beyond final usurpation. Read his book.

An accurate 320 page "book report"

The best way to describe this type of book is to show you it's table of contents. I have taken the time to do this for you because I feel that after seeing the titles of the books that the author reviews in each chapter you WILL make the decision to buy this book. 1-A Century of War2-Tragedy and Hope3-The Naked Capitalist4-The Tax-Exempt Foundations5-The Creature from Jekyll Island6-19847-Report from Iron Mountain8-The Greening 9-The Politics of Heroin10-Final Judgment11-Dope Inc.12-Let's fix America!The author has researched the works of writers who are seeking to find out WHO is impoverishing us, and WHY and HOW they are doing it. The findings are presented via a series of in-depth reviews of a carefully selected set of books, mostly little-known but a few famous. Taken together, a coherent picture emerges which precious few among even our political activists understand or care to admit to knowing.
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