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Paperback How I Raised Myself from Failure to Success in Selling Book

ISBN: 067179437X

ISBN13: 9780671794378

How I Raised Myself from Failure to Success in Selling

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Book Overview

A business classic endorsed by Dale Carnegie, How I Raised Myself from Failure to Success in Selling is for anyone whose job it is to sell. Whether you are selling houses or mutual funds, advertisements or ideas—or anything else—this book is for you.When Frank Bettger was twenty-nine he was a failed insurance salesman. By the time he was forty he owned a country estate and could have retired. What are the selling secrets that turned Bettger’s life...

Customer Reviews

6 ratings

A classic I read in 1970 when I started in sales. Even more needed in the era of Social Media which I regard as BS.

A classic text that remains absolutely relevant for the modern salesperson

This is a classic book on fundamental sales techniques that remains sound after 60 years and dozens of printings. Yes, some of the pronouns are out of date (he assumes that all the sales professionals are men and all the secretaries are women - or that there are even secretaries - and so forth) and the dollar amounts given are made largely irrelevant by the inexorable power of inflation. However, the principles Frank Bettger laid down in 1947 will still work for any sales person working today. Bettger is closely associated with his mentor, Dale Carnegie and his compelling use of language and story will remind you of the sound of the self-help books of that era. He provides 35 short chapters divided into six parts. In part 1 Bettger wants you to learn to act with enthusiasm. Even if you don't feel it now, if you learn to act with energy and enthusiasm, you will soon feel it and it will become the fuel of your success. He also talks about the power of making calls. You can't sell until you get in front of people and you need to call a few people to get the appointment (he calls them interviews). Soon you will have a ratio of calls-sales-close that you can study and make more efficient. Bettger also wants you to get over fear and hesitation in talking with people you don't know by taking a public speaking course - one where you actually get to speak a lot and learn from supportive and constructive criticism. He also wants you to plan you schedule by the week so you know what you are doing and then execute the plan. He also tells you to record what you did and what came of it. There are examples planning sheets. However, you can find great day planners nowadays from many different companies. Part 2 takes you though his sales method. Basically, he shows you ways of finding out what a person wants and providing it for them. Bettger shows you how to find what your client's "vulnerable spots" are. That is, what his motivators and needs are. You also need to learn how to connect with people. One way is to learn and use their name, find out about their hobbies, their family, and so forth. Write it all down and refer to it before you go to see the client so you can ask about his interests and show a personal interest in him. Bettger also takes you through his steps in the sales process, how to overcome objections, why you should ask why to get past the stated objection to the real objection. Part 3 is all about confidence. You need to be confident in yourself and nothing is more important to that than your personal integrity and honesty. You also need the confidence of your clients, and Bettger shows you how to earn that by being honest, using testimonials, a professional appearance, and a courteous demeanor. Part 4 discusses the importance of getting people to WANT to do business with you. He advises you to identify young people with talent and to encourage and help them in their career. You are going to be in business for a

A really gook sales book that works!

After feeling a little bit dissapointed on my performance and ready to quite my position I knew nowhere to look. I found this book and decided to give it a try; knowing nothing about the author but just going by the reviews. I'll tell you. I do not regret a thing about buying this book and I'm actually glad for doing so.I was ready to quit my sales position in my company and was going to enter a "customer service" position which obviously pays less than sales. I felt dissapointed by my performance and my numbers; I thought I knew the business.It was then when I picked up this book. Even though it was written a bit ago, it still reflects proper techniques and successful sales guides that anyone can easily follow. I didn't know that such a strong but often unimportant word "why" would matter so much. After using this word "why not sir..." I could really get customers to go to the real truth; and of course, I had answers that made 100% sense to those rejections. In a couple of weeks I was able to double my commissions and felt more confident about myself. I started enjoying my job more. I felt like my sales job was a game, and I was the leader on my team! Now if I really want I feel like I can get around any rejections and by just asking "why" you can make the sale. It works! Just ask, "WHY?" And you'll get to the point; eventually your customer will not be able to give you an answer strong enough to justify that "why" and will make the sale. Of course, it doesn't happen all the time, depending on your sales offer and your job and your customers.Anyways, so to keep my story short. If you think you're failing at your sales position please give this book a try. Study it, keep it next to your desk, in your pocket or briefcase. Refer to it any time you need it. Learn that enthusiasm is one of the main keys to selling, and learn to love the customer's property, learn to ask "why?" and to agree with the customer.Frank Brettger wrote this book using real life examples from his own experiences, and he shows you how to put them to use.Think again. If you think you've failed, purchase this book. With very little time and dedication, you'll see real results.

A SUCCESS CLASSIC from a proactive business leader!

Frank Bettger has played a huge role in helping me to be successful in business. Although he has been gone for years, his ideas live in us through putting his ideas into practice. I consider him a success mentor because his wisdom is easy to follow - but more than that it is right on! I started out as an engineer and a very timid salesman. Bettger has helped to change that. I guarantee that if you read this book you will be a changed person - it's that incredible. Even before you finish it the first time (you will probably read it several times) you will have a clear vision on how to be successful.Bettger covers all of the proactive bases: smart thinking, system thinking, futuristic thinking, and positive thinking. If you are truly seeking the kind of success and abundance that makes your life 100% livable - you must read this book. Many of his ideas are found in SUCCESS BOUND, another book built on learning how to live a proactively life that is God centered and fulfilling.Everything that I have put into practice that Bettger has recommended in his books has worked. He has brought me success by focusing on what is important in selling and using my God given talents and my thinking ability to be a better salesman. You will find that this exciting book becomes a part of you. Don't hold back - let it happen. In fact, spend 10 to 15 minutes every morning for the next several days focusing your thoughts on the truths of this book, thereby allowing them to seep deep into your subconscious mind. If you do this I guarantee God's wisdom will most assuredly bring you the success and abundance you deserve.Enjoy this book and your new proactive and successful life!

You don't even have to be in sales to gain from this book.

This was one of the most enjoyable books I've ever read. It is such a pleasure to get good, practical, workable information in such an easy-to-read format. Bettger's story is filled with excellent illustrations of some of the most powerful principles from Dale Carnegie's book, How to Win Friends and Influence People. And Dale Carnegie wrote a glowing introduction to Bettger's book.As the author of the book, Self-Help Stuff That Works, I'm expert on self-help, and I can tell you without any reservations that Bettger's book will help you deal with people better. And if you're in sales, I don't see how it could possibly do anything but increase your income. I recommend it highly.

Turned my career around!

After selling advertising space in a throw away newspaper for 7 years, my wife gave birth to our second child. I knew that I needed a real job so she could stay home with the boys. Not liking sales, I went to the bookstore to try and find some ideas for my future. I ran across "How I Raised Myself From a Failure to Success in Selling" and it literally changed my life. It was the first sales book that I had ever read, but it mobolized me to make drastic changes in the way I ran my business, as well as how I felt about sales as a profession. Today I make well into the six figures and am finacially comfortable for the rest of my life. Go for it, you won't be sorry!
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