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Hot Ice (The Men of T-FLAC, Book 7)

(Part of the T-FLAC (#7) Series and T-FLAC: Black Rose Trilogy (#1) Series)

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Award-winning author Cherry Adair broke thrilling new ground with On Thin Ice-her stunning romantic suspense hardcover debut. Now Cherry's turning up the temperature, amping up the action, and raising... This description may be from another edition of this product.

Customer Reviews

5 ratings

Originally Posted on Romance Junkies in 2005

Cherry Adair has made a name for herself with the exciting series of T-FLAC books. Each story, featuring a hot, sexy operative of this privately funded, top-secret, anti-terrorist group has the twists and turns of an action-adventure novel and the steam of a high-powered Jacuzzi. HOT ICE is no different, with Huntington "Hunt" St. John taking center stage, attempting to gain intel on a terrorist madman named Jose Morales. Morales, a man who believes that anyone who disagrees with his beliefs deserves to die, has been amassing jewels, art, and weapons in an underground mine for years. Hunt, assigned to find out when Morales attends to strike the world's population, needs to open the top-of-the-line safe in his domain to gather the computer disks that are there-he's sure that those disks hold all of the information he needs to deter Morales and his mission. The problem is that he needs someone who can open the supposedly uncrackable safe, and there's only one person who can do that-Taylor Kincaid, a jewel thief and safe cracker who is thought to be the best in the world. Unfortunately, before Hunt can reach Taylor and plead for her assistance, Taylor is arrested in San Cristobel for breaking into the home of-you guessed it-Jose Morales. Now Hunt believes he has the ultimate power chip to get Taylor to help him-he'll bail her out of jail if she gives him the computer disks that she stole. Taylor , of course, plays dumb, assuring Hunt that she has no idea what he's talking about. But when Morales's henchmen come to pay her a visit, Taylor has second thoughts on holding out on Hunt. After all, the man with the power and resources of T-FLAC behind him might be the only person who can keep her alive long enough to bring down the terrorist. Ms. Adair has penned another sexually charged winner. The action-adventure part of the story is top-notch, with believable characters and situations that will have you rooting for the good guys and crying for the downfall of Morales and his men. The sexual chemistry between Hunt and Taylor isn't necessarily instantaneous, but it's an integral part of the story. Neither one of them is sure that they can truly trust the other, and the situations they find themselves in only add to the age-old idiom of whether they really love each other or are just responding to the danger around them. I did miss seeing the Wright brothers in HOT ICE, the operatives from the previous T-FLAC stories, but Hunter St. John is an intriguing and sexy new hero, and his alternate aloofness and genuine caring made for an intriguing story. Taylor is a woman that reminds you of Lara Croft in Tomb Raider or a non-vampire-fighting Buffy, and her slow nature of trusting added depth and emotion to the storyline. All in all, HOT ICE is definitely a book to pick up-you won't be disappointed!

Hot Ice

Taylor Kincaid is a woman with a job that requires many faces. Breaking into and stealing from a supposedly fool proof safe, leads to her arrest in a foreign country. Rescue comes in the form of a striking, hardened man with a decidedly delicious British accent. While Taylor is attracted to this man, Huntington St. John, she can't afford to let him get to her enough to break down her defenses and give him the answers he is seeking. Finally out-waiting him, Taylor handcuffs him to the bed, knocks him across the temple with a lamp and escapes into the night. Huntington St. John is on a mission for T-FLAC, his covert employer. Having followed and hunted Taylor Kincaid and her other 15 aliases for months, he is close to grabbing her. Watching the jail where she has been ensconced on theft charges, he waits until her guards return her to her cell before he tears a hole in the wall and carries her away to safety. Once they are at the safe house, Taylor tries to throw Hunt off her scent but to know avail. However, when he lets his guard down enough to doze off, Taylor sets herself free and promptly disappears once more. More is afoot than either Taylor or Hunt realize. A secret society wants what Taylor has and will stop nothing short of death in order to achieve their mission. Because of this, Hunt and Taylor must watch every move they make because it just might be their last if the bad guys have anything to say about it. One thing they don't count on? Their mutual attraction to each other. Hot Ice was truly an action packed romantic suspense novel. I found the story line very intriguing and enjoyed every word that I read. It kept me on the edge of my seat and I couldn't read it fast enough to find out what was going to happen next. Cherry Adair's depiction of Huntington St. John was so realistic I can hear his sexy voice in my head. I found Taylor resilient and an extremely fun female lead. While I don't normally read romantic suspense novels, I am officially hooked on this storyline and plan to go back and read the other novels in this series that feature the completely irresistible operatives of T-FLAC. Hot Ice is definitely worthy of being read over and over and then once more for good measure. Talia Reviewed for Joyfully Reviewed

Huntington is here. WOWZA

Hot Ice by Cherry Adair is the long awaited Huntington St. John story. It was well worth the wait. Huntington St. John is a top T-Flac agent, hot on the trail of a top-notch jewel thief. This thief is one of the best and Hunt needs her skills to stop a demented terrorist. Before Taylor Kincaid can help Hunt, he has to spring her from a foreign jail. From their first meeting Taylor keeps Hunt on his toes. Taylor Kincaid enjoys the thrill of the chase. She excels at her craft and it gives her great pleasure to return the items she takes to their rightful owner. Taylor wasn't expecting Huntington St. John to find her again after she gave him the slips a few months ago. Taylor unknowingly has vital information she obtained by accident in a previous heist. She agrees to help Hunt to bring down the bad guys. Hot Ice has all the elements I love in a romantic suspense novel. Top-notch intrigue, good vs. evil, hotter then hot hero and heroine, it's the total package. Hunt and Taylor excel at one upmanship, witty dialogue and explosive passion. Ms. Adair has written another winner.

EXCELLENT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Taylor Kincaid is one hard to find woman. On her own since she was 15 and responsible for her younger sister who has Downs Syndrome, she has made her way in the world as a Class A burgler, who retrieves the treasures stolen by people on the shady side of the law. She trusts no one and keeps her own secrets. Huntington St. John is a T-FLAC agent who has spent months hunting for her. He has need of her special skills. T-FLAC is a covert undercover anti-terrorist unit. When he finds her he has trouble holding on to her. But she is the best there is and only the best has a chance of penetrating the stronghold of one of the most powerful and dangerous terrorists. This is one great read. Fast action, hot romance, and wonderful plot. This has some of the most fasinating adventures I have read. Taylor is a great heroine, strong and devious, yet very female. Hunt is a dark dangerous hero, one well worth reading. I liked this book better than her last. I read it at one sitting. Well worth the money.

4.5 Stars!

Taylor Kincaid is a jewel thief, the best in the business. She has been after the famous Blue Star diamonds for a short while now. The man who "acquired" them for his wife is supposed to currently have them at his terrorist compound in South Africa, within a special safe that could not be cracked. Taylor does not find the diamonds. By the time she is in the "uncrackable" safe they are gone. However, she takes everything else. She has no clue that she inadvertently pockets valuable disks filled with security codes. Huntington "Hunt" St. John is a top T-FLAC operative. He and his team specialize in counter terrorism. They desperately need the disks Taylor stole from José Morales's safe. They also need her expertise. Morales is the head of "Mano del Dios". For many years he has prepared for a special event. One he believes God has chosen him for. Friday, October thirteenth, is D-day unless Hunt and his team can stop him. First they must capture Taylor, then "convince" her to help. Morales has a nuclear missile ready. In order for the team to reach it and deactivate it, they must live through seven levels of deadly traps. Without Taylor's cooperation, it is impossible. With it, the chances of success are still slim, but it is better than nothing. If they fail, millions will die. ***** There is not really much romance at all in this Romantic Suspense. The two main characters are attracted to each other, but by the end of the story I, as the reader, did not feel that they could possibly be in true love. Most of the novel is dedicated to capturing Taylor and convincing her to help. The author did an excellent job on that, as well as, on the seven levels. Fans of the games or movies in the "Tomb Raider" series will be enthralled! Highly recommended. ***** Reviewed by Detra Fitch of Huntress Reviews.
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