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Paperback Hop on Pop Book

ISBN: 0394892224

ISBN13: 9780394892221

Hop on Pop

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Format: Paperback

Condition: Good

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Book Overview

Bright, simple illustrations give almost-readers the confidence to step into the world of reading in this book that "combines phonics and word recognition, making sounds and letters recognizable. Highly recommended." --School Library Journal (starred) The accompanying cassette has a listening side for nonreaders and a read-aloud side with page-turn signals for youngsters just learning to read.

Customer Reviews

6 ratings

Great for young kids

I ordered the board book so my littlest could be read to by her older brother without pages being torn. Same story but mpre durable! Ordered Good and there was barely any wear

The review on hop on pop

This is a review of Hop on Pop by Dr. Seuss. This story is very interesting. I think that this book should be recommended to people all ages. This story is a more better book than the book The Cat in the Hat. This book has a lot of rhyming words. My favorite line was [ Three , tree, Three fish in a tree. Three fish in a tree? How can that be?] [p. 20-21] .

Ed, Ned, Ted, and Red in Bed??

"Hop on Pop" and "Green Eggs and Ham" were the apex of Theodore Giesel's (Dr. Seuss's) creative genius. Hop on Pop is a rhythmic romp through the joys of reading, rhyme, and sight for babies, infants, toddlers, and parents alike. The work is both ageless and timeless. I read this book to my 4-month old and it never fails to get him squealing and wide-eyed in delight. Maybe he doesn't understand the subtlety and weirdness of three fish in a tree or a bunch of people in bed together but it was the sixties...besides their names rhyme, so there is fun to still be had in the PC 00's.There are so many things to enjoy about this book, that it's hard to find a place to begin. The weird hybrid creatures, the creative rhymes and favorites are the thing that can sing a long long song. I break out in overblown Pavarotti-extravagance singing and the boy is sure to either laugh or look at me this Dad or is this an alien? But the biggest joy of the book comes at the end when Seuss strings together endless rhymes with endless rhythm in the string of run-on words, "hethreemewepatpuppophethreetreebeetophopstop." It will be indelibly stamped on your brain and give your child the joy of reading as well as reminding you how truly fun words and pictures can be. Thanks for all times go out to the good Doctor.

How he learned to read

Hop on Pop is where my son's hardcover book reading started. His kindergarten teacher was having personal issues during his critical learning year so it was left to his parents to fill the void. Hop on Pop was the beginning. Now, in his fifth grade year, Redwall, Potter, Tolkien and Snicket have been read and we wait for new issues. Dr. Seuss, you were our foundation.

Great for adult literacy too!

I am a literacy tutor for adults, and this is a fantastic book! I already had it in my collection, being one of my favorite Dr. Seuss books from childhood, and I brought it with me to my student's. With the simple words, the repetition of stems and the wonderful illustrations, my student was able to read a WHOLE book in only a couple days. She was thrilled, and shared it with her children who also have reading difficulties. It helps with word recognition, syntax, sounds of letters and had us laughing as well. I wish there were more such versatile books on the market. And as another reviewer said, it does make one want to hop on pop! (or play all day and fight all night!!)

Rhyming, Syntax, Humor, Reading and Improved Abs for Dad

This book was a favorite of our four children, especially in helping them realize that they might like to hop on Pop (which they did as much as Pop would let them). This book has really stayed with me, and I was interested to analyze why it is so appealing and effective.What I discovered upon rereading it today is that the book packs a whallop in terms of providing learning opportunities for children. Long before Sesame Street was a staple for youngsters, this book picked up on some of the same learning techniques.For example, you start with two rhyming words. The only difference may be one consonant (hop and Pop). This helps a child learn to read by seeing the role that a letter plays. Then the book uses the two words together to form a sentence, and puts an illustration in the reinforce the syntax (the difference between a house on a mouse, and a mouse on a house). After the simple syntax lessons are done, it goes on to give the child more rhymes and more complex sentences. "We like to hop on top of Pop." Here are where Dad's abs come in. The illustration shows how to hop on Pop without hurting him. Also, the book says not to, which will help Pop and the child learn that the subconscious in all people and all children pay no attention to negatives in sentences. So what is captured is an imperative to hop on Pop.The story builds to a crescendo by letting the child know that there is more to learn. Children can learn small words like "if and it" while Father knows long words like "Constantinople and Timbuktu." The child is given a little quiz at the end about "seehemewe" and so forth and is given the hint that learning can continue tomorrow.Also, this book provided me more pleasure in being a Father than any other that I read to and with my children. So if you are a Father, get with it. If you want to encourage a Father to be with his children more, get this book to him.Overcome your stalled thinking about the limits of what can be learned by small children from an introductory reader by using this masterpiece!. . . and practice tightening your abs!Donald MitchellCoauthor of The Irresistible Growth Enterprise
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