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Paperback Hippo in the Garden Book

ISBN: 0884193403

ISBN13: 9780884193401

Hippo in the Garden

Through the author's humorous personal anecdotes and references to the Old and New Testament Scriptures, you'll discover that every circumstance of life becomes an opportunity to converse with God.


Format: Paperback

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Customer Reviews

5 ratings

Hippo in the Garden

A book that bears rereading from time to time. Always fresh no matter how many times you do. Informative and thought provoking.

Very open honest dialogue with readers

I really recomend this book to read for those of you who really wonder wheather God does speak or not to human beings nowadays. If you seek God and wonder how does he speak, then this book is certainly for you. Most of it has to do with the author himself: seeking, sincere. James shares with his readers his heart: his lifestory, his failures, his pains, and his victories. And how in all of his battles, he was supported and led by God's voice in so many various ways, sometimes really odd ways. You will be encouraged after reading this book to be open and expect God talk to you and not always with audiable voice, but with....Read this volume which i found one of the most sincere and honest christian books i have ever read.

God Still Speaks To Us Today

I came to know James Ryle through Promise Keepers. Then I later watched his testimony on "Life Today" w/James Robison. So I already knew about him. While I ws familiar with his preaching, I had no idea that he had written books, too(3 to date). This one was his first. It had been out 10 years by the time I read it this year. I was more curious than anything whe I saw the title. Granted, the title and cover are both what I'd call weird. But the book is anything but weird. In the Bible, the are many examples of how God speaks to people. All too often Christians get the idea that God speaking to people and God speaking to us through other people is outdated or is "Old Testament stuff." In short, that notion is wrong. James Ryle clearly points out that God speaks to people even today. He uses many examples from his own life to illustrate this. I can't say I have a favorite story that he shares from his life because he shares so many in this book. But in sharing his dreams and visions from God, it helped to make his point about about how and why God still speaks to us today. After reading this book, I don't look at God the same or how he speaks to me and those around me. It's caused me to re-examine my walk with the Lord. God bless you, James Ryle!

Wonderful book for those unsure seekers who long for God.

I read this book when I found a copy in the library of our campus ministry "LifeHouse" here at East Central University in Ada. I was all but blown away by the fact that Ryle, rather than being a dispensationalist (i. e. "Miracles and anything supernatural from God passed away when the apostles died"), not only affirms the fact that God, as the all-powerful Creator, can speak to us any way He wants--but he also presents a hope so wildly powerful it made me temporarily short of breath to think about: GOD _WANTS_ TO SPEAK TO _US!_ That realization ignited a hunger in me that has only intensified as the weeks have passed. To make a long review short--get this book and read it. You won't regret what lies beyond its back cover!

Hippo does not dissapoint!

What a unique an excellent book "Hippo" is! If you have ever heard James Ryle in person, he speaks like he writes, in an amusing, simple yet profound manner. That is exactly how he comes across in this book. He tackles a very, very difficult subject with story, witt, and lots of scripture (that is very appreciated). Most of the contents of this book came as a fresh breeze of new insight. How very much we as Christians need to allow God to be God in our lives and speak to us how He sees fit! This is what this book addresses and succeeds at relaying. That's why I highly recommend this book to you if you are looking for fresh insight to having a one-on-one relationhip with God. For, God does speak today, in a variety of ways! What is He saying to you?
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