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Hardcover Twilight Book

ISBN: 0060724676

ISBN13: 9780060724672


(Book #6 in the The Mediator Series)

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Format: Hardcover

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Book Overview

The final installment of this series by the #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Princess Diaries. Suze is in love with a ghost named Jesse. Paul is in love with Suze. Now a terrible choice must be made.

Customer Reviews

5 ratings

Totally AWESOME!

I've bought all of Meg Cabot's Mediator books in the series, and I have to say that this was my favouritest!!!!! Meg always writes with sarcastic humor and witty comments, but the mediator is totally different than her other works, at least to me. coz stuck in between the humor and wittiness, he had added a romance that transcended life and death...literally. the part where I was so touched that I actually cried (yes, i'm sue me) was where Suze didn't want paul to go back and prevent Jess (the ghostly hottie) from dying that fateful night. which meant that Suze would never have had met Jess, and neither would they fall in love with each other. Yet when she saw the 'real' jess, the ALIVE and well Jess, she realized that what she had tried to do was unfair to the guy she really loved, and to quote: 'if you love something, let it go, if it was meant to be, it will come back to you' even though Suze knew perfectly well that the 'will come back to you' part didn't realli apply in this situtation, as Jess wouldn't be able to 'come back' as to say, becoz he wouldn't even remember her. however, suze still made the ''right'' choice *as in ritegeous choice* and decided to tell everything to Jess......Of course Jess didn't believe her *who would?!* yet when she mentioned ''the fact that Jess secretly wished to be a Doctor'', Jess finally believed her............ and I really loved what Suze said when Father Dom told her to let Jess go...::that even though she wouldn't be able to remember Jess, she'd know, deep down, that she's missing something/someone, and that it'll hurt her more than anything... and the ending of this book was just extraordinary! it was the best ending, in my opinion, that Meg Cabot ever wrote. It was awesome and totally fit the entire series...even though it did come as a surprise for me. I never thought that this was actually an option...^^ I had, somewhat guessed during the series that Suze and Jess might end up together in this way, yet havn't figured out exactly 'how'..hoever, Meg Cabot's explaination was reasonable and not at all far fetched...she even explained how Jess got to the Hospital on time!! and the ending was just unbelievably fitting! through the entire series, i'd been anticipating how the romance between Suze and Jess would end....somewhat pessimestically actually... since actually I dispise *and they lived happily ever after* story endings, this one made me feeling some and fluttery inside, as if this was a real life story, and i was watching it unfold infront of ny very own eyes....basictly, I had anticipated the beginning of a romance, ^this strectched on for about 3 volumes^then the *romance* was slightly sour and maybe a little bleak,i mean...the guy's a ghost!.. yet after 4,5 and 9/10 of volume 6, the readers *and the characters*get their much deserved sweetness!!! ^^ so ppl, you've just GOT to read this book!!!!

Loads of fun! Highly recommended! **WARNING: SPOILERS***

Run, don't walk, to the bookstore and pick up Meg Cabot's "Mediator" series. Marketed for young adults, this series has enough fun, action, romance, and humor to appeal to people long past their "young adult" days. Susannah Simon is a mediator, one whose job it is to help the dead resolve the unresolved issues that keep them from passing on to their next life, the afterworld, purgatory, hell, heaven, or wherever they are supposed to go. Too bad it's not a paid position, and "did anybody ask if I WANTED to be a mediator?" As Susannah explains it: "I guess I should explain. I'm not exactly your typical 16-year old girl. Oh, I seem normal enough, I guess - I don't do drugs, or drink, or smoke. I don't have anything pierced, except my ears, and only once on each earlobe. I don't have any tattoos. I've never dyed my hair. All in all, I am a pretty normal, everyday, American teenage girl. Except, of course, for the fact that I can talk to the dead. I probably shouldn't put it that way. I should probably say that the dead talk to me. I mean, I don't go around initiating these conversations. In fact, I try to avoid the whole thing as much as possible. It's just that sometimes they won't let me. The ghosts, I mean." Susannah is sixteen, growing up, concerned about all the teenage things - do I look good, what about boys, do they like me, am I popular in school, etc. The author does a great job of outlining these concerns by having Susannah talk about her thoughts, worries, ideas and plans in first person (all the books are in first person). It's a difficult time for her - as the series opens, she has moved from New York to California - her mother has moved to Northern California to live with her mother's new husband, Andy, a man who has 3 sons. Susannah's father died 10 years ago, and Andy's wife also died some time ago. There's all the concern about a new marriage and a blended family, moving in to a new house, a new school, etc. This doesn't even take into account the ghost who is living in her bedroom! "'Yeah' I said. 'Yeah, this is my room now. So you're going to have to clear out.' "I'M going to have to clear out?' He raised one black eyebrow. 'This has been my home for a century and a half. Why do I have to leave it?' 'Because,' I said. 'This is my room. I'm not sharing it with some dead cowboy.'" Half the fun of the books is in the pairing of serious soul-saving with teenage angst. For example, concerns about attire and fashion: (SPOILER WARNING) In book 4 (Darkest Hour) Susannah has to go to the shadow realm (the afterworld?) to rescue her friend who has been trapped there by the machinations of his evil opponents. Father Dominic, her mentor, is a little concerned about her attire: "I looked down at myself. I had changed out of my pink slip dress and into a black one that had little red rosebuds embroidered on it. This I had paired with some totally cute Prada slides. I had ha

Meg has done it again!

This book has been highly anticipated by Meg Cabot fans. And luckily, the wait has been worth it. The book not only has a strong, independent, and highly likeable herorine, it is absolutely impossible to put down. Meg's humorous writing makes the book even better. It makes you cry, laugh, and smile all at the samet time. I still can't believe it's the last book in the Mediator series. Read them all: Shadowland, Ninth Key, Reunion, Darkest Hour, Haunted, and Twilight!

Marvelous Addition to 'The Mediator' Series

Sixteen-year-old Suze Simon hasn't had it easy since she found out she was a Mediator - a person who has the power to see and speak to ghosts, and must help their spirits move on to the afterlife. And being in love with Jesse, the ghost of a guy who died over 150 years ago in her bedroom, while her home was still being used as a boardinghouse, just adds to the confusion. After all, it's impossible for someone who is dead, to "be with" someone who's alive. Then everything changes when Paul, a fellow Mediator, classmate to Suze, and regular, all-around jerk, threatens to do something to change the way Suze feels about Jesse. Paul plans on going back in time over 150 years to the day that Jesse was killed, to prevent his murder. That way, Suze will have never met him, and Paul can take up residence as her boyfriend. But there's a catch. If Mediators can time travel, then Suze plans on going back in time to make sure that Jesse is murdered, and isn't saved by Paul at all. But watching your one true love die isn't the easiest thing to do, and maybe, just maybe, Suze doesn't have the heart to do it. I have been a fan of THE MEDIATOR series since Meg Cabot was writing them under the name Jenny Carroll, and my love for the series has never wavered. However, in TWILIGHT, I found that my love for the series actually grew, as I will admit that it is probably the best book in the series. Suze's quick-comeback personality is right on target, while the budding romance between she and Jesse couldn't be sweeter. Paul, once again, makes his mark as the biggest jerk in the world; while everyone's favorite principal, Father Dom, is sympathetic and caring, as always. Overall, this was a fabulous addition to the series that will easily draw in a new group of fans for Cabot. Erika Sorocco Book Review Columnist for The Community Bugle Newspaper

Wonderful sixth book from the Mediator series.

Sixteen-year-old Suze Simon is a mediator -- a person who can communicate with ghosts and help them move on to the afterlife. And if that isn't enough, lately her life has been getting even more complicated. Suze is in love with Jesse, the ghost who died at her house 150 years ago. But he is dead, and she is alive, so they can never be together. And Paul, a fellow Mediator, is so determined to get Suze to date him that he threatens to do something that will prevent Jesse from ever meeting Suze -- prevent his murder 150 years ago. Paul thinks if Jesse isn't around, Suze will love him. But can mediators really travel through time? And if time travel IS possible, can Suze make the difficult decision to allow Jesse to live out his life in the past -- and doom herself to never meet him? This book is a thrilling addition to the wonderful Mediator series. I highly recommend it to all fans of Meg Cabot's books. It has lots of action, suspense, romance, and humor, and the story kept me turning the pages, unable to put it down.
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