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Paperback Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Volume 7 Book

ISBN: 0545139708

ISBN13: 9780545139700

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Volume 7

(Book #7 in the Harry Potter Series)

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Format: Paperback

Condition: Very Good

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Book Overview

'His hand closed automatically around the fake Horcrux, but in spite of everything, in spite of the dark and twisting path he saw stretching ahead for himself, in spite of the final meeting with Voldemort he knew must come, whether in a month, in a year, or in ten, he felt his heart lift at the thought that there was still one last golden day of peace left to enjoy with Ron and Hermione.' With these words Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince draws...

Customer Reviews

53 ratings

Arrived with no book jacket.

I’m very disappointed to receive the book with no book jacket, I would not consider that “good condition”

Great job

Book as advertised My daughter loves it Thank you!

Great condition

Came in great condition and who doesn’t love Harry Potter?

Love the Harry Potter books!

Was expecting an ex-library book, but came practically brand new. Very pleased.

Book condition

The book came in horrible shape, the pages aren't even stuck to the spine. And they didn't include the jacket, it wasn't even acceptable. I was really disappointed when i opened it.


I wanted book 7 and got the jacket of book 7 over book 5...guess for the price I'll just have to try again and hope I get the one I wanted

Very happy

Came in a timely manner in very good condition. Does have a note written in sharpie from previous owner

Excelente condición

Todos los libros que compre están en excelentes condiciones.

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Not "like new"

Got the book "Like New" but I got a damaged book. No jacket sleeve, water damaged pages, and the cover is broken

Don’t listen to (Good)

They did not specify it did not have the dust cover. If you label something as good condition at least say if it includes everything.

This was supposed to be the French version :(

I ordered the French version. This is the ENGLISH one.


I ordered this book (hardcover with dust jacket) from the “pretty good” option and it is AMAZING. Brand New!

Irritated 😬

I have been trying to get the 7th book for awhile now. This is the second time I’ve ordered it with a “like new” description. I made sure to look and see if it said library edition or no dust cover and it didn’t. I got it today with no dust cover on it. Two times now. It’s the only other one out of the set that I need. I love this site but I’m still super irritated.

Incredible Novel!!!

I bought this book for my daughter. She started reading the Harry Potter series in third grade and simply fell in love with the books. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is her favorite book in the entire series. It has so many twists and J.K. Rowling simply keeps getting better as Harry grows older. The characters become complex and the descriptive language is simply amazing. The novel has a huge build-up of suspense and at many times in this book, there is such a flood of emotion as you read it. Definitely worth reading!!!

Not as advertised

When I received the book not only was it lacking a dust cover but pages were taped into place due to separation from the spine. The overall condition of this book is poor and I'm not sure how much more shelf/reading life it may have in it.

Great book

Daughter is reading HP and this book was in great condition.

No dust jacket!!

I bought this specific edition here and only to receive it without the dust jacket. It kinda lose the point of your a collecting the books

Not "good" condition

I ordered this one in good condition and it came with water damaged pages, no dust jacket, and a stained/bleached cover. This is weird because I ordered prisoner of azkaban in "acceptable" condition and it came in a dust jacket with near perfect pages.

wrong edition.

came very quick, but in the wrong edition. very disappointed

Such a Great Book

This book is amazing, as every Harry Potter book. The book was in great condition when I received it. I could tell it was packaged with care.

Great book And great condition

The Books condition was Great! much better than I thought.

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Book bent, ink on pages

Book was completely Bent and some pages were ripped. There was also ink on some of the pages... and I bought the very good condition

amazing quality

super good quality

Nice Quality and Wonderful Service

I ordered the entire Harry Potter series in hardcover varying in quality from very good to good. They all looked exactly like new! Some had a dust jacket even though I ordered ones without intentionally, but that's no big deal. I've ordered books from this site before (Divergent Series, Hunger Games) to complete my collections and had the same results on numerous occasions. I very much enjoy this site and will continue making purchases from ThirftBooks.


Ordered this book and received it in Spanish. The book was in good condition but it says that it was supposed to be the English version. Kinda disappointed... I

Didn’t read it tbh

I really just don’t want to be recommended HP anymoree

Please tell us when a hard-cover book comes without a dust jacket.

Sincerely disappointed that this was a hard-cover book listed in "Good" condition and came without the dust jacket. I would not have purchased it had that been noted somewhere. I will be buying this book again elsewhere so that it matches the rest of my set. I feel like I wasted money.

It came in Chinese.

The entire book was in Chinese.

HP and the Deathly Hallows

Book came really quickly and in great condition!

Wrong language!

I just got this book and it's written in the wrong language! I thought i ordered it in English. It didn't say anything about it being in another language!! I would like to return but can't figure out how to do that either

Don’t buy anything in acceptable, I’ve learned my lesson.

I was so excited for my order to arrive, however once I took this book and another I’ll review out the bag it came apart quickly as if the previous owner did not care for it as though it fell in water in the past and the book was barely holding on, the pages where crinkled on each as if someone kept folding them so hard and trying to tare the pages. Some pages are missing however I was excited for the bookmark that was inside it’s nice actually, but highly recommend not to get acceptable

no dust jacket

Disappointed this didn't come with a dust jacket. Will not use this website again to buy books

False condition

Extremely disappointed in the condition my book arrived in. The outside looked good, but upon opening the book, it noticeably shows the binding coming apart. In order to get the book repaired will cost at least $50. I bought this book in “very good” condition. It did not state it was falling apart. Will not be purchasing anymore books in “very good” condition.

Not what I expected

The book I got was in acceptable condition, so I expected some wear and tear. But the book I got was colored, drawn in, and torn. It was not something worth 4 dollars, I wouldn't have even paid a quarter for it. Now I have to order another and hope it comes in better condition. Not happy with the purchase.

Made a Great Gift

I bought this book as a gift for a little girl on my churches angel tree, so her guardian had gifts to give her for Christmas. She requested the last 6 of the Harry Potter series. This one was in great shape and the price was great as any other site was going to be quite expensive to purchase the single books as opposed to the whole set. Looked basically brand new, could only tell it was used from that "old" book smell.

Should have read the reviews for this company before buying

Received today only to be sorely disappointed. While it did manage to have a dust jacket, the one it had was is very poor shape and torn in multiple places.

Unfortunately, not as described

Of course, this story is a 10/10 and, as always, a great deal. However, this listing was advertised for "Like new" condition and it came in 'acceptable' condition at best. It seems to be a retired library copy that has many unreadable pages and some stuck completely together. I wish it was better.

Book was ripped and the binder was broken. Very disappointing as this was a gift that I can not giv

I have read this book the condition was terrible

book are so good

kids will love this kind of book

No Dust Jacket

Very Good condition, but no dust jacket?? That is not very good condition in my opinion.

The mysterious case of the missing dust jacket

Specifically bought this copy for its dust jacket and it came without one. I was incredibly disappointed, paid USD + shipping for a book that I spent $$$ on and it ended up not being what I ordered. I am really and seriously disappointed, made me lose faith in this site unfortunately. Please make it clear on the details if the dust jacket is included or not when a reader is buying it.

One of my favorite series ever!

It's a magical adventure you can't miss... You'll feel emotions as you go through this book and the next ones....

i got the book yes, but it was not in very good condition

I paid for a very good condition Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows bk7. I got a book that was just barely making acceptable. It was dirty on the back of the book. The spine had lettering that was almost gone. There was no dust cover for the book. Which I must add was not mentioned when I purchased the book because I would not have gotten it. I am sad to say that I am disappointed with this purchase of this book not the entire order. All other books in the order meet my standards of the conduction that I selected.

Children's Edition

I have the first six books in great condition, so I was excited to find the 7th at a decent price. I was disappointed when I opened the package and found the children's edition. I didn't even know there were adult/childrens editions. It was not what was pictured when I ordered, and it does not match my other six. I hope this saves someone else from having my experience. Very disappointed.


Bought in acceptable hardcover condition, came like new!!! Can’t wait to read this!

One of my Favs

I truly love this books one of my favorites of all time.

I Love It

I personally hate dust jackets so I wanted a book without one when I saw this I screamed and bought it came quick and not damaged at all.

I was so sad to get my book and no dust jacket and the less than what was described. The poor qualit

It's Harry Potter. No explanation needed.

I, like someone else in the reviews, bought this book in this condition because it is the only one that didnt say it didn't have a dust jacket. I waited (impatiently because I was excited to get it to finish my collection) for it to get here and I finally got it just to open it and see no dust jacket. I am, to say the least, peeved. If there was no dust jacket it should have specified, just like other ones do. Now I have to go buy another book just to have a dust jacket on my book. Also, it was stated that the book was in "very good condition" and it is not. The front and back of the book is starting to peel away from the cover and there are stains all over the outside of the book. Maybe acceptable condition...if it had the dust cover maybe i would stretch for good condition but for sure not very good.

Harry Potter y las reliquias de la muerte.

Puedo decir que el libro me tuvo en suspenso todo el tiempo de principio a fin. Demas esta decir que lo lei en 3 dias. Me gusto mucho la parte en donde el profesor Snape brinda informacion sobre su niñez y el por que de tratar de esa manera a Potter al igual que puedo entender mejor otras partes de los libros anteriores. Pero la parte de mas suspenso comienza cuando los cazadores encuentran a Ron, Hermione y Harry en la caseta de campaña de ahi en adelante fue cuando mas me llamo la atencion. La parte cuando le matan la reliquia que esta dentro de Harry y ahi Dumbledore explica tantas cosas ... En fin me encanto. Lo uncio que no me gusto es que nunca mencionaron como que fue lo que paso Umbridge. En fin hay que leerlo pero los 7 libros corridos como lo hice y creanme que vale la pena de esa manera.

Nice CD set!

This 17-disc audio version of the final Harry Potter book is a worthy way to experience the story without reading it. It features the rich baritone of narrator Jim Dale, who tells the tale with just the right understated touch, supplying all of the characters' voices. As for Dale's accent, it's appropriately British but not at all too thick. Each word is clear and easy to understand. If you've bought any of the earlier Potter audio CDs you know what to expect: Dale narrated all of those, too. By the way, note that this is an UNABRIDGED audio book. Listening to it all takes 21 hours! The story is dark, and too violent for younger kids, but overall one of the best in the Harry Potter series. Nothing seems forced or thrown together. Author J.K. Rowling wraps up her many plot points and reveals the fates of her characters in ways that almost always surprise you, but afterward seem inevitable. And how she does it is so inventive! Many throwaway moments and whispered remarks from earlier books foreshadow what happens here, and devices that had little importance before, such as Sirius's flying motorcycle, now play key roles. While creating yet another gripping tale, the author also ties her entire epic together with the skill of a true literary master. As a writer myself, I really admire her skill. (Last time I checked, Rowling was outselling me by about, oh, a billion to one.) In addition, the book treats its title character with the complexity he deserves. It portrays the (now) young man as disillusioned, full of doubt, overwhelmed -- a tortured soul who, though a responsible leader in an all-out war, often seems to yearn to do nothing more than sweet-talk Ginny Weasley. Parents should know, however, that this one is a real creepfest, with the most explicitly violent scenes of any book in the series. It's way too brutal for grade schoolers. Also, unlike the earlier Potter tales, the far-reaching vocabulary requires about a 6th-grade education.

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