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Paperback Haarp: The Ultimate Weapon of the Conspiracy Book

ISBN: 0932813534

ISBN13: 9780932813534

Haarp: The Ultimate Weapon of the Conspiracy

The HAARP project in Alaska is one of the most controversial projects ever undertaken by the U.S. Government. Jerry Smith gives us the history of the HAARP project and explains how works, in technically correct yet easy to understand language. At best, HAARP is science out-of-control; at worst, HAARP could be the most dangerous device ever created, a futuristic technology that is everything from super-beam weapon to world-wide mind control device...


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An Indispensable Work

Jerry Smith's "HAARP: The Ultimate Weapon of the Conspiracy," is based on researches which follow on from where his friend and colleague Jim Keith left off, after his untimely and suspicious death. This comprehensive and erudite book avoids lengthy technical digressions, but presents all the pertinent facts clearly and bluntly before us. Clearly, the world's techno-elites have been creating a formidable arsenal of super-weapons that will forever change the world and the fate of humankind. Jerry Smith's "HAARP" bravely names the names, and reveals the crimes and the criminals. An indispensable work for seasoned researchers or for those who come to these subjects for the first time. Arm yourself with knowledge, and find out what Big Brother has been up to at your expense. Find out who is doing what to whom, and what you can do about it.

Important Information for Long Term Human Survival

The only thing that irks me about Jerry E. Smiths book HAARP: The Ultimate Weapon Of The Conspiracy, is that I did not read it four years ago, in 1998, when it first came out. Where was I? Where was IT? I had made-do with the well written but necessarily short article on HAARP in Popular Science Magazine, by Mark Farmer, since 1995. A few references and strings on the internet, but nothing truly definitive: Mr. Smiths book is, if anything, definitive, and nothing has been spared as far as background information and supporting documentation is concerned. It is easy to see that a lot of time and effort has gone into Mr. Smiths research, and that is a good foundation for any book. It is also easy to see that Jerry E. Smith possesses an above average command-of-language, candor, and congeniality, which combine to form a powerful identity throughout the book. There is a sense of humor evident too, and some occassional, well considered touchstones of commentary that anchor the reader and give true pause. Click click click the pieces fall into place... This book covers in great depth a program of the United States Government, which is being explained away to the taxpayers as Science, but is in fact not just a weapon, but perhaps the greatest weapons system yet, capable of doings never before imagined. The stonewalling , dissembling, and outright lying by government officials ever since HAARPs inception is well documented here, and as the book progresses the picture becomes more than realistic, it becomes alarming in the extreme. A lot of the science used in the HAARP project has been hoarded and suppressed by the United States Government for nearly a century, methodically and purposefully, and this in itself speaks volumes. Science is not made secret for the benefit of the many. Science is made secret for the benefit of the few. Simple as that. One important thing this book will show you, in no uncertain terms, is how the people in your government, America, really are. It will show you exactly what kind of animals run you in the name of goodness and religion, and whatever else they can sucker you into believing. You are the enemy. Read this book. You will see it as clearly as you see your own reflection in a mirror. HAARP is the grand finale of the Take Over of America, done in broad daylight, though insidiously disguised, a little bit here, a little bit there. Without a shot. HAARP is the culmination of years of secrecy and HUGE expenditures of your tax dollars, America. It ties all the intelligence and law enforcement agencys together, for what can only be called "Super Surveillance" or perhaps "Super Control", or even "Occupying Force". This program of takeover here in America is reaching a fever pitch right now. This book is right on time, and needs to be read by as many people as possible, as quickly as possible. Published by Adventures Unlimited Press, Jerry E. Smiths book is a sleeper, part of

What You Don't Know CAN Hurt You

I give this five stars, because it is a must read book. However, first let me warn you that the cosmetic appearance of this book might turn off many discerning readers. The sensational title, the quoted reviews from not-quite-reputable magazines, the wildly speculative sounding description on the back cover, and some interior illustrations such as the photo of a FATE magazine might give a very erroneous impression of the importance of the book. I myself probably would've avoided buying it had I seen it at a book store, and that, my friends, would have been a mistake. Jerry E. Smith presents us first with the facts and details of the HAARP installation in Alaska. He tells us fairly what the government says is its intended purpose. He painstakingly explains the technology of the project and what the capabilities are, and this is indeed where the book starts getting scarier than Stephen King. At least, we can dismiss Mr. King's works as fiction. Not so with this book. Mr. Smith's style is often conversational, and yet always authoritative. He keeps the reader interested throughout the book, and gives hooks at each chapter's end telling us what's coming up ahead. He's easy with the science, thank goodness, since I was no star in high school or college science. He does refresh our memories of what scientific knowledge is necessary for understanding HAARP and it's potential uses and effects. Even if HAARP is an innocent little scientific research toy that our tax dollars are making possible, it can inadvertently do our environment irreparable harm. And if anybody decides to take advantage of the capabilities that Mr. Smith proves it has, it can affect our weather, wipe out the user's enemies (real or fancied), and--according to the technological evidence presented, affect our thinking, our perceptions, our minds. In building this case, Mr. Smith is fair in citing sources. If a statement is supposition, not supported by hard evidence, the author tells us so. I considered some of the sources rather unreliable, but even if one dismisses questionable sources, those that are inarguable are enough to be convincing that HAARP is a dangerous presence. Once establishing the dangerous potential of HAARP, Mr. Smith examines possible conspiracies. We're quite aware of the New World Order. Some feel this projected world government would better the world, end war, enable us to solve Earth's problems. Others fear the emergence of leaders and controllers who are more concerned with wielding power than with the public good. Such a group would naturally have access to HAARP and it's capabilities. Many Christians are convinced that a benevolent appearing but actually malevolent "Anti-Christ" who has extraordinary powers and will inspire worship from the masses will be in control of the New World Order. HAARP has the potential of giving such a leader these powers. Many of us feel such a leader or group of leaders would be inevitable in any New Wor

The Logical Next Step

Most people were introduced to the High-frequency Active Auroral Research Project (HAARP) in 1995 when Dr. Nick Begich and Jeane Manning exposed the "research" station on the North Slope of Alaska in the book Angels Don't Play This HAARP.HAARP: The Ultimate Weapon of the Conspiracy by Jerry Smith takes HAARP a few steps farther than Begich and Manning. Dr. Begich is a scientist who painstakingly described the science of HAARP and the many potential applications of its technology-good and evil. Smith, on the other hand, has been a dedicated student of our complex and often unjust world. Smith restates the science of HAARP to lay a solid foundation of the subject matter while articulating his lucid world view to explain why it is inevitable that HAARP's powerful weapons will be used against people.Smith also believes that HAARP, as commonly known to be located in Alaska, is a decoy. The history of HAARP, the compartmentalism of the development of its myriad applications and little clues that Smith has brought together make the compelling argument that HAARP is a versatile technology that has been put in place all over the world. HAARP: The Ultimate Weapon of the Conspiracy advances the thesis that, at a moment of "their" choosing, HAARP will be capable of causing mischief on a scale we would only expect from God. The 256-page book is filled with photos and schematics which give the reader a clear sense of HAARP, how it evolved from the electrochemical genius of Nicola Tesla and how it will be used to subdue populations of people. The government's official line is that HAARP technology is being developed to enhance communications capabilities and has a few other benign applications. Smith and Dr. Begich agree that to believe that this powerful technology will not be used to further military and political agendas is naive. "What could a nation or a conspiracy do with weapon that can 'fry' men's minds? What if you could induce emotions, fear or rage, at will? What if you could do it over a large area, affecting enemy troops on their way to battle? Whole cities? Even entire continents?" Smith asks.One has to admit that such talk is the territory of conspiracy "theorists" and belongs in the science fiction department of the local library. However, the published science, much of which is also available through your public library, and recorded history, support the likelihood that HAARP will be used against people to achieve evil ends. "We live in an age where science fiction is becoming fact faster than the futurists can get their visions into print," Smith observes.Indeed. If you found Angels Don't Play This HAARP fascinating, then HAARP: The Ultimate Weapon of the Conspiracy will be the next logical step in understanding what HAARP means to those upon whom it will be used and those who desire to have access to such powerful weapons.

First full blown analysis of HAARP.

Jerry E. Smith provides the first full-blown conspiracy analysis of the HAARP project since Nick Begich first brought the subject up in his famous book, Angels Don't Play This HAARP. HAARP, of course, stands for High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program, and it consists of an antennae array, still under construction, situated along the Copper River near Wrangell-St. Elias National Park in Alaska. It's just a research facility for topography and upper atmosphere study according to the Department of Defense. Everyone knows better, of course, and the chore has been to figure out its true purpose. Beam weaponry? Planetary defense shield? Mass mind manipulation? Weather control? Tesla technology? Smith asks all of these questions and examines the hard evidence for the plausible ones and the reasons for rumor behind the rest. The book provides a wealth of hard data, with graphics and photos, to help readers understand the reality of the facility but complements that with well- documented speculation about even the strangest possibilities. Smith follows up observations like "[Some] think it will be used by the New World Order to take over the world by projecting holographic images into the sky while beaming thoughts directly into our heads, telling us to accept the 'new' god of their design" with a brief but careful history of the MKULTRA program and mind control technologies like RHIC-EDOM and how they might be applied to HAARP. UFOs enter the discussion, of course, and by book's end Smith examines the roots of UFO Illuminati control in freemasonry and an ancient plot to establish a theocratic world king. Small wonder that author Smith has known Steamshoveler Jim Keith since high school, and even worked in the zine world as part of Keith's old Dharma Combat. HAARP: The Ultimate Weapon of the Conspiracy offers quite a tour de force, but readers need not follow the conspiratorializing to appreciate the science presented as well as the basic facts about HAARP.
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