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Mass Market Paperback Star Trek: The Next Generation: Greater Than the Sum Book

ISBN: 1416571329

ISBN13: 9781416571322

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Format: Mass Market Paperback

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Book Overview

The Starship Rhea has discovered a cluster of carbon planets that seems to be the source of the quantum energies rippling through a section of space. A landing party finds unusual life-forms inhabiting one of the planets. One officer, Lieutenant T'Ryssa Chen -- a half-Vulcan -- makes a tenuous connection with them. But before any progress can be made, the Rhea comes under attack from the Einstein -- a Starfleet vessel now controlled by the Borg. The...

Customer Reviews

5 ratings

The Borg Keep Coming

Unlike many of the reviews, I enjoy the fact that the Borg story-line is being continued. I read many reviews about this book, and read peoples remarks from the previous books, including everything from silly Super-Cubes absorbing things, to the Borg being a dead-end story, etc. However, I don't see it this way. First, the Borg absorbing things is a homage to Star Trek I: The Motion Picture. In the movie, V-Ger sends out an energy pulse that (seemingly) vaporizes everything in its path, however it appears that in fact it is absorbing the information of these things because of the vast amount of information it contains, one of these things being a humanoid - Ilea (much like it absorbed Janeway). Further then, Ilea, the drone made by V-Ger is, by many oppinions, an early form of the Borg or Borg Technology. In the movie, Bones talks about how she has microscopic hydraulics replacing her tissues, molecule-size processor chips (later called nanites in Star Trek series), and she is controlled by a single entity, in this case V-Ger. Also, in the movie, Spock has a "vision" of a machine-planet that sends V-Ger, highly modified, back to Earth to combine with its maker, humans, wich is what the Borg ulitmately are - mechanicl and biological combinations. Thus, in my oppinion, this is a return to, or a modified tactic of, a previous way of collecting information. Second, as far as the Borg being a dead-end story-line, and too radically changed due to their interest in destroying things now, I would have to disagree. In ST:TNG, Lore's Borg attacked, were less connected (collectively) and seemed to have little interest in assimilation, but rather in conquest. This seems to be the way the books are going now. That said, I love the Borg, everytime we see them, we end up beating them, so in many ways they have "lost their teeth", but they still pose a difficult situation for the federation, and usually deliver quite a bit of excitement. Further, it always forces one to think about issues such as what if this were to become a reality, what would I do, what lengths would I go to save my family, and loved ones, etc. This book continues that story, and those thoughts. It's a good read.


Great Book! It's great to follow the Enterprise crew post 'Nemesis'. Can't wait for the Destiny Series. This is a must read before the Destiny Trilogy.

Don' t Listen to the Naysayers

Although I agree with the Naysayers in that the crew keeps changing to much and much of the 3 books in this triogy do spend to much time introducing new characters and filling in plot holes. Im so confused by it i can barely remeber the new names, the departed ones, or their stations. Despite all this you need to look at the story as a hole. The borg are back and they keep getting more agressive and powerful, much like I always imagined they should be. The third book in the triogy, while lacking some of the action and revelations of "BEFORE DISHONOR" is a great read for star trek fans that crave borg books. It ties together all previous borg books and brings in characters across the spectrum. It even offers more details on borg history and culture since "ENGINES of DESTINY". The climax is the best. Once again just when you think the borg are out for the count, altough I never will, they come back stronger than before and set the stage for the next triogy, "STAR TREK DESTINY", which will explain not only the long awaited cannon history/origin of the borg but once again how they adapted once again.

The best of the TNG relaunch so far!!!

Ok so lot of other reviews give this book bad to only ok and i can see why. Its the borg again but this is by far the best TNG Relaunch yet mainly because Mr. Bennett goes into more detail than the crisis of the (week)or month but we get a little about the personal with the charaters Like Picard and Beverly. We also get a little into Gordi and learn about how B4 is doing. We also get 2 new Charaters one is the new scurity chief Jasminder Choudhury and a half Vulcun-Human T'Ryssa she does not follow her Vulcun side so she is funny akward and a little annying but it also makes her real more than any auther so far in the TNG relunch.

Greater Than the Sum is actually a great read!

There are a few negative reviews here, and I can understand their point about the Borg having been overused in the TNG Relaunch books and the constant crew shuffling. That, however, falls on the editor who is running the series and commissioning the books, not on the author. What Bennett does here is actually take a potentially drab idea (the Borg AGAIN?) and turn it on its head. The Borg are not center stage here. Rather, the core concept of "Seek out new life" and exploration, as well as the multi-layered theme of family, form the foundation of this novel. There is plenty of action to go around but the characters are fleshed out (hopefully to stay this time) and we are treated to some great surprises. Taken on its own merits, "Greater Than the Sum" shines, and is arguably the best book to date in the TNG Relaunch.
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