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Paperback Gothique: A Vampire Novel (The New Revised Edition) Book

ISBN: 1480087629

ISBN13: 9781480087620

Gothique: A Vampire Novel (The New Revised Edition)

Step into the dark side of the dark-wave. Join the children of the night -- desperately hoping, dreaming, wishing for it all to be true, to become real: Their songs, their books, their films and all their fashionable flirtations with imagined supernatural power and dark romance. Oh please, be real...A city anxiously embraces the grand opening of Gothique, 'Night Club Extraordinaire', mecca for the disaffected Goth kids and decadent scene-makers. But...


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Customer Reviews

5 ratings

If Only It Were True...

Gothique, set in Chicago, starts out as what seems to be a tale of an advertising campaign gone mad. First, the managing editor of Charade Magazine is force to undress and jump from the roof of the Hancock Building. Then, the magazine is refocused on the Chicago `goth' scene, in particular on the coming opening of a new entertainment center / nightclub `Gothique.' Employees start to disappear as the campaign intensifies and Gothique nears opening.Jeff Stancheck, Charade's art director, distracted by the recent arrival of his daughter Jacks, is caught up in the crazy quilt of events. He gradually realizes that something is seriously wrong. But it takes the involvement of a young designer and her vampirized roommate, the menacing of retired war (WW II) veteran and his dog Sox, as well as a threat to his own daughter before Stancheck realizes that Gothique is intended to be the cover and food source for a nest of vampires. What ensues is an epic struggle to end the threat of Gothique and drive the vampires from the city.Each of the protagonists of the story, Stancheck, his daughter, Frank Hoelevich the veteran, the designer Colleen, and others has a personal stake (pardon me) in the battle with Marek, the master of Gothique's minions. If you enjoy vampire stories, it is almost impossible not to become involved in Gothique, even if you like to root for the vampires.The vampires of Gothique are the traditional, really evil kind. They don't simply like human blood; they like to cause maximum suffering in the taking. They like to play with their food. Much of their play is sexual. Expect a lot of S/M and bondage overtones, these guys are not nice.Kyle Marffin spends a great deal of time illuminating the `goth' social subculture. He is often brutally honest, focussed on their fascination with appearances, role playing games and various drugs and escapes from the humdrum daylight world. In it's way, this novel is the answer to the goth's dream `If only it were true..." Marffin depicts them as somewhat self-deluded romantics and sexual rebels. Of course, the nightclub is designed to attract and trap exactly these people. Marffin's depiction is so graphic that he is motivated to put in an apologetic author's note, finally acknowledging that the goth's, despite their flaws are very much the true beatniks of the end of the 20th century.While the vampire café has been used before (in Laurell Hamilton's "Circus of the Damned"), Marffin does a good job taking the concept to it's logical extreme as a plot device. The author's storytelling and writing skills are often excellent. There is some unevenness in the dialog, but this is made up for by fine atmospheric narrative. Gothique will be a contender in this year's `best vampire story' race.

Vamp lovers are going to love this book

Definitely not the Cubs or White Sox in several decades or even the Bears in fifteen years. Perhaps not even Jordan has taken Chicago the way the "nightclub extraodinaire" GOTHIQUE has taken control of the city. The rock group Chicago and super athletes like MJ, the Fridge, or Thomas may have had groupies, but nothing that compares to the new owners of GOTHIQUE. The silent partners in fact are a vampire coven and their new nightclub serves as a front to lure the disenfranchised youth into its basement coffins as fodder or transplants. Charade magazine Art Director Jeff Stancheck becomes irate when assistant editor Blair Armstrong demands changes with the magazine ready to go to print. Apparently, that popular nightclub GOTHIQUE wants last second advertising in the magazine and Sales and Blair agreed to do so in light of the editor being missing. Though he already loathes GOTHIQUE, Jeff is unaware of how much more he will soon find that name to mean abomination as this is not simply the return of disco, but the beginning of a new deadly era. GOTHIQUE is an exciting urban vampire tale that will provide genre fans with a fresh bite. The story line is intriguing as the vampire coven gain media access as easily as Ted Turner does. However, what makes the tale so horrifically fun to read is that vampirism seems so genuine that the audience will believe they are a real species. Clearly this fresh look at an old tale showcases Kyle Marrfin's talent and that will make the author a fan favorite.Harriet Klausner


I couldn't put this book down! I'd like to say it's right up there with King's 'SALEM'S LOT and Skipp & Spector's THE LIGHT AT THE END, but I can't, cause it's 100% BETTER! The characters are believable, the plotlines twist and blend together as if Marffin is writing his 20th novel, not his second! This has definitely inspired me to check out CARMILLA: THE RETURN. Just when you think "vampyre novels" are a dime a dozen, GOTHIQUE comes along and proves itself to be gold!

scary fun

The vampire world was well created and enjoyed how the author tied their lifestyles into modern day Chicago. Times when it can be creepy and best to keep a light on while reading it after sunset.

Good Creepy Read

As a fan of vampire books, I found this one quite enjoyable. The author knows his vampire legends and uses them to help describe how these vampires live around a nightclub based on the Gothic culture. The author does a good job of showing the Gothic community as just normal kids who enjoy dressing up and are not going around shooting guns in high schools. Some parts get kinda creepy so you might want to keep a light on after you finish. Would reccomend to any vampire fan.
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