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Games Magazine Presents Paint by Numbers (Other)

Games Magazine Presents Paint by Numbers (Other)


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Paint by Numbers is the most exciting new kind of puzzle to come along in many years. These "picture logic" puzzles already have a following of millions of devoted fans in Japan, where they were invented five years ago. And now Games, the magazine that introduced Paint by Numbers to the United States last year, proudly brings you an English-language version of the Japanese book that started the craze. The concept is brilliantly simple. You start with an empty grid; numbers above and to the side tell you how many squares in each row and column should be filled in. The trick is that the numbers don't tell you which squares to fill in -- that's for you to determine through logical reasoning and by working back and forth between the rows and columns. When you complete the puzzle correctly, you'll find you've made a picture! Complete instructions and some time-saving tips are included at the front of this book, along with 123 puzzles ranging from easy to very challenging. This book will give every puzzle fan many satisfying hours of entertainment.

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For Beginners or Expert Puzzlers

Even though, I am a word puzzle lover by nature, there are a number of reasons why Paint by Numbers are my favorite puzzles:1. Great for all ages. And these puzzles are great for improving your logic skills.2. Language independent. Anybody from anywhere around the world can complete these puzzles.3. They turn into a picture. This is a big factor. Unlike a crossword, where you feel satisfied for having solved it but done is done, each Paint by Numbers puzzle turns into a picture. It could be an animal, a person, or an entire scene. This book contains a little of everything, in fact.This book of puzzles is great because there are many puzzles to keep you satisfied. A person who has never done a Paint by Numbers puzzle before can look at the diagrams to see how it's done (or read the instructions and tips provided in the book) and start immediately with an easy puzzle. The best part is, as the puzzles get bigger and more challenging, the pictures get better and better. There are some incredible pictures to be completed, and to me, they are art when they are done.I recommend this book to anyone of any age. If you buy this book as a gift, a great present to accompany the book would be a mechanical pencil with a good, soft lead and a nice eraser.Before you buy this book, you can take a look at this type of puzzle. One great website is that of Conceptis Puzzles at Conceptis creates many of the picture-forming logic puzzles contained in Games Magazine, and at their website, you can download a few free weekly puzzles or play them online. (They are called Pic-a-Pix puzzles at the Conceptis website.) After you've visited this website, I'm sure you'll be as addicted as I am. I have owned this particular book of Paint by Numbers for about three years now, and have shown it to quite a few people. They in turn are now as addicted as I am! Really, this is a great collection of puzzles, and I suggest you give them a try. Have fun!

Engaging mindplay

I don't remember when the last time I had so much fun with mindplay. Unlike other puzzle games, the games presented in this book are challenging without being painfully difficult. They are a great way to burn that hour waiting in the doctor's office, or in your morning commute (assuming you have a seat), or during a layover at the airport. You'll end up wishing that you had more time to wait, so you could have more time to do more of these puzzles. Great mind candy and intellectual stimulants, with no nasty side effects (except the pencil lead smudges that tend to get everywhere while completing the puzzles in this book).

Love this book - and I've found more!!!!!

I, too, was first introduced to these puzzles through Games Magazine, and think they are great! I've done this book, and didn't mind the kanji and unfamiliar cartoon characters, because it increases the challenge if you can't guess what you are drawing. Although I try and ration the puzzles in my Games World of Puzzles magazines, they eventually are all solved, and I anxiously await new puzzles. Enter the internet - there is a fabulous web site...with a large archive of puzzles to do online, with more being added every week or two. Sizes range from 15x15 to 40x40. You can choose this site in English or Japanese and it took me almost a year to do all the puzzles there. In reading the bulletin board comments there, I discovered these puzzles were also called nonograms and griddlers in the UK. They are published in the Sunday Telegraph and there are books of these available, 4 calling them nonograms, and 3 so far calling them griddlers (they had to change the name for legal reasons)....

More Paint by Number Puzzles

Well, after reading most of the reviews above, I noticed one common theme. Everyone seems to love these puzzles just as much as I do. I bought this book a few years ago after working the Paint by Number puzzles in Games Magazine and I just can't get enough of them. Well, I finally found another book with these puzzles!! I was browsing through a bookstore today and came across a book called "Perplexing Pixel Puzzles" by Concepts which appears to have the same puzzles under a different name. I haven't worked these puzzles yet so I can't make any recommendations as to the difficulty of the puzzles, but I hope they will keep me occupied until Games publishes another edition.

I bought it twice!

I first bought this book a couple of years ago and loved it. In fact, last year I bought another copy and did them again. I wish there was another book. Does anyone know of any others?

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