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From Dead to Worse (Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood)

(Book #8 in the Sookie Stackhouse Series)

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Psychic cocktail waitress Sookie Stackhouse finds herself in the middle of big trouble of the supernatural kind in this novel in the #1 New York Times bestselling series. After the natural disaster of... This description may be from another edition of this product.

Customer Reviews

5 ratings

Another fine addition to an already excellent series

As a reader I'm often driven by various reading projects. Last August I decided that I wanted to read my way through the more significant and critically acclaimed (e.g., Bram Stoker, Theodore Sturgeon, Richard Matheson, Poppy Brite, George R. R. Martin) and less significant but very popular (Anne Rice, Laurell K. Hamilton, Stephanie Meyer) writers. There were a couple of writers that I couldn't quite place in either camp. One was F. Paul Wilson, who I have yet to read. Another was Charlaine Harris. My initial fear was that she was going to be another Laurell K. Hamilton, who had started with a great initial premise but seemed completely clueless as to what to do next, making one misstep after another in destroying what could have been a very good series (and indeed, with a couple of books, like OBSIDIAN BUTTERFLY -- interestingly completely divorced from the dreadful St. Louis social setting that destroyed most of her other books -- she did show us something of what the Anita Blake books might have become). There were a long string of interesting parallels, including a protagonist with supernatural powers and a supernatural lineage becoming socially and romantically involved with vampires and were creatures. But while the Anita Blake books were increasingly less and less imaginative and more and more nothing short of pornographic, the Sookie Stackhouse books are unceasingly fresh, fun, and surprising. Everything that the Anita Blake books do wrong, the Sookie Stackhouse books do correctly. I'm not in a position to predict whether the Sookie Stackhouse books will be regarded thirty years from now as highly as are vampire novels by Theodore Sturgeon or Richard Matheson (Sturgeon's SOME OF YOUR BLOOD and Matheson's I AM LEGEND redefined the way vampire novels could be written), but I will assert baldly that as a series they are definitely far, far better on every level than both the Anne Rice vampire series and the Anita Blake series. Harris is an infinitely better writer than Rice, who frequently struggles with basic composition and is weak at narrative. While Hamilton is somewhat better than Rice as a stylist (though she can write some surreally awful sentences) and much better at narrative, she can't come close to Harris for the deft and intelligent decisions he has made in moving her story forward. There are just so many things I like about the Sookie Stackhouse books. Most popular writers engaging in long series usually have a number (sometimes a large number) of cringe worthy elements. I can honestly say that while I haven't loved every element in the Sookie books, I haven't experienced a moment where I was embarrassed to be reading one of the books. I like nearly all of the many characters who populate the books (though I never warmed up to Quinn) and have found all of the stories to be quite entertaining. I love Sookie's narrative voice, the ordinariness of most of her life, and the nice contrast of normal everyday life wit

Can't Get Enough of This Series

I can't get enough of this series. It's one of the best I have read so far. I don't want to give away too much, but I will summarize. Bottom line, you won't be disappointed. The vampires are dealing with the aftermatch of the Vampire Summit and reorganizing themselves. With the queen badly injured in the hotel fire, her partner dead and then recovering from the afternatch of hurricane Katrina, it leaves them very vunerable for a takeover. In vampire politics, there are always things that come up unexpectedly. In this book, we do get more of a showing from Bill and it's nice to see him back. The story between Eric and Sookie moves along and you really start to see a softer, even more likeable Eric. (if that's possible as I also loved his "bad boy" personna in the previous books equally as much). Eric also gets enlightened on something that's been bugging him for the last several books, though I think we'll hear even more on that topic in future books. (at least I hope we do.) Sookie has more attempts made on her life and finds herself in the middle of some stuff going on with the weres and shifters as well as the stuff going on with the vampires. She also meets 2 relatives that she did not know she had, and has a couple of friends (who are witches) staying at her house. The past 3 installments have focused more and more on shifters, were's, fairies and witches and I would like to see a little less of them and more of the vamps. Even with that statement, it's still a 5 star 5 star reads are books that I would read more than once. (most of the books in this series fit that criteria, though book 4 is still my favorite.)

Louisiana Blues

From Dead to Worse (2008) is the eighth fantasy novel in the Southern Vampire series, following All Together Dead. In the previous volume, Sookie Stackhouse finally realized what was going on and organized an evacuation party from the human workers. Cecile set off the fire alarm and other humans started downstairs. Sookie managed to get Erik Northman up and the two of them got Pam into her coffin and then pushed it out the window. Sookie told the EMTs how to handle the vampires and then acted as a spotter for the rescue teams. Then she found Andre buried under some rubble. In this novel, just about everybody in town is present for the double wedding of Portia Bellefleur to Glen Vick and Halleigh Robinson to Andy Bellefleur. The ceremony has been scheduled after dark so that the vampires can attend. The Weres are represented by Calvin Norris and Tanya Grissom. Sookie is not very pleased to see Tanya again. Sookie was invited as a guest, but both Sam Merlotte and herself are working the bar since the intended bartender was injured in an auto accident. Then one of Halleigh's bridesmaids is taken to the hospital and Sookie is asked to fill in for her. Sookie rushes upstairs and changes out of her barmaid outfit. The bridesmaid dress is a little tight and the shoes are a half size too small. Luckily she won't have to rush around while wearing them. Getting downstairs to the garden is going to be the worst part. The wedding goes well and the two couples are married without any mishaps (except for the missing bartender and bridesmaid). The photographer takes pictures of Halleigh's bridesmaids first so that Sookie can get back to work. She quickly changes clothes and her toes sigh with relief. As Sookie is handing out drinks, she meets an oriental vampire who says that he is called Jonathan since his real name is not pronounceable by most people. She notices a Nevada driver license in his billfold as he leaves a tip. He bows to her and she bows back. Sookie also notices an older man at the edge of the woods. He sees her looking at him and steps forward as he gazes back at her. When he comes forward, all the vampires look his way simultaneously, bow slightly, and then go back their ongoing conversations. The man looks withered, but beautiful. Sam asks Sookie about Tanya Grissom as they work the bar. Sam has gotten the impression that Sookie doesn't like Tanya. Of course, he is correct; Sookie had some bad experiences with Tanya when she was hired by the Van Pelt family. But Sookie knows that Sam likes Tanya and doesn't feel quite right about spreading her prejudices to her boss. When Sookie gets home, Amelia Broadway is waiting at the kitchen table to hear about the wedding. She is living with Sookie, but is not really a member of the local social circle and was not invited to the wedding. Amelia also has something else to discuss with Sookie. Her father -- a rich contractor in New Orleans -- wishes to visit Amelia and wa

A rustle in the wind reminds us a fairy is near. -Author Unknown

Sookie Stackhouse, telepath and friend to supernatural's everywhere, has several situations exploding all around her. Her boyfriend Quinn is MIA, the Were community is at odds as is the Vampire community, her bother's marriage seems to be off to a rocky start, and Sookie seems to be front and center when it all comes to a head. With attempts on her life and the deaths of some of her friends, Sookie's world is getting more and more dangerous. Yet in the midst of all the danger, Sookie finds some unexpected happy surprises. I loved this book with a capital L! So much is going on with the supernatural folk that Sookie associates with; it's non stop action from cover to cover. Some of things I have been dying to see happen, finally do. While chaos surrounds Sookie, she starts putting some order in her life, and she and Eric, her former Vamp lover, almost have a REAL conversation. *gasp* This is a book that has Sookie going through a lot of changes and making all sorts of discoveries in her life. I was all consumed in this book from page one and when I reached the last page I debated on whether or not to start reading it all over again. Had it not been for my impatiently waiting sister, I would have. Charlaine Harris is a fabulous author, no question. Her style of writing is so engaging, so descriptive and entertaining; it takes only about a page of reading before I feel like I have been transplanted to Bon Temps, Louisiana. I have been counting down the days till this books release, greedy to get my hands on it, and I was not disappointed in the least; she always delivers. The last two pages have me already eagerly anticipating the next in the series...and hoping she inherits a little vampire speed while writing so I don't have to wait so long! Dead Until Dark (Sookie Stackhouse) Living Dead in Dallas (Southern Vampire Mysteries, Book 2) Club Dead (Southern Vampire Mysteries, Book 3) Dead to the World (Southern Vampire Mysteries, Book 4) Dead as a Doornail (Southern Vampire Mysteries, Book 5) Definitely Dead (Southern Vampire Mysteries, Book 6) All Together Dead (Southern Vampire Mysteries, Book 7) Cherise Everhard, May 2008

From Dead to Worse

No question, From Dead to Worse is a bridge book in the Southern Vampire series. I am one fan who thinks that is just peachy keen fine. I thought this was an excellent book, very engaging, by which I mean I read it all in one sitting, no stopping. While it's true that this book is episodic in nature, my feeling is that going along with the characters on these episodes is high entertainment. As I get older, I find it becomes harder to concentrate, and that Charlaine Harris continues to hold my attention eight books into this series is just wonderful. The truth is, if you are going to read this series, you need to start with the first book. Read them in order, and don't start with this one, because you need to know all the back story to fully appreciate how far the characters have come. (And can I just say: Sookie needs a vacation! Ms. Harris, send her off to a beautiful island where she can relax, forget her cares for a while, sip some rum punch on nice beach, and maybe go limbo-ing with some nice fella who doesn't want anything more than the pleasure of her company.) I think this book is for the fans who have fallen in love with these characters. We've spent the last year since the release of All Together Dead wondering what was going to happen next, and musing about the paths the characters would take. From Dead to Worse tells us some great stories, fills in some of the personal details we've all been aching to know, and sets the stage for what will be I hope many more books to come. I think From Dead to Worse was fabulous. Brava, Ms. Harris!
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