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Paperback Four Blind Mice Book

ISBN: 0747266921

ISBN13: 9780747266921

Four Blind Mice

(Book #8 in the Alex Cross Series)

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Book Overview

Now the Mastermind is in prison, Alex Cross is ready to leave the Washington Police Force. And, finally, Alex has met a woman, Jamilla Hughes. With Nana and the kids, he is talking about the future. Until John Sampson arrives and begs him to take on one last case - his best friend has been accused of a horrific triple murder. Three women were knifed at an Army base. His fingerprints and DNA have been found - but Sampson's friend swears he has been...

Customer Reviews

7 ratings

Easy read, very fast moving.

My first Patterson novel. I'm normally not a fiction reader, but this one was very interesting. Exciting action.

I love it

Came in on time and is in great condition. I am very pleased with my purchase. I would recommend if you want a good book in good condition and at a great this is the place to go.

Patterson and Cross back at it

Once again Patterson has written a book that keeps you at the edge of your seat until you finish it!! You just can't put it down. A must read for his fans and anyone who wants to experience a good read

He's back!

Alex Cross is on the verge of resigning from the D.C. police when childhood buddy and partner, John Sampson comes to him for assistance. Sampson's friend has been framed and accused of killing three Army wives on an Army Post, so Alex and Sampson set out to prove he's been set up. In their research, they're faced with the brick wall of silence and lack of cooperation from the military, numerous similar murders, and they even end up the targets of the military trained killers.In this book, we're immediately told who the killers are, but in true James Patterson fashion, we're left sitting on the edge of our seats as we learn why they're killing, leaving clues behind and painting the bodies red, white or blue. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and felt the suspense was masterfully drawn in a manner that encourages you to continue reading until the last sentence. Unlike the previous Alex Cross books, this one gave us more of a look inside the lives of Sampson and Nana Mama and that coupled with the suspense puts this at the top of my reading list for 2002. Reviewed by Tee C. Royal

Patterson and Cross are back and in fine thriller form!!

James Patterson these days seems to have a new novel every couple of months. Readers in the last year and a half could choose between a romance novel, Suzanne?s Diary of Nicholas, a second book from a new series featuring four women, 2nd to Die, an Alex Cross novel Violets are Blue and most recently a thriller co-written with Peter DeJonge, The Beach House. And while these books were for the most part were somewhat satisfying reads, I kept waiting for James Patterson to once again write a book featuring Alex Cross as exciting as Along Came a Spider and Kiss the Girls and other titles from this series. Four Blind Mice is just this book. A return to old time Patterson known for his thriller plots, endearing characters and a plot filled with wonderful twists and turns.And when Patterson is good, one can?t help but enjoy spending time with out favorite detective/psychologist Alex Cross, his family and good friend John Samson.Still reeling from a horrendous and violent experience spent tracking down the Mastermind, Alex Cross has finally made up his mind to resign from the Washington DC police force. But before the day is over he finds himself once again embroiled in a baffling situation and one which may cause the death of his good friend John Samson?s Viet Nam buddy. Samson?s friend is about to be executed for the brutal murder of three military wives. But this decorated military man from the beginning claimed he was framed and is totally innocent although he can?t really supply an alibi. Alex promises himself this will be his last case and begins to investigate the murders. As he and Alex move deeper and deeper into the case they suspect that men known as the three blind mice, massacres during the Viet Nam war and higher ups at West Point may be involved in the systematic murder of innocent people and the framing of military personnel who are equally innocent. As Cross and Samson crisscross the country it becomes clear that there is a fourth blind mice. Who this is and why the cover up provides readers with an ending hard to imagine.In Four Blind Mice, Patterson provides readers with a fast and thrilling read. But if one expects only a thriller read, they may have to think again. For within the plot the reader once again returns to visit with Alex?s lovable grandmother Nana Cross, his three children, a new love woman in his life Jamilla and even a love interest for John Samson.I highly recommend reading this book if you?ve followed the series up to now. And even if you?ve never read any of these books you owe it to yourself to become familiar with this author and his Alex Cross characters. As for me, my faith is restored in thisauthor. After a couple of so so Patterson books, I finally read one that I truly enjoyed. And I am happy to say that Four Blind Mice is exactly what I wanted. An old time Patterson book. The kind of read which kept me turning the pages throughout the night wondering what?s going to happen next. Once again I

James Patterson has got me hooked on Four Blind Mice!

Wow! This was definitely a fun reader. I loved the fast chapters and the vivid content. I finished the book in less than a week. Once I started, I could not get my hands off it. It was as though I was watching a movie.The bonds Alex Cross shares with the other characters make the whole plot roll. Now, I know what people are talking about when they say he takes you on a "roller coaster" ride.I'm so glad I experienced the book. Thank you Mr. Patterson.

A great entry in the Cross series.

Three women are found brutally murdered. Their bodies, painted blue from head to toe, are positioned in an obscene way. The accused man is Sergeant Ellis Cooper.Cooper is found with the murder weapon, as well as photographs depicting the murder. This should be an open and shut case, but Cooper swears his innocence, claiming he has been framed by the Army. After being found guilty, and awaiting sentencing, Cooper calls his good friend John Sampson who then enlists his good friend, and expert detective, Alex Cross.Cross and Sampson journey to the Army base in South Carolina with hopes to find something that can turn the verdict around, but are they too late? Upon Arriving at the base the two men are given an un-friendly welcome and when they begin looking through the crime reports, and interviewing several witnesses they find suspicious evidence that could prove the man is innocent, but why isn't the Army doing anything? Cross knows that something is not right, but how is the Army involved, and what are they covering up? The further Cross becomes involved in the "Blue Lady Murders" another body is found, and he begins receiving letters from the "Foot Soldier" taunting him that an innocent man is being set up.As the pressure rises for Cross to find the real killer, so does the tension between him and Sampson as their friendship is pushed to the limits.`Four Blind Mice' is another Patterson page-turner that shocks with each new plot twist. It's pointless to go on and on about the good points in this new novel because it's EXCELLENT like all the previous books in the series; gripping plot, short punchy chapters, brutal murders, vicious killers, and shocks galore. No reader of the Cross series will be disappointed.James Patterson is the best writer in the thriller genre...period. What else can I say? The man is a genius, his novels are always original, they always surprise, and they always provide a few hours of total enjoyment. There is no other author who has consistently written excellent novels for as long as he has, and there probably never will be.Expect `Four Blind Mice' to dominate the number one spot on all the best-seller lists. This is a MUST read!Nick Gonnella
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