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Hardcover The Force Unleashed Campaign Guide Book

ISBN: 0786947438

ISBN13: 9780786947430

The Force Unleashed Campaign Guide

(Part of the Star Wars Roleplaying Game (D20) Series)

Unleash the Force and fight the Empire. The Emperor has swept away the last vestiges of the Old Republic. Darth Vader and his dark apprentice hunt down the surviving Jedi one by one, but a few escape capture and find refuge on backwater worlds. Fewer still reach deep into the Force, unleashing powers beyond their wildest imaginings. Meanwhile, other brave heroes rise to oppose the tyranny of the Empire, heralding the birth of the Rebellion. This campaign...


Format: Hardcover

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Customer Reviews

5 ratings


Excellent book, it has a lot of new stuff for all of the classes stuff for running a campaign in this time period and even stuff i found usefull in the military campaign I'm runing.

Great Addition to the SWRpg Materials

First off just opening this book shows its different from all of the rest that have been put out so far, the inside covers are a bright red which certainly gets the imagination flowing. For any campaign player or Gamemaster this book is wonderful if you are jumping into any Star Wars era and are looking for a twist to Jedi/Sith skills/talents/feats/classes. This book certainly brings the 'unleashed' to life for role playing purposes.

Tons of options

As in the title, the greatest of witch is the unleashed one. A must have if you're running the Dawn of Defiance adventures. Optimum product by WOTC as always!

Saga Edition: Unleashed

I am a casual SW:SE player and I find that I truly enjoy the two recent campaign settings that WotC has put out for it (This and Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide (Star Wars Roleplaying Game)). Each adds a great deal to your options, has splendid flavor and lore intertwined and seems like it had some decent production value (especially Force Unleashed, as it has actual concept art from the game of the same name Star Wars: The Force Unleashed). But now, onto the review. Chapter 0: Introduction The introduction is done exceedingly well. It begins by giving a short situation report on the status of the galaxy; How the Republic has fallen and the Dark Times are upon the beings of the galaxy. Then, it goes on to summarize what you will find in each chapter of the book. It then explains how a Force Unleashed campaign is markedly different from the other era's you might play in. Much more so than the Rebellion Era, the Empire is supreme. There's no Rebel Alliance to help you when you're in dire straights, it's quite an epic set up for You vs The Empire. The last part of this chapter is six item timeline of events that span the Dark Times. It begins with the execution of Order 66 and Palpatine's New Order speech, and ends with the Corellian Treaty, where the Rebel Alliance was born. This is an excellent primer for the rest of the book. Chapter 1: Species We have 10 new species for everyone to try out. Each species block is approximately a page long, give or take, and they're as detailed as they were in the Core Rulebook. I found each of their descriptions to be brief, but full of good information about their species and important events in their history. It's a very nice smattering of races that cover a good bit of the spectrum, from feral Felucians to the pacifistic Caamasi and the mysterious Yarkoa. Other races include the Aleena, Gran, Nosaurian, Talz, Togorian, Togruta, and Whiphid. Chapter 2: Heroic Traits This chapter begins with ideas for character origins, such as what first made your character start upon the path of a hero. It continues into a section tailored to each Heroic class, explaining their lots in the new order and offering new options for talents, or even new talent trees! Jedi get two new talents for each the Consular, Guardian and Sentinel trees. Nobles get a single new Inspiration talent, two Lineage talents and a new Ideologue tree. Smugglers make out with three Slicer talents, and five new talents from a Smuggling talent tree. Scouts get a single Awareness talent and a six-talent tree called Spy. Soldiers get five skills from the Mercenary talent tree. After this, there are new ways to use current skills, such as Acrobatics helping out in Low/High gravity or how to conceal large items with Stealth. 20 new feats await your discriminating eye, a couple new Destinies, and, of course, the much awaited Unleashed Abilities. The Unleashed abilities seem very interesting. They are very cinematic and can potentially turn a ver

Better than the videogame, a fraction of the cost

Can't really go wrong here. WoTC did it again with this one, possibly better than their recent kotor supplement (comes down to a matter of taste really). I shall list the new features for your reading pleasure, in hopes that you purchase this product and perpetuate the WoTC Star Wars line. New Species: Aleena, Caamasi, Chiss, Felucian, Gran, Nosaurian, Talz, Togorian, Togruta, Whiphid, Yarkora New Talents: Various new talents for every class. New trees include Noble's Ideologue tree, Scoundrel's Smuggling tree, Scout's Spy tree, and a nicely expanded Soldier's Mercenary tree from Threats of The Galaxy. Feats: Twenty new feats, all of which seem pretty useful (lots of rage enhancements here). The real cream of the crop is the Unleashed feat, which greatly enhances the Destiny Point mechanic. Prestige Classes: Bounty Hunters and Jedi Knights get some new talents, Elite Trooper gets a Critical Master tree, and Force Adepts get an Imperial Inquisitor tree. New prestige classes include: Enforcer, Independent Droid, Infiltrator, Master Privateer, Medic, and Saboteur. New Force Abilities: The real draw here (for me at least). Obviously, Unleashed Force powers are very very cool. New powers include: Corruption, Force Blast, Force Shield, Force Storm, Kinetic Combat, and Repulse. Each Force tree (Alter Control, Sense, Dark Side) gets new talents and there's a slew of new force powers and force secrets. Other: New equipment all around, an in-depth chapter on the Empire, a slew of new vehicles, and the mandatory stats for characters of the era. I'm probably leaving some stuff out but that's really the bulk of it. Highly recommended.
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