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Hardcover For Women Only: What You Need to Know about the Inner Lives of Men Book

ISBN: 1590523172

ISBN13: 9781590523179

For Women Only: What You Need to Know about the Inner Lives of Men

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Format: Hardcover

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Book Overview

Discover the truth he wants you to know in this revised and updated edition of the landmark bestseller that reveals what every woman--single or married--needs to know about the important man in her... This description may be from another edition of this product.

Customer Reviews

10 ratings

This book changed my life!

I absolutely loved this book. It was in great condition when I received it. The contents are changing. It opened my eyes to the world of a man's brain and has allowed me to be much more understanding, empathetic, and gracious to the men in my life. I absolutely recommend it!

Cannot Recommend This Book Enough!

The title may sound a bit hokey, but this book is a quick read, and the content is a gamechanger. It offers insight into how men perceive, process and pioritize, and it has helped me to better understand and appreciate the men in my life.

Biased, horribly written research questions

Her survey questions are very leading and some of the answers were even thrown out when they didn't line up with her narrative, which she admits to in the book! Who does that?! She seems to have an agenda. The book contains a lot of very misleading, damaging teaching. She teaches that men are fragile and need to be coddled and discourages wives from communicating with their husbands. This only scratches the surface. Watch out for this one.

If only I had known this information 52 years ago!

This book caused me to see my husband's behavior that perplexed me in a totally different way. God made him that way on purpose! So when I approach him differently, the results are different. I now buy these books in bulk and give them to younger married women so they can learn sooner than I did.

A must buy for all women’

Absolutely LOVE this book! I think this is a must buy for every woman. I always knew men were different but didn’t know their thought process was the way her researched proved it to be. I feel like I can communicate more effectively. Thank you Shaunti!!


Of course, I always knew: Men are different. I just never came across such a simple and compelling presentation of their world view and how it effects their actions and reactions. All of a sudden, seemingly "odd" behavior has become understandable to me. No longer do I automatically get offended by it or unintentionally push their buttons! Another book full of amazing relationship insights and practical advice in an easy to read package is How to Create a Magical Relationship: The 3 Simple Ideas that Will Instantaneously Transform Your Love Life. A new and fresh look at possibilities! Check out these books and see what happens!

Wonderful transaction.

The book was in mint condition, I was very satisfied with this seller.

Wife's complete guidebook to loving & understanding her man

When my best friend told me about Shaunti Feldhahn's book For Women Only: What You Need to Know About the Inner Lives of Men, I didn't quite believe it could top my absolute favorite book on relating to men: Dr. Laura Schlessinger's Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands. But after searching every book store in town to find For Women Only, I came home and read it in one sitting. For Women Only needs a better cover, but that's my only complaint. Inside the striped cover of For Women Only, I found a concise, encouraging message that motivated me to apply what I discovered in its pages. More succinct and less blunt, with scriptural principles instead of crass terms, For Women Only now tops Proper Care and Feeding on my list. For Women Only is a must-read for every woman who has (or hopes to have) a man in her life. It is a book I will go back to time and again (along with the articles in this February's issue of Focus on the Family Magazine), for reminders on the best way to love, respect, and support my man. But I would still recommend Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands for additional guidance--you can't beat Dr. Laura's signature down-to-earth practicality. Shaunti's book had two chapters that Dr. Laura's didn't. From Shaunti I learned about a man's visual Rolodex that he battles every day (which relates to what she and Dr. Laura both have to say about how important it is that we look good for our man). And her research revealed that men really do like romance, their definition of it just varies from ours sometimes. For Women Only is written based on results from a survey Shaunti conducted of hundreds of men. The revelations of the survey astounded her, especially when she found out that they were the very things her husband had always wished she had known about him. After you read For Women Only, you will be thankful that Shaunti felt compelled to share her findings with the rest of us. The seven truths she shares will have a dramatic effect on your relationship with your man. The seven principles will guide you as you seek to better support, respect, and understand the men in your life. For Women Only combines the wisdom of Dr. Emerson Eggerichs' book Love and Respect, with the sometimes startling truths of Stephen Arterbur's Every Man's Battle, and the wisdom of Dr. Laura's Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands, for a wife's complete guidebook to loving and understanding her man. It's For Women Only...and only every woman should read it.

This book changed my marriage

I thought I was happily married, I mean, come on I love my husband, and he loves me. I'm a Flight Attendant and successful author, what is there left to learn about men, that I don't know. Then I saw an interview with Shaunti on TV and I was stunned. The book sounded facinating. She interviewed 1,000 guys and tallied up the results. I got the book - read it in one setting and then quizzed my husband. "Honey, you don't think you?" He did. My eyes were opened. And I saw my husband as "so different" from me, someone who responds to different things, will respond differently than me. You need to get this book. I have told everyone I know, men and woman, this book will change your marriage.

Spot ON!

I am a bookstore junkie, big time, and one of my absolute favorite bookstores is LifeWay. While I was browsing one day about a month ago, I came across this book in the new release section. Having already read a fiction book by Shaunti Feldhahn, I picked up this non-fiction book even though I thought the cover was rather lame (also, Beth Moore's favorable quote on the cover got my attention). I started reading and by the time I had scanned (in depth) the first 3 chapters, I knew I was on to something important. My wife is not as "into" these types of books as I am, so I chose to run it by her first. I waited a couple of days until the moment seemed right to bring up the topic, and asked her if she wouldn't mind if I gave her the book (I explained it briefly) - she said she wouldn't mind at all. So I bought it the next day and gave it to her that night. My wife is a processor, luckily for me, and she is reading a chapter every few days and then letting that one soak in. If you should choose to read this book, I would urge you to take your time reading it. Each chapter goes into depth in a particular area concerning men, but does so in a way that is not bogged down in psych tech-speak. At a point about 4 chapters in, she asked me to read the book and decide which chapters fit me more than others - she wanted me to, in essence, rank the chapters. She had a tough time wording how she was feeling as she read more and more of the book, but what I gather is that she is genuinely taken aback by what the author has found out about men, and possibly even having a little trouble processing all the information, some of which, no doubt, is new to her, or if not new, I dare say she had no idea as to the depth. After reading the book myself, this is what I want to say to you, the wives. There is no chapter in this book that doesn't hit home and thus felicitously apply to what I believe would be a normal man, and by normal, I mean most of us. Much of what is contained in this book is of a deeply personal nature - stuff that some of us men would feel (to varying degrees) uncomfortable talking about with our wives. Just let me try to say what most if not all of husbands would say to their wives if asked by their wives about the content of this book. * "Yes, the contents of the book are true, even though it may be alarming (maybe even shocking) to you." * "It's possible that some chapters may apply more than others, but trust me, the entirety of this book is dead on target, with all chapters applying to the makeup of who I am." * "Sometimes I wish God had not `hard-wired' me to be like this, but I know with total certainty that I am created in the image of God - I am created exactly the way God intended, thus, in retrospect, 100% of the time, after consideration, I am very glad God created me like this." * "Likewise, though you are indeed so often a puzzle to me, I am equally glad God created you to be mysterious to me, because it's more ofte
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