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Hardcover Five Nations Book

ISBN: 0786936908

ISBN13: 9780786936908

Five Nations

(Book #4 in the Eberron D&D 3.5 manuals Series)

Chapters: Afrika Bambaataa, Dj Jazzy Jeff


Format: Hardcover

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Customer Reviews

4 ratings

Better than some Eberron supplements

I got this book a few months ago and took my time getting to it. Eberron is not my favorite campaign setting. In order to get into the whole setting, I need more information. Good information. Less new feats or prestige classes that don't work for me and more background stuff. Tell me about the world I exist in! That's what this book is. It's the flavor text to flush out some of the main Khorvaire nations. We got one city previously, what about the rest? Well here they are. Overall, I found the book to be short again, like many other Eberron supplements. Another 40-50 pages would have been well worth it. Since Eberron has emphasized the Last War and how it affected all the nations, it was very good to see solid sections on how relations are seen by those on high and the average commoner. It helps develop the background for a new PC. A few quick known NPCs for each give a nice touch for some campaigns run on the fly. Even if they are used directly, they can be used as indirect things that help move the world the PCs run in. Some organizations are also provided for each nation, complete with a how to guide for joining or being members. Sometimes it gets a little complex with the bookkeeping and less with the actual RP. So, it's better than most of the Eberron supplements out there and worth it if you run an Eberron campaign.

Additional Eberron Material

I guess the days when you buy a campaign set and everything is included are long gone. "Eberron: Five Nations" is a new, hardcover supplement for the Eberron campaign setting and provides some additional meat to that campaign. It would have been great for this to be included all in the original campaign but such is life in RPGs. This supplement specifically covers what has become known as the five nations. A detailed history explains how these were once united into one kingdom with a tradition of choosing a new successor to the throne. But when five rulers chose to ignore the rules of succession a hundred years war erupted, tearing the lands apart into the five distinct kingdoms of Aundair, Breland, Mournland, Karrnath, and Thrane. Each of these five lands are covered in the book with a detailed map, information about it's people, notable places, groups, and social structure. There are also adventure hooks provided for each region that the enterprising DM can use to build scenarios from. For example in Aundair players can traverse the Crying Fields which, during full moons, becomes haunted with undead. Encounter tables are provided as the players can run into some of the most dreaded forms of undead including wraiths, specters, vampires, shadows, even liches. The book provides several new prestige classes like the Knight Phantom, Dark Lantern, and Cyran Avenger. The Knight Phantoms are wizard knights that are similar to the Eldtritch Knights found in the DM's guide. They are known for riding upon phantom steeds. The Dark Lanterns are the spies and assassins for the crown of Breland. They have a unique blend of fighting, stealth, and diplomacy skills, perfectly suited for missions of espionage. They gain the slippery mind skill which allows them an extra save to escape from charm/mind control spells. The Cyran Avenger is kind of an Avenging Ranger class whose combat proficiencies are combined with hunting and tracking skills. The Cyran Avenger gains a benefit called an Avenging Strike that can be performed on any creature that has harmed an ally of the Cyran Avenger. This strike provides extra damage to the attack. There are also the ubiquitous new monsters and such. Like most WOC it has top production values; the art is uniformly good throughout and book the book is bound very well. The information is maybe a bit superfluous however. It provides added depth but it's not required reading. Eberron definitely has a different feel than The Forgotten Realms though and if you're looking for a different campaign than Forgotten Realms, then Eberron is a good choice. Reviewed by Tim Janson

My review

This book is great it offers so much to anybody that wishes to play an ebberon campaign and more the visuals are amazing and the text is easy to refferance I give this book an over all two thumbs up way up.

Cool new book for Eberron detailing the Five Nations

Firstly the book looks nice; the artwork is on par with what you would expect from an Eberron book. The new prestige classes look kinda cool. The 5 facts every *insert nation here* citizen knows is cool flavour. The Five Nations are explored in some detail; Aundair, Breland, Cyre/The Mornland, Karrnath and Thrane. The book begins with an introduction which outlines the origins of the nations and the last war. It then moves into a chapter on each of the nations, so there are like, 5 chapters Scoob. The nation by nation layout of chapters would great if there was a way to cross reference stuff (EG. an index...) Each of the nations is provided in some detail, people, places, the locals, adventuring in country and power groups too. A number of chapters include prestige classes and Chapter 3 has The Lord of the Blades, picture, stats and all. (I must say I was a bit disappointed by that, I mean either keep him a mysterious figure or make him unique, he does not even use a unique weapon for example, however his armor additions are kind of cool.) I enjoyed the chapter on Karrnath; the political aspects of this nation are intriguing. However for all its good stuff, the book does have some basic failings NO INDEX! This is the worst of the books flaws. *Start Rant* Why of why, release a reference book but don't include an index! Did you not learn your lesson from Sharn: City of Towers, where the author put an index(es) on his website as they were not printed in the book? *End Rant* The prestige class divided by country chapter is a different alternative to the usual style of presentation (eg all in one chapter) however it seems to work in this book. It is a little thin (only 160 pages and some of the pages at the back are advertisements!) Don't try and sell me more stuff, make the book I bought better (EG. AN INDEX!!!!!)
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