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Fallen Angel

(Book #2 in the Angel Series)

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Book Overview

He thought he'd never find heaven again . . . until he met her. Matthew Gallow is a fallen angel, cast out of heaven for daring to disbelieve. Furious, frustrated, and empty, he roams the earth,... This description may be from another edition of this product.

Customer Reviews

5 ratings

Angels, demons and rock stars

Mother-and-daughter writing pairing Margaret and Lizz Weis have produced an interesting book with an insight into the busy and stressful life of concert promotion. Natalia Ashley is the manager of the hugely-successful rock star Cain. Her life is one of constant telephone calls, living on the road, enjoying the music. However her charge's latest concert tour isn't going as well and Natalia thinks it needs an extra zing - when she hears of a priest apparently casting out demons she thinks he might help to add something to the set. When Natalia meets priest Matthew Gallow she's surprised by him; clearly he is a fraud but he is a very good one and agrees eventually to help with Cain's concerts. There's much more to Matthew than Natalia realises though; as a fallen angel Matthew has lived for two thousand years and nothing feels special or important anymore. However meeting Natalia and becoming involved in a genuine exorcism seem to have awakened Matthew, not only to his feelings and senses but also to the suspicion that something dodgy is going on out there. It seems that Cain may have got sucked into something more serious than he - or Natalia - realise, but Matthew doesn't believe he's the one to sort it out. After all, he's a fallen angel. But can he really walk away from Natalia and her problems, and can they have a future? I did enjoy reading this book and the dual authorship didn't impact at all on the story as it sometimes can. I felt slightly distant from the main characters, not able to fully sympathise with or understand them, and I was left slightly confused at the end as to what exactly had happened in the final pages. Still it was worth reading and the rock concert scene was a different setting than the norm. Originally published for Curled Up With A Good Book © Helen Hancox 2008

Enchanting Review: Fallen Angel

FALLEN ANGEL MARGARET AND LIZZ WEIS Paranormal Romance Avon Paranormal Romance Rating: 4.5 Enchantments As a FALLEN ANGEL, Matthew Gallow has spent his time perfecting his exorcism con. He's spent the last two thousand years in a state of simple existence, not feeling, doing nothing but existing. But that all changes the night of the televised exorcism. It was supposed to be a big time con with his partner up front, waiting to be `saved' from the demon inside her. Instead, he's blindsided by the reporter who puts a teenage girl in front of him, a girl who is truly possessed. Suddenly, it's all too real and Matthew all of a sudden can do the one thing he hasn't been able to in thousands of years--feel. Natalia Ashley is the manager of one of the hottest rock star's around, Cain. It should be her dream job, but the tour isn't going so well and Cain is starting to act out, including getting himself arrested for trashing his hotel room. Its in the aftermath that she sees a promo for the televised exorcism with Father Gallow. Thinking it might play well in the concert if he attempts to do an exorcism on Cain during the finale, she finds herself booking a flight to Tennessee to see it in person and meet him in person. But she isn't prepared for what she finds; sure, she's certain the handsome Father Gallow isn't anything more than a con artist but there's more to him than that, something she could never be prepared for. One of the most unique paranormal romances I've read, FALLEN ANGEL quickly earned a spot on my keeper shelf. Though the romance aspect between Natalia and Matthew has a slow build, the paranormal aspect keeps the story moving at a good pace. Matthew is a great tortured hero, trying to get over his past and acclimate himself to his newfound feelings, not to mention his attraction to Natalia, a mortal woman who he knows he's going to outlive. I especially loved Woof, the ghostly grandfather of Natalia that only Matthew can see and he provided some great scenes. But one of my favorite scenes of the book was when Natalia saves Matthew from the press soon after the televised exorcism. I loved how the author showed their compatibility with having her say she wanted exactly what Matthew had been craving: hash browns. Anyone looking for a paranormal romance with a twist should pick up FALLEN ANGEL. Hands down one of my favorite reads of the year. Margaret Weis is a New York Times bestselling author. Her Dragonlance® series has sold over twenty million copies worldwide, and the first book in that series, Dragons of Autumn Twilight, is being made into an animated film by Paramount Pictures. Lizz Weis is a former novel editor, who currently works in the financial industry. Lizz lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, with her pet rabbit Terry. Lisa Enchanting Reviews November 2008

A little tarnish on the halo, doesn't hinder in the fight against evil

Fallen angel Matthew Gallow has lost his wings but not his immortality. Matthew's existence, which has spanned many mortal lifetimes, weighs heavily upon him. He makes his living continuing to flaunt the rebellion against God which cost him his place in heaven, he is a con-man performing fake exorcisms. The long years have deadened Matthew to sensation and emotion until the day his con takes a turn for the real and he actually exorcises a real demon, only barely managing to survive. The exoricism is a turning point for Matthew in more ways than one, not only does the brush with death bring Matthew back to 'life' with feelings, tastes and colors reappearing, but the exorcism is witnessed by rock band manager Natalie who sees Matthew's act as just the thing to pump up the ending to her rocker Cain's floundering stage show - Natalie wants Matthew to perform his exorcism on Cain during the big finale number 'Possesion'. But even as Matthew finds himself falling for the vital and attractive Natalie, there are evil forces surrounding Cain and his act. And soon in the ultimate battle between the forces of good and evil, the forces of good are relying on Matthew, an angel with a tarnished halo and long abandoned faith. Though billed as a fantasy romance, Fallen Angel is not super romancey. There is a relationship between Natalie and Matthew but it is not at the forefront of the action, just a side note. Still there is plenty of action and the plot unfolds nicely building the suspense. Matthew is sympathetic as the con man angel who paradoxically tells the truth and Natalie has such a wonderful attitude about life that the way she revives Matthew's interest in life is totally believable. Also adding a fun side element to the mix is Natalie's ghost hippie grandfather - he adds some humor to the serious goings on. On the whole I found Fallen Angel to be entertaining, original and a nice change of pace - also appealing is that even though the Weis pair also wrote another angel novel together (Warrior Angel), Fallen Angel is completely stand-alone, but I love the angel theme and hope that they write more.

spellbinding character driven paranormal possession thriller

He was a martyr when he was burned at the stake. However Matthew Gallow devout Christian in life fell from grace in death. He was sent back to earth as a human. In his second reincarnation, Matthew is a drunken con artist. He makes money to pay for his alcohol as a charlatan shamming clients by performing phony exorcisms. However something goes wrong when he actually succeeds in casting out a demon from a teenager. He becomes famous with everyone wanting him. Music Manager Natalia Ashley hires Matthew to perform when her superstar Cain performs his mega hit "Possession". The money is too good to say no. However, neither the manager nor the FALLEN ANGEL knows that Cain signed another contract with Satan; in exchange for fame and fortune, he will convert his fans into the devil's army. The second angelic collaboration (see WARRIOR ANGELS) from mother-daughter Weis is a tereific and spellbinding character driven paranormal possession thriller. The Faustian story line is exciting, but the strong cast makes it a fun tale and not just the tormented title star. On Matthew's team besides Nat is an archangel who must have worked the borscht belt-burlesque circuit with deprecating gallows humor the shtick, a dormouse who must have come from Alice's Wonderland, and grandfather Woof the Dead-head ghost; on the other "Faust" side is Satan, Cain, and their fans. The team Weis fans will enjoy this superb supernatural. Harriet Klausner

4.5 Bookmarks from Wild on Books!

Matthew Gallow is an angel, a fallen one, but still considered a heavenly being. A martyr over 1600 years ago. Matthew was thrown out of heaven for his disbelief. Refusing to apologize or ask forgiveness, Matthew has spent his immortal life wandering the Earth and changing careers every so often. His career now is that of `Father' Gallow, exorcist. Of course, he doesn't REALLY exorcise demons, he tricks unsuspecting church followers out of their money. With no faith to believe in Matthew drinks and plans about his next `revival' - until the night he actually does cast out a demon and almost dies in the process. His world in chaos, Matthew has no choice but to follow Natalia Ashley to Las Vegas and the gig she talked him into agreeing to. After all, who better to sin in "sin city" than a FALLEN ANGEL, right? To band manager Natalia Ashley, her life and career are all about the music. Raised by a hippy grandfather until his death, Natalia grew up on the road following bands. The manager for Cain, a rocker with a passion for the devil, Natalia sees Matthew's latest revival and while she knows without a doubt he is milking the faithful of his audiences out of thousands, she doesn't care. She needs an over-the-top gimmick to keep Cain's fans coming to his concerts since they seem to be tanking and Cain's behavior is getting more out of control daily. She just needs to convince Matthew to go along with it. Natalie and Matthew have no idea what has really happened to Cain. All too soon, however, they will find out and the results are earth shattering as good battles evil in a battle as old as time. FALLEN ANGEL starts out with a bang and the action never stops. Seeing the title to this book, I knew I had to read it - especially after the blurb. Matthew Gallow is a fallen angel. A Christian who was put to death so many years ago when it was deadly at times to be a Christian. Like Christianity, Matthew's faith was new to him at his time of death and so once in Heaven, Matthew voiced questions and concerns and had a hard time following the program. His behavior and disbelief got him sent back to Earth as an immortal. Matthew drinks. He plays around with loose women. But most of all he thinks. He thinks about his wife from so long ago. He wonders about what would have happened had he not fallen. And when Natalia Ashley shows up in his life he wonders what his life would be like if a woman as beautiful as she fell in love with him. Matthew does not have to wait long because Natalia has been fixated upon "Father" Gallow from the first moment she sees his face on the news - she travels across country just to meet him. Despite her infatuation, Natalia still doesn't understand that Matthew's last exorcism was in fact, real. She thinks he is a fake and while she isn't disrespectful to Matthew, I can feel her underlying laughter. Materialistic and realistic at times, Natalia is focused on making money and music. It isn't until t
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