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Paperback Eyes of a Killer/Behind Enemy Lines Book

ISBN: 0312245149

ISBN13: 9780312245146

Eyes of a Killer/Behind Enemy Lines

Looks at life in the urban ghetto through novellas dealing with the drug-infested underworld and weapons-smuggling.


Format: Paperback

Condition: Like New


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Customer Reviews

5 ratings


These two guys don't candy coat anything. This book will make you pay attention. I recommend it.


It can't get any better than this! When I found out that Kane and Abel had wrote a novel I begged my mom to get it for me b/c I've hardly heard of a rapper/writer. Specially at the level that Kane and Abel are at. This book blew me away from the beginning to the end. I'm black but i'm not from the hood or any ghettos and i believe that anybody can read this book. Gangbangers,adults,teenagers,nerds, it doesn't matter. If you can't relate to the harsh reality of this world then maybe you don't need to read it but i loved it. Whenever someone talks about books I always mention this one becasue it stays in my mind when I think about "my greatest books" list. The two stories in this book are completely different but they are both tight. Just go cop it, believe me.~~Special K

Two outstanding stories.

Keep up the good work. Both stories were well plotted and written. Also, good luck with that case. I am praying that this matter will be resolve as soon as possible. What up with No Limit? I have not heard you guys on the new releases. I hope No Limit records and Master P have not turned their back on you guys. Because it seems that way. I bet if the shocker, c-murder, snoopy dogg or Mia X were caught up in this decieving legal system that Master P will be clearing up this matter. I truely believe that NO Limit have turn their back on you guys. If so, keep your heads up and continue to pray to God. He will help guide you guys in the right direction. And for P and the NO Limit Click practice what you preach or stop preaching it. Because True Soldier do not turn their back on friends. Kane and Abel take care and keep your trust in the Lord. I can not wait to read the next book "Speed of Darkness".

Keep up the good work.

Kane and Abel I would like to thank you guys for two good stories. You guys are outstanding. I know you guys are going through some trials at this time but keep your trust in your Maker. I hope Master P and the rest of the No Limit click are helping you guys clear this mess up. I did not hear anyone from No Limit representing you guys. A couple of months ago I heard that C-murder, Master P's brother had Johnny Cochran in Louisiana for a traffic ticket. When, I read the information about what was going on I did not hear Master P or any from No Limit representing you guys. If No Limit have turn their back on you guys for this they are fake and that statement is coming from my heart. If C-Murder can get Johnny Corchran for a traffic ticket you guys should get Johnny Corchran and the rest of the dream for this issue. Because I really want to see if Master P will be there when his homies call or is he Bout it Bout it or Fake Fake.

A must read book for all readers.

I like to comment these two guys on their first well written novel. You guys are already great rappers but now writers that's cool. The first story "Eyes of a Killer" was so good that I read it a second time before reading the next story. However the second story "Behind Enemies Line" was as good as "Eyes of Killers", and I also read this story twice. I think that "Eyes of a Killer" would be a great movie. Take this story to the Big Screen if you can. It will sell. Both stories were unique, full of energy, and excited. I was so starle by you guys street knowledge I bought my best friend this book for her birthday. She loves reading Donald Goines books and I know she will enjoy reading these two well plotted, heart stopping, and eye opener stories. I can not wait to read you guys next book "The Speed of Darkness." Please hurry up in finished it. You guys are talented rappers and writers-Keep the great work up! Tru Soldiers
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