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Hardcover Everquest Players Handbook, Everquest RPG Book

ISBN: 1588461254

ISBN13: 9781588461254

Everquest Players Handbook, Everquest RPG

(Part of the EverQuest RPG Series)

EVERQUEST ITS YOUR WORLD NOW! It reigns supreme as the world's #1 MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) and now the setting and characters of EverQuest are available in the original... This description may be from another edition of this product.


Format: Hardcover

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Customer Reviews

5 ratings

Perfect 3rd Ed book

If you buy any 3rd Edition rule book this is the one to get. It is just shy of being completly self-containted. Unlike this book, anything produced from a 3rd party still requires the WOTC core books as a component to play. All the classic races and classes are here in this book. So far from what I can see is that it lacks only two things, monsters and advanced classes (providing that hasn't been acounted for the creation of the class system in this)Not to mention the art is pretty nice in there too, a rarity in alot of these poorly illistrated RPG books and WOTC is guilty of the same thing. Ahh, finaly an Everquest where Shadowknights and Paladins don't happily co-exist. An Everquest where an Iksar could logicly choose to be a rogue for adventuring beyond Kunark.

EverQuest RPG

This game from Sword and Sorcery Studios is great for all type of roleplayers from beginners to advanced. The game, based on the EverQuest computer game, takes roleplayers into the actual realm of Norrath. As a player, you are offered a variety of races from the EQ game. You can play races such as the Dark Elves, Erudites, and Vah Shir. Each picks a class to play from the game such as the Enchanter, Beastlord, and Shadow Knight. Characters are then given points to spend on their skills and some character classes can cast spells or songs, as in the computer game. The game uses the familiar d20 system used by Dungeons and Dragons 3rd Edition with some slight differences. One of them being instead of rolling your attributes, you spend points to buy them. The game even gives you a conversion chart to create your PC character into a roleplaying character.The book is full color, over 400 plus pages, hardbound, and has great art of scenes from the EQ world, but great writing as well. The price is cheaper than most roleplaying games that large and it is worth every penny. For Dungeons and Dragons fans, the character classes can be easily used in your own games or you can bring D & D characters into the world of EverQuest. This book is a must buy for all EverQuest fans, fantasy gamer fans, and fantasy fans alike.

Evercrack! ...the RPG

I haven't read through the entire book, yet. It's THAT big. What a true bargain! Gorgeous artwork, great writing. It'll be another way to feed my addiction!

A Great Book !!

What can I say 400 pages full color for only [$$$], in todays RPG market that's a great deal. Well layed out easy to find information. An excellent job bringing Norrath to the table top. Can hardly wait to see more. Thanks SSS !!

Wonderful New D20 Setting

As someone who objects vehemently against having to pay monthly charges on a game I have already bought, I decided early on not to get involved in the whole Everquest fad. As a result I have no bias toward the game one way or the other, though I was curious about it.I finally picked it up at the game shop and was staggered first of all by the thickness of the book, easily one-and-a-half times the thickness of most core rulebooks. It contains over 1000 spells as well as a completely new set of races and classes that can be used in any D20 system game. Beyond that, the setting was good, with lots of locales that fired my imagination and a backstory of warring gods whose conflicts have been handed down to their mortal progeny. The ART! The artwork is fantastic--FULL COLOR and beautiful (except for a couple of real stinkers).The only real weakness I saw was that there wasn't a hint of who any of the creatures and antagonists are. Yeah, yeah, it's in another book--but what am I supposed to do until then? What I've taken to doing is looking up online information about the creatures from Everquest on the various fan sites out there and improving the stats based on the descriptions.Good book though!
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