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Paperback Endless Night Book

ISBN: 0843951842

ISBN13: 9780843951844

Endless Night

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Format: Paperback

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Book Overview

Sixteen-year-old Jody and a twelve-year-old boy are the only two survivors when a gang of killers breaks in and slaughters everyone in sight. But now one of the killers is out to remove the only living witnesses

Customer Reviews

5 ratings

This is the one that got me into Laymon

This book is horror and violence at its best! This is the one that got me on a Laymon binge and I have read almost all of his novels since reading this about 4 years ago. It is the story of Jody, she is at her friends house for the night when a group of psychos who call themselves the Krulls break into the house and begin to slaughter everyone in it. The Krulls do this sort of thing regularly and usually burn down the houses afterward to destroy any evidence left behind. Anyway, Jody and her friend's brother Andy somehow manage to escape and are chased around the neighborhood. Simon Quirt is forced to take on the task of locating the surviviors and dispatch them or the Krulls will kill all the women in his life close to him (girlfriend, sisters, etc.) Although he has no problem with that because being the psycho that he is, he wants his own time with the young girl. Soon Simon gets the feeling that he is being screwed by his fellow Krulls and decides to make a tape detailing alot of the Krulls crimes. The parts of the story with Simon are told through his POV as he spills his guts on the tape. Though most of the story is spent developing the character of Simon, there isnt much development of Jody or Andy. There is some weird sexual overtones with Jody (age 16) and Andy (age 12). I found myself wondering if Laymon was gonna have the two of them hooking-up (which would have been major stretch even for Laymon). other than that it was an awsome read with over the top violence and blood and a few great chase scenes. I have always wanted them to make a movie out of this book and hope one day they do.


Endless night starts with a big bang and takes off running from the very first chapter! This is another one of laymons best books due to it's fast bloody start and sick messed up characters, Richard laymon is without a doubt the most hardcore vicious horror author out there and yes that includes jack ketchum and edward lee...Theres a home invasion, a mass murder, a chase and a sick back story from a twisted killer bent on rapeing and killing the main character who happens to only be a young teen girl...Reading laymons books and enjoying them makes you question yourself about weather or not your right in the head but it's all so much fun now isn't it?

Behold the KING

Laymon was the best horror writer that ever lived. If you want to read great literature then dont read Laymon. If you're twisted and want to read something totally crazy and entertaining then Laymon is your man.. NO ONE does it better.....


Aside from all the famous archetypal monsters that pure-blooded horror fans have come to know and love, this book nearly has it all. The only downfall is that it doesn't shine as a startleing literary acheivement. But few horror novelists over the corse of history have ever reached that kind of mark. This book is a very easy read. When I say easy, I mean that you could probably finish it in one sitting, if you could get passed all the gore and the enchanting sadism of our antagonist. The least I can say is that this book is not for the faint of heart, or anyone who agrees that there should be strict obcenity laws to prevent this sort of thing from falling into the hands of the uninitiated. If you like Stephen King, but get tired of the mulri-layered plots, if you want a good and fast-paced read and are a devoted fan of this forsaken genre, READ THIS BOOK NOW....But not before you go to bed.

Excellent! Excellent! Excellent!

I have to say I was disappointed reading "Body Rides" with Laymon. I mean, I had heard he was the greatest thing this side of horror, but just wasn’t feeling it. After reading "Endless Nights," however, I just might jump on the Laymon happy go lucky bandwagon after all! The book starts off with horror and ends with even worse horror. From the very first few pages, tension is high enough to induce a nervous breakdown in the reader. Laymon whips up a dessert full of dark atmosphere, rich characters, smooth pacing, and mouth- watering suspense. This book is a little long when you look at it from a side view, but when you're reading it, you'd never notice the length because you're so preoccupied with what you're reading. Most of the pages are blood-soaked; Laymon doesn't hesitate to describe the violence and horrible happenings in gruesome, unflinching detail. If you want to jump into Laymon, make Endless Night your intended spot. Read it once, read it again, and then lock it away for safe keeping!
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